Operation Naked Truth: The Illuminati Conspiracy – Intro. Corporate Business Elite Executive Sect Mind Control Brainwash VIP PSYOPS Media Secret Covert Clandestine Classified Mastermind Plan Global CZ

Motto: “They decided to change our world, our future… without our approval. But all went wrong, and one single woman will decide our past… and her destiny.”

Novel / screenplay – the Illuminati Conspiracy in Business and Military Affairs.
Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Sci-Fi/Action/War
Language: English
Plot: An elite female operative of Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, a covert paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Army, is tasked with a dangerous mission: to infiltrate fast-growing cult-like business Wu Corporation, using advanced PSY recruitment methods and allegedly supported by foreign (Chinese) spies, which announces “the biggest event in human history”: constructing “The Device”, a technological miracle, or an ultimate fraud, which will change the world forever. The real nature of The Device is unclear until the end.

Zuzana Kajnarova - Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs

Ivona: Zuzana Kajnarova

Ivona Selnikova, an executive manager from Wu Corporation, manages to persuade the operative to participate in “Operation Naked Truth”, allegedly the biggest PSYOP in human history, and she has to commit high treason in the name of higher interests. But in the end, “The Device” will change the fate of the whole country, and the fate of the operative first of all. After the operation is launched, and the world is watching breathless, an unstoppable chain of events and a big game of superpowers will be played, (mis)using The Device as the battering ram for their interests: and no one, who ever entered The Device, can be sure, whether it was just a dream, or a reality, as the people who constructed it, are ruthless masterminds, who promise to fulfill your dreams… but there will be a price to pay.


Version V2 (2016)
(updated with nuclear weaponry and PHE-X)

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