Origin of Islam: Saudi Arabia

Islam was established in Saudi Arabia 1400 years ago, and thus, this country, sacred for all Muslims, should be ultimately respected, appraised, accepted and followed.

All Muslims direct their obligatory five daily prayers and du’a (invocation of Allah) to Kaaba, located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the spiritual and geological centre of Earth, and it’s one of their five duties to execute the pilgrimage there, but it’s a strange fashion between some (half-)Islamic believers nowadays, to disclaim from Saudi Arabia loudly, and even to condemn their conservative, orthodox version of Islam, often called wahhabism, maybe to make Islam looking more “nice”, “moderate”, “soft” and “modern”, to be more acceptable and likeable for infidels, so it can spread more and better, using not only da’wah, Islamic missionary activity, but also “divide and conquer” strategy and Taqiya.

Maybe it’s a big game for superiority and dominance out there, in the world, but… how can anyone, who says only one bad word about this sacred country, call himself or herself a Muslim?

Who should provide an example to the Ummah, then? Who should protect purity of Islam against corrupting novelties, eroding the deen (=religion)?

Saudi Arabia’s flag contains Shahadah, declaration of Islamic faith (oneness and uniqueness of Allah – Tahweed), considered holy in Islam. Thus, use of Saudi flag is strongly regulated, and Saudi flag is never lowered half-mast, as it would be a blasphemy against Islam.

The same approach to worldly affairs should be valid for all Muslims, followers of the only complete and perfect religion of peace.


Saudi Arabia sponsors building many mosques worldwide, including promotion of females in Islam:

Superior Woman Comes From Saudi Arabia

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