Petra Kvitova: Wimbledon Champion In Hijab. Begging Allah For Favors, Protection, Victory

Professional sport is a very ruthless game with high stakes indeed, where you need to defeat many merciless enemies, and overcome various obstacles and negative circumstances in your career: risks of injuries, loss of performance, aging, evil competitor wolves, who want revenge for defeats out of the courts, lurking tabloid media, able to destroy anybody just by spreading poisonous gossip and filthy slanders, ruthless betting mafia with big money at stake… the list of problems and challenges is literally endless, and only the most resistant and strong can prevail in this jungle.

islamic-state-is-isis-isil-professional-sport-money-resources-public-relations-terrorism-influence-corruption-social-betting-gambling-mafia-extortion-business-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsEven omnipresent Islamic State terrorists, nicknamed “Merry Bandits”, who started to enter professional tennis recently, extorting the players and their management maliciously, or rather offering them “advantageous business deals” to “provide ultimate protection against all security threats”, as Islamic State is slowly changing from former armed guerilla in Syria, Iraq and Libya to a widespread criminal organization, establishing subsidiaries in all world countries, replacing old criminal underworld structures effectively, which can’t compete with their most merciless methods of executing business.

But not only violence is used, to get control of social, economic, political and artistic assets of the Western society: also persuasion, psychological pressure, decent threats, soft extortion and simple negotiations to “find a common interest of both parties”, even sexy barmaids are allegedly in Islamic State service, who have eternal understanding for demanding jobs of policemen, listening closely to their work experiences and classified information of militarized state security apparatus, so ISIS can acquire security assets too, to be protected from all sides, supported by many covert symphatizers and forced slaves.

Thus, the inconspicuos front organizations of the terrorists can touch the vast money, brought by corporate sponsors and multinational companies into the big sport game for masses, with various options of Publuc Relations and advertisement, and those fronts can support the endless Jihad against infidels and enemies of Allah, because every war is very expensive endeavor, both for state and non-state actors and guerillas, so ISIS needs to keep the gold flowing into their coffers steadily, to pay their soldiers, willing to sacrifice in the higher interest, but still, they need expensive military-grade weapons and ammunition, which are hard to buy on every corner: so the weapon smugglers and manufacturers will open their palm as well.

Indeed, even Islamic Affairs are present in professional sport, as Allah, creator of all, He rules all realms, East and West, and it’s wise to submit to Him, to accept various rewards and vast advantages. Even the human elite is nothing in comparison with Him, and it’s proper to bow in front of Him, to worship only Him, showing respect and asking for blessings, favors, protection and success, even if you are an infidel. But Allah is the only one who always listens, and can be pleased by good deeds of anybody.

Petra Kvitova (*1990), a reputated Czech female tennis player, who achieved ultimate success by winning famous Wimbledon world tournament, proved her professional capabilities in all senses: not only at the court, but also by finding the right support team, her management structures, so she can concentrate just on the game, and others solve related problems instead of her, keepíng her mind clear and directed to achieve the best sport performance, not under heavy burden of financial or organizational problems, which would demand her attention and energy, so her thoughts would be fragmented and mindset distorted, followed by losses at the tennis court.

marketa-korinkova-maryam-soldier-with-hijab-islam-muslim-allah-taqyia-deception-emirates-fashion-model-convert-czech-uae-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsJust recently, when visiting Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to participate at a tennis tournament there, she not only met with many top leaders there, including Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai with permission of Allah, and his junior wife, Princess Haya bint Hussein of Jordan, a shining personality of the UAE, but most surprisingly, Petra Kvitova also asked a local Czech Islamic asset and former elite Czech fashion model, Marketa Maryam Korinkova, called “Islamic Princess” and rumored to be the third secret wife of the Sheikh, even conceiving a child with him, to accompany her into a mosque, to “get to know the local culture of the Emirates and Middle East”.

