Pati Yang: The End of Feminist Dreams

These wild exciting days, in which we are blessed to live nowadays, are defined by rapid social and political changes in Europe, caused by two reasons: endless massive influx of refugees and endless Islamic State terror campaign, crossing all borders, walls and boundaries.

“We are coming to Europe to liberate European men from female feminist oppression, so they can rise again. And who is saving them? It’s Allah, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful, who deliberately created both genders as inequal, in his limitless wisdom. I appeal to all European men: accepts Allah’s mercy, worship him as your final savior from estrogene doom! Cursed are all men who let women to rule them!” an Islamic State field commander claimed, to get new male followers, symphatizers and supporters in Europe, plus high-ranked converts to Islam, including female ones.

Indeed, many men felt under heavy pressure from quickly developing female movement in the Western world, which was lead openly or covertly by feminists. But this effort of questionable postmodern social engineering ideas seems to come to an end, and Islamic State terrorists, known to misuse Gender Warfare to their malicious advantage, have the upper hand here.

“So many decades of hard work, fighting for every inch of power and influence in the society, and now, look… everything comes in vain, everything is destroyed,” one of the Czech leading feminists from “Fórum 50%”, promoting strict gender quotas in politics and business, proclaimed with very sad voice during a private meeting of Czech feminist leaders. “We are now between two crushing stones: we have to support refugees, of course, but they bring us destruction, they bring here male power again, in large, from Morocco, Tunisia, Eritrea, Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan… What shall we do? Who can advise us now? Anything we do, we hurt ourselves and our sacred cause inevitably.”

Every dream comes to an end, but there is still one powerful voice remaining. It’s a single Polish young woman, using stage name Pati Yang, born as Patrycja Grzymałkiewicz in 1980, later married as Patrycja Hilton.

This ultimately talented woman, a song writer, singer, poet, visual artist and many other artistic professions became one of the most alluring voices of modern European women, bringing their soft, emotional nature into the top of artistic and public affairs, winning by using indirect approach and soft power in order to maintain peace and harmony in the society.

Pati Yang, who made a star career in Great Britain, became one of the purest feminist representatives of natural change from below, just by shining her female uniqueness of her slim girlish body, revealing the charm of female nature in unseen width. Although she deliberately avoided some open proclamations and statements to keep her male audience, European women perceived her as their light in darkness, as an upcoming female social elite of the future.

But the future seems different that feminist movement expected. Like many other entities, including world Intelligence services, they omitted to calculate the possibility of massive refugee influx into Europe, and quick rise of the ultimate terrorist organization in human history, called the Islamic State, with many unprecedented aspirations, including to be recognized as a regular state entity, and bringing their extensive jihad into the whole world without mercy and hesitation. And European women seem like one of their primary targets, so Islamic State executes many treacherous operations, directed at them.

Facing these extremely hard new challenges, female limits and weakness are now fully revealed, and naturally, women are stepping out of the scene, to accept newly set fate of female gender, which will be forced to limit their aspirations of power and influence in the society once and forever, as Islam is claiming influence in European lands more and more.

They had a dream about a new woman, but it seems, that she will be a muslim, submitted to Allah, submitted to men, accepting her role in the islamic society. “It’s a matter of simple reasoning. Feminists were talking about a sustainable society and future, but have a look, what happened: our food is poisoned by palm oil, endless wars, destruction and disintegration everywhere. But Islam offers simple answers, and Islamic State provides simple solutions for the allegedly corrupted, decadent Western society,” an unnamed sociologist from famous Charles University stated.

“Feminists always knew, that to get sympathy from so called ‘average woman’ could bring them victory and tremendous advantages in their cause. But an average woman, completely scared after Cologne New Year 2016 attacks, allegedly orchestrated by the Islamic State, she understands that female role in the society is now quickly changing backwards, as females lost any trust to their feminist leaders.”

“And the terrorists won’t stop, until the last European women will be veiled, voluntarily or forcibly, and an Islamic State flag will wave over Rome, as they warned us. What can women do now? Only to accept their fate, and to adapt to the new conditions in the society. All that refugees, mostly young men, will look for a partner for mating: and they will inevitably introduce Islam to women of Europe, and the women will accept it, as in their nature is to submit to male power, if it’s strong enough.”

“And Islam is the religion of strength, power, control and dominance. It learns men to be real men, unlike the Western male magazines, who learn men only to find a cheap way between female thighs, to find a transient satisfaction, like some primitive apes. But men know, what is good for them: not a cheap love, but to find a real manhood, that can be found only in Islam.”

Now, distracted women look up to Pati Yang, waiting for her reaction or advice in such extremely hard times for female tribe. But their last hope is still silent, unable to act, unable to lead them anywhere. Her song “All That is Thirst” now seems as a swan’s song:

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