Palestinian Squirrels of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque Must Be Liberated From Israeli Oppression. Palestine Islam Muslim Freedom Police Violence Conflict Israel Alena Malarova Elite Combatant

Squirrel Palestine Jerusalem Muslim Islam Islamic Allah Al-Aqsa Mosque Liberation Israel Oppression IDF commando military - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsEverybody likes squirrels, that cute small animals with long furry tails, who don’t harm anybody, who just want to live happily, in peace, who make everybody smile, when they climb on the trees with mastery and bravery, hunting for favorite nuts and radicles on the ground, which they eat in funny position, standing upright, holding their latest tasty loot with their tiny limbs and chewing with elegance, but still watching their vicinity carefully, always ready to disappear into the safe haven of the nearest tree, where most of the merciless predators can’t chase them.

Jerusalem Palestine Islam Muslim Islamic Allah Israel Oppression IDF assault raid police illegal Palestinian Gaza - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsTheir species lives literally everywhere in the inhabitated world, including high mountains (Alpine Marmots), so even in Jerusalem, in a holy place of three religions, the capital of Palestine, unlawfully claimed and occupied by Israel, you can meet these cute innocent creatures of Allah, who are rumored to copy the division of the city, creating four groups: Islamic squirrels, Jewish squirrels, Christian squirrels, and Armenian squirrels, occupying the corresponding quarters, as the city is divided such way, and tensions are still high there, where heavy accusations fly between Muslims and Jews, police raids and general oppression of the city is executed by Israelis, and the overall status of the city is still not resolved, as too much interests is meeting there, and no religion of mentioned three is willing to give up an inch of influence over the countless holy sites of utmost importance, present in the city.

Who knows, maybe even squirrels of Jerusalem have their religious and territorial conflicts for power and influence, just like humans, stealing nuts and supplies for long harsh winter to each other?

Squirrel Palestine Jerusalem Islam Islamic Muslim Allah Dominance Oppression Israel Israeli IDF Al-Aqsa mosque - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsAnd sometimes, even foreign squirrels enter the pending, everlasting conflict with many victims and suffering, as modern squirrels like to travel too, like humans, smuggling their tiny bodies into airplanes and travelling for free, as money is purely human concept, meaning nothing for squirrels, who only recognize the quality of nuts, not luxurious brands, and any squirrel can own a house, she even doesn’t need a mortgage for it, she simply builds it, using materials, free to find around… indeed, the rats from banks would die from starvation, operating in the nature! Not speaking about taking the forbidden usury.

Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Airport Prague Armed Authority State Threat Terrorism Raid Assault Muslim Islam Control Security - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 2 AOne day, a small, but heavily armed and dangerous Czech squirrel, using citizen name Alena Malarova and working as an elite Czech Militarized Police (PCR) officer with the rank of lieutenant at Vaclav Veskrna Prague Airport, she suddenly occured in Jerusalem, probably sent there as a liaison officer by the Czech Ministry of Interior, as a Public Relations asset, and because the state of Israel is a principal military ally of Czechia nowadays, instead of crumbling United States, which shiny imperialist times are over, losing all geopolitical positions and influence to massively rising China, speculated to be No.1 superpower of the world long time already.

Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Airport Prague Armed Authority State Threat Terrorism Raid Assault Muslim Islam Control Security - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 16It was quite obvious from the beginning, which side she will support, as most of the dumb infidel Czechs, and their squirrels, deeply admire highly militarized Israel, who can allegedly “stop the Muslim invasion into Europe”, but those dumb Czech sheep with minds brainwashed by malicious propaganda of corrupted Western media, they don’t realize, that Islam is the only way for their liberation from fear, oppression of the Orwellian society, mindless consumerism, emptiness, decadence, filth of their sins, alcohol consumption and adultery, when they live like animals, forsaken and punished by Allah.

After Alena Malarova’s arrival, which raised much attention and disturbance in the city, the Muslim squirrels of Jerusalem and reputated human journalist with suspected Salafi (Wahhabi) links, Omar Bin Ghazali from ARC News, a key Qatari TV station, owned and operated covertly by multinational Chinese Wu Corporation, reminded in their effort to launch a defensive Information Operation, that through history, Jews had always very deep influence on all levels of the Czech society, and this fact is valid even nowadays, fully confirmed in the year of 1948, when Jewish influence in the highest Czech defence structures secured critically important weaponry, ammunition, explosives, aircraft and armor for the newly established state of Israel, in a Czech mysterious weapons shipment, even through valid UN embargo on importing weapons into the region, whereas all other countries were rather hesitant to get involved in the Israeli affair, not willing to share even excessive post-war military surplus with Israel, with very questionable legal and factual status.

