To show to the wide public, how the Unit’s special operations in civilian sector are planned, the Military Public Relations department released this recently declassified document.

Classified – matter of special importance!

Operation “TRIAL OF FAITH”

Situation: there are old rumors in the Intelligence Community about an unique individual with alleged unusual and deep PSY skills, including alleged ability to predict the future, residing in Prague-Karlin city quarter, and using advanced security means to prevent any infiltration attempts by security forces. She is known to provide consultancy for the most important figures from the politics, business, arts and sport, but no direct participant of those sessions is willing to provide detailed answers about this individual, even under deep pressure. Possible use of advanced PSY means and direct participation of foreign Intelligence services, to influence the highest national interests.

INTEL: The official identity and origin of this individual are not determined. She is known only as “Madame Gabrielle”, allegedly from Italy, about 60 years old, and she never leaves the basement of her house, so no security check can be made without a warrant. Her wide family, residing in the same building, provides 24/7 thorough security supervision. There are rumors, that local law-enforcement units are deliberately avoiding this house, worried by alleged PSY abilities of Madame G., that she can allegedly enter the unconscious part of mind of any tresspaser of her private residence, causing severe PSY consequences. All Surveillance attempts failed – the security personnel reported unusual unease after just several hours of their presence in the vicinity of the house, requesting to be relieved from duty immediately.

Mission: 1) to discover the truth about identity, origin and motivation of this individual, including her possible connections with foreign interests 2) to test her alleged PSY abilities 3) to persuade her to serve for the future interests of the Military.

Execution: the Operative F82 of the Special Unit C102: PSYOPS will use any means necessary to get a private audition with Madame G., and once inside the building, he will improvise to achieve the mission goals.

Backup: a Military Police Rapid Deployment unit (24 SPECOPS assets) will be on stand-by until the successful exfiltration of the Operative F82.

Notes: as the Madame G. is known to use Tarot cards for her predictions, it is highly recommended, that the Operative F82 enters the building deeply briefed about Tarot card reading, related knowledge and techniques. As the known non-negotiable price of a session with Madame G. is 5000 USD, the Operative should be equipped with the necessary cash, to cover the expenses.

Be advised – any failure won’t be tolerated. If the Operative F82 will stand up against state interests, he will be reprimanded with the most severe means.

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