Petronela Lorencova: Bahrain Witch Conspiracy. Illuminati Elite Alexandra Pianka VIP Fashion Model Faris Al Kooheji Witchcraft Magic Ritual Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel Iveta Klimesova Manama Secret

When Faris Al Kooheji, a reputated Bahraini entrepreneur of immense wealth and influence, a proud owner of a Lamborghini Aventador, not willing to lose in a ruthless love war for a beautiful German fashion supermodel, Alexandra Pianka, asked for controversial services of the most reputated European witch and tarot card reader with deep Illuminati links, Petronela Lorencova, it caused great disturbance at many high-profile places, both in Europe and Bahrain, a small monarchy of the Persian Gulf…

Whose significance for local affairs can’t be underestimated, as many VIP deals and negotiations are executed there, on allegedly neutral territory, where big covert games of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait or Emirates are played: and the key local interest is definitely at the defence industry, which just flourishes nowadays, allegedly to counter the omnipresent terrorist danger.

The numbers are disturbingly simple: more terror exists, more contracts for hungry rats of global military-industrial complex, which literally celebrates any new terrorist attack, as there will be “more good business in the name of national security and protection of citizens”, and governments will obediently release another billions for “improved defence systems, including yet larger and more advanced mass surveillance… no wonder, that those rats are staging or backing such attacks gladly, even using elite Special Forces operators in disguise, like during infamous Operation HARD PROOF.

Anyway, Bahrain is watched closely, as in 2011, it almost collapsed in a wide civil unrest, a part of so called Arab Spring, allegedly orchestrated by treacherous Americans and omnipresent Israelis, to disrupt the axis of Islamic power in the world, when Muammar Gaddafi was assassinated and Libya collapsed, whereas Talitha Van Zon and Vanessa Hessler, those filthy VIP gold-digger sluts, lost their source of royal income… anyway, it was a matter of miracle, God’s blessing, and ruthless use of heavily armed security forces against protesters in the streets, that ruling Al-Khalifa family survived on the throne, so the stability of the whole region was preserved…

At least temporarily, because United Arab Emirates seems as another weak link of Middle East, as Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum loses trust of his people, letting his sexy big-breasted daughters to walk unveiled, without hijab, worn by Muslim women to show their modesty and obedience to Allah, the only God… but the Sheikh allows to set highly un-Islamic examples for Emirati women, he is even touching non-related females widely with forbidden handshakes, during his official duties, allowing them to strip more and more, to get closer to their Western idols…

Anyway, sometimes, only one piece of domino falls, and it inspires other foreign guerillas to launch their insurgency with devotion, the revolutionary wave spills into another countries, and the archenemies of Islam will be glad to back those subversive, but useful rebel elements with money, weaponry, ammunition and explosives, even toxins, dangerous agents of Chemical Warfare… just anything to destroy old orders successfully.

Now, in summer 2017, another potential major disaster seemed to come into Bahrain, in the unexpected form of a young, sexy witch, who is known to possess immense spiritual and occultist powers, related to The Moon, feminity, Yin essence…

And it was a VIP member of the second most important family in Bahrain, Faris Al Kooheji, who invited her there, willing to do just anything, to win in a love struggle, against the most formidable competitor: Prince Khalid bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, the pampered son of Bahraini king, who was determined to get Alexandra Pianka into his eternal grasp, marrying her, impregnating her, conceiving many children with her, and living with her in Bahraini Alhambra, which he wanted to build with immensely high costs of billions of dollars from Bahraini taxpayers’ money…

This planned Islamic Wonder of the world should become a new part of Bahraini cultural heritage, as any hungry ambitious man wants to leave a distinctive mark in this world, remaining long after his demise, after his youth, dreams and body turn into dust one day, when