Avia S199 Messerschmitt Messer Me-109 airplane Germany War Israel Israeli 1948 S-199 Arabic Palestine Jerusalem Conspiracy- Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsExcept permission of Allah, who has control over all affairs, it was the Czech weapons, although rather second grade, and overpriced, which meant critical difference between Israeli defeat and victory in the end. Ironically, most of the delivered air arsenal, the Czech-assembled Avia S-199 fighter airplanes, were in fact Messerschmitt Me-109 of Nazi Germany origin, only with different engines (instead of original DB-605, see Krasne Brezno Incident 1945), and also famous British fighter airplane Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IX E, originally sold by United Kingdom to the Czech state, so the core of the freshly established Israeli armed forces in 1948 was manufactured by adversaries of Israel.

It was the Czech ordnance, Czech extensive training of Israeli pilots, and permission of Allah, which helped Israelis to defend against righteous immediate assault of the Islamic neighbours, not willing to tolerate establishing of this questionable state entity, originally intended and inserted as a malicious “goodbye” dagger into the region by treacherous British, who betrayed Czechia in shameful Munich agreement (1938), giving Czechia literally on silver plate to Nazi aggression.

But the wise and educated Islamic squirrels of Jerusalem remind, that it was not Israeli might, or supplied Czech heavy weapons, what defeated the Islamic adversaries of Israel in this, or following wars.

Emirate of Granada Al-Andalus Spain 1492 nasrid dynasty Muslim - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Emirate of Granada – Coat of Arms – “THERE IS NO VICTOR EXCEPT ALLAH.”

It was always only decision and will of Allah, who wanted to test His believers in this fitnah, maybe even punish them for their sins, their undesirable, corrupting attachment to the dunya, temporary, transient world, like during the one of the most infamous events of Islamic history, final Fall of Al-Andalus (1492), located in Islamic Spain, when the last Islamic city of Granada surrendered to Christian aggressors, following a big treason, and whole flourishing Islamic civilization on Iberian peninsula, lasting for almost 800 years, was lost, just because Ummah, the Islamic community, stopped to be united and strong, when the fragmented, corrupted Muslim rulers of Al-Andalus started to intrigue against each other, obsessed with power, scent of women and gold, betraying their Islamic brothers, sons betraying fathers, even becoming allies with the Christian aggressors of “Reconquista”, in the shameful fight against other Muslims.

Alhambra Granada Al-Andalus There is no victor except Allah Islam Islamic Spain 1492 Emirate - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

“There Is No Victor Except Allah.” Emirate of Granada motto, decoration at Alhambra palace

All these dangerous divisions and apostasy made the ancient Ummah of Al-Andalus weak, losing protection and guidance of Allah, like the current Czech Ummah, to be easily conquered, and then destroyed, replaced by infidel Spanish society for another 500 years, whereas Islam was literally erased from those lands, mosques demolished or changed into Christian churches, Arabic books burned and Arabic language forbidden to be used by cruel Catholic “Inquisition”, together with expelled, killed or forcefully assimilated and converted Muslims to Christianity (“Moriscos” is the most terrible word in Islam, together with questionable Oran Fatwa, eroding the faith), and only now, the long bygone Al-Andalus is slowly conquered back by Muslims from infidels, as Islam simply belongs into those lands.

Granada Alhambra Generalife garden Islam Islamic Emirate Al-Andalus Spain 1492 Emirate Allah Spanish Reconquista treason Christian - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Generalife garden, part of Alhambra palace complex

There is more and more Islam present there, coming particularly through massive immigration from nearby Islamic Morocco, magnificient Alhambra Palace shines with restorated walls again, admired by thousands of visitors, new proud mosques are built from Saudi oil money, ranks of local converts to Islam are inflating, the Islamic commnity of Granada flourishes, after the beautiful Great Mosque of Granada was built there in 2003, marking official return of Islam into those lands, and in some Spanish cities, like Lleida, Islam has established complete political and factual superiority, bringing the good old times of Al-Andalus back.

The warning example of Al-Andalus clearly confirms, that without favor of Allah, everybody is lost, even whole civilization, lasting hundreds of years. And present situation in Jerusalem, it’s just another test, or punishment of Allah, and only He, in His endless wisdom, knows the reasons for this step.

Alena Malarova Czech Militarzed Police Officer Jerusalem Palestine Israel Israeli IDF Sayeret Matkal Commando Elite Special Forces Squirrel - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsWhen the squirrel Alena Malarova was present in the city, even waving with Israeli national flag with joy, she naturally fraternised with many enthusiastic recruits of Israeli Defence Forces, IDF, whose dream is to be accepted into the ranks of the elite Special Forces, to be effective tool for Israeli “defence” against alleged internal and external threats, and particularly “Sayeret Matkal” commando is the most desirable destination for these devoted recruits.