Heavy Slander Gossip Magazine - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs HThis apparently inconspicuous “touristic” move caused great disturbance back home, when revealed by Heavy Slander, a key Czech tabloid magazine, because Czech general public is known as hardcore atheists and strong opponents of Islam (see Michaela Homolkova and Dominika Myslivcova), moreover, many of them reproach Petra Kvitova today, that she moved her tax residence into Monaco deliberately, away from her homeland, so she doesn’t pay any money into the eternally hungry Czech monetary system, to feed all hungry and needy ones… but was this a patriotic move?

Plus, and most importantly, the state needs Petra Kvitova’s dollars to buy more military toys for pitiful Czech Army, who tries to be a big player of NATO by buying overpriced useless stuff from American weapon merchants, to show friendly face to their principal NATO ally, United States, buying favors for money, like loser fools, and smiling friendly at the country, who invaded Czech Republic three times in just fifty years: “friendly” Poland, the northern neighbor of Czechia and eternal potential aggressor and persistent security threat, because of disputed region of Silesia, where Poland liked to organize various guerillas, saboteurs and violent terrorists, to disrupt Czech national cohesion, like Nazi Germany in Sudetenland (border territories with wide German minority) in 1930s.

Estrogen Mafia Infidel Female Special Forces NATO Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsBut why should Petra Kvitova support those Czech military losers with her hard earned cash? There are rumors, that a single unit of the Czech Army, alleged Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, nicknamed “Estrogen Mafia” or “Four Hundred Bandits”, an elite paramilitary organization with main operational base at Teplice, specialized at Unconventional Warfare, with strength of just 400 soldiers, personnel, operatives, operators and supporting human assets, provides more combat efficiency, than the rest of the theoretically 30.000 strong Czech Army.

And this figure speaks for itself: for example, Marketa Vselichova, a female Special Forces assassin from feared Executive Action (EX) department of the Unit, who eliminated more than 100 ISIS terrorists in Northern Syria, using her signature Syrian Shark high-caliber sniper rifle, loaded with High Explosive bullets, she got world recognition for valor and bravery, but she played with hot Turkish fire for too long, and now, she contemplates her past war adventures and heroism in Kurdish colors in a dark Turkish prison, waiting for a strict court sentence, labeled as a (PKK) terrorist herself. Such is the contemporary world of Information Age: full of irony, too complex for understanding by any human, where truth is impossible to be found.

Anyway, Petra Kvitova lost many public points by the Monaco affair already, and any contact with Islam is forbidden for all “decent Czech people”, so the disturing rumors, arriving from Dubai, didn’t please the Czech plebs at all, and many curious fools were asking simple and natural question: why, Petra, why? Our former national goddess, admired by masses of fools… going to a mosque, covering your sexy body with hijab like some Muslim, our enemy and alleged mortal threat to our decadent, corrupted, but satisfied civilization, full of filthy enjoyments, sins and adultery?

Kvitova had to understand in advance, that this disturbing news will leak back home eventually, and she can’t afford to lose her devoted Czech fans, followers and admirers, because they supply her with immense social power, whereas Monaco is only interested in her millions of investments and money, never becoming her new homeland, never offering her a loving embrace, as the country, where she was once born.

Martina Gavriely - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs VShe will be always just a foreigner in Monaco, or anywhere: that is exactly the reason, why many lousy fools, who promised to leave Czech Republic forever and escape from alleged oppression into some foreign paradise, like a rumored VIP prostitute Martina Gavriely, remained conveniently at home in the end, and their bold desires were never materialized and realized, as the opportunities are simply more real and accessible at home, than abroad, where you are nobody, behind language, social and cultural barrier, not recognized as celebrity and social asset, thus lacking any social power, which can generate contracts, jobs and steady income for you, so you can build a new empire of influence, a new and satisfying future.

Indeed, by playing a big non-tennis game in Dubai, Petra Kvitova risked much. And there was a reason for this controversial step indeed.

When her management caught circulating rumors in the top tennis community, that Islamic State terrorists are starting their new effort to “help” the top players with earned money, Kvitova’s team considered a proper counter-move to prevent such dangerous event to happen, that she would be approached by ISIS too.

And once you are in the ISIS sights of interest, there is allegedly no way out, as terrorist operatives are not afraid of prisons, courts or militarized police commandos, with military-grade assault rifles in hands and with faces hidden under black balaclavas, to appear more intimidating, but only for infidel fools, not for devoted soldiers of ISIS, ready for martyrdom any time.

What seemed quite easy and promising solution of the situation, was simply to present “more warm stance” towards general Islamic community, to appear more friendly to moderate Muslims, who could provide certain level of protection against terrorists, unlike any number of mere bodyguards, who can be corrupted, bribed or extorted to work for the enemy. And simply visiting a mosque at the Middle East, innocent socializing with high-profile Muslims, seemed quite harmless move, which could help.

So, Kvitova was instructed to make new friendly connections with the Ummah, and Dubai, specialized at wide infidel tourism industry, seemed as a proper place to execute this bold plan, moreover, if Marketa Maryam Korinkova was present there, reputated for executing da’wah (invitation to Islam) between VIPs, visiting Dubai.

Moreover, from Kvitova’s own angle of view, asking Allah for help in her demanding career, made secretly, far from lurking tabloid media, in a discreet environment of the Emirates, could only help her to win further, to keep her on the top for another years, to be protected against all enemies, injuries and other problems and misfortunes.

Only Allah could provide her such achivements, secure ultimate power and protection for Petra Kvitova, so she decided to make a wise move, and to approach Him, as He always listens.

And there couldn’t be a better worldly companion on this Islamic pilgrimage, than Islamic Princess Maryam, who made it to the VIP stars of Dubai, simply by being a devoted Muslim, a slave of Allah, obeying Allah’s commands, and most importantly, she was able and willing to share all benefits of Islam with others, relaying message of Allah further, to masses of VIPs, like Petra Kvitova.

Moreover, gossip is generally despised in Islam, so Kvitova could be sure, that Marketa Maryam Korinkova will remain discreet and silent, not sharing details of Kvitova practical courtship with Islam with lurking tabloid media.

Alexandra Pianka Fashion Model in Hijab - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs BThis is how it all happened, that a Wimbledon champion covered her hair and neck with hijab obediently, and she came forward, closer to her creator, to ask Him for her many wishes and needs to be fulfilled. And Allah never rejects a person, who pleases Him with good deeds, respect and proper worship.

Whereas Czech Muslims praised Petra Kvitova for this bold, but right move, as Allah is the most powerful entity and your life is only dependent on His will, not luck or favorable circumstanes, part of the Czech people despised her more, whereas many others, still under her magical spell of a social leader, still following her example, were inspired to more positive and accepting attitude towards Islam, and maybe some of them will discover ultimate beauty of this only complete and perfected religion of peace themselves, deciding to be Muslims, to fulfill their lives, to find freedom, peace and destiny they always desired for.

Thus, in certain way, Petra Kvitova made her own da’wah, spreading good word about Islam towards infidel masses, and such fact could definitely please Almighty Allah, who could decide to reward her, so she can still keep at the sport top, defeating all her adversaries both at the court and out of the court, with His permission, blessing and help.

Indeed, Islam has endless gifts not only for believers, if your stance towards Allah is right, and you submit to Him, leaving and suppressing all fake prophets, fake alleged deities and worldly alleged leaders, who think, that they have right to influence your life, to take from you, as they like, and to give only with their permission.

But the truth is, that only Allah influences your life: only He decides about you, only He has the right to judge you and your deeds, not worldly courts, as He hears and sees everything, He gives and takes from you, so to worship or follow anybody else than Allah is wrong: for example, a woman.

Woman Needs Islam Muslim Islamic Allah conversion female - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs CBy making a good move, Petra Kvitova confirmed, what makes a champion, or any successful person: only good decisions. And to ask Allah for His endless Compassion and Mercy is always right, as weak mortals need His ultimate protection, embrace, support, inspiration and guidance, while particularly weak, fragile, emotional, unstable and sensitive women need Islam the most.

Women, try a hijab just once, experience that unique feeling of ultimate protection, strength and feminity. And you will experience too, what Allah means, how greatly it feels to be submitted to Him, like Petra did.

Men, your only source of manhood is Allah, the only definite cure from current estrogen poison in drinking water, making feminized monsters from you.

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