Alena Malarova Czech Militarzed Police Officer Jerusalem Palestine Israel Israeli IDF Sayeret Matkal Commando Elite Special Forces Squirrel Militia Prague - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 3They are willing to serve to the state of Israel, which they considered their homeland, beyond limits of just mandatory military service, ready for the ultimate sacrifice, as their tough adversaries are mujahideen, those who participate in JihadSoldiers of Allah, having no fear of death, pain, courts and prisons, they fear only Allah, so Israelis are forced to commit various atrocities against Palestinian people, like demolishing civilian homes and deploying police brutality, to get the upper hand over the Muslims.

Shalom Jewish Militia Prague Old Town Clandestine Jewellry Armed Protection Terror Israel Mossad Wahhabi Teplice Commando Covert Secret - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsAnd there is also a connection between Sayeret Matkal, Intelligence agency Mossad for executive action abroad and distant Czechia: there are wide rumors about heavily armed clandestine Jewish militia, codename “SHALOM”, operating for decades in the Old Town of Prague, the Czech capital, where a Jewish quarter, historical landmarks, cemetery and a synagogue is located, having extremely high importance for general Jewish European affairs, as this is the last remaining stronghold of wider Jewish influence in Europe, therefore, many Israeli ex-Special Forces members are relocating to Prague deliberately, but covertly, to defend local Israeli interests, even with weapons in hands. This is their Granada, the last fortress, and if it will fall, that will be the end of one epoch.

Aaron Gunsberger Jew Israel Prague King Solomon Kosher restaurant ISIS Israeli Jewish terrorism Old Town Czech war Muslim Assault IS ISIL Wahhabi 3 - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsOne of those battle-hardened ex-commandos is Aaron Gunsberger, who allegedly participated at Israeli war crimes in Palestine/Gaza, as Omar Bin Ghazali reported, and whose devotion to Jewish matter, ruthlessness and permanent readiness for violence is well known, but Czech Militarized Police (PCR) is deliberately closing eyes and tolerating, or rather ignoring, that this man is suspected from having very questionable content in the cellar of “King Solomon Kosher Restaurant”, like too generous supply of military-grade weaponry (G36C rifles), at least 10.000 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition, even anti-tank rocket launchers and explosives, allegedly for “personal defence”, although all these items are strictly prohibited by Czech law to be held by civilians.

Moreover, just recently, “Heavy Slander”, the key Czech gossip magazine, reported, that Gunsberger was allegedly somehow involved in a shootout near the Iranian “Sultan” restaurant, as a clash between local Jews and Czech Wahhabis from Teplice allegedly got violent, but both sides later denied using firearms, accusing the other, and the weapon, which fired the shots, was still not found. There was even a person hit, fortunately, it was a clean wound into leg, and the man survived.

Still, this event indeed shocked the Czech public, as religious tensions in this originally peaceful country are getting higher, following Islamic State surprising assault against Prague in August 2016, which left the precious city center, full of historical landmarks, in ruins, damaging tourism industry heavily, and the Jewish Militia was heavily criticized by Czech citizens, as they denied to participate in defence of the Old Town Hall, destroyed by an ISIS suicide bomber in the end.

larissa-thome-fashion-model-brazil-france-paris-female-woman-china-chinese-communist-party-wu-corporation-conspiracy-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAnyway, this fool Gunsberger means nothing, as Israel is weakening and losing influence every day, crushed silently into the ground by unstoppable Chinese offensive for global dominance mercilessly, together with crumbling United States, who gave most of the power to Israel, and those omnipresent Chinese assets, devoted to Chinese Communist Party, like Larissa Thome, are silently infiltrating the West, with their completely different mindset, so distant from the European cultural and social traditions, and Abrahamic religions, meaning inevitable paradigm shift in the way, how power is distributed in global scale.

Now, it’s sufficient strategy for Muslims, to continue worshipping Allah and executing His will, together with Demographic Jihad and Love Jihad, taking care of their children, their community, and also feeding eternally hungry cute squirrels of Jerusalem, waiting patiently, until desperate Israelis will come for negotiation, offering various concessions voluntarily, like paying religious tax and clearing Jerusalem of military presence, if the Muslims will provide them vital protection against crushing Chinese pressure, which is rumored to thwart any ideas for alleged Jewish dominance in the world once and forever.

Then, also Al-Aqsa mosque, third holiest site of Islam, and whole Eastern Jerusalem, will be forever liberated, together with people of the Palestine and local Muslim squirrels, and Israeli oppressors will be forced to fall back, so also Gaza can be freed, and the state of Palestine will get its deserved place on the world map.

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The Islamic Jihad There Is No Victor Except Allah Emirate of Granada Al-Andalus Spain 1492 Moriscos Islam Muslim Alhambra - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

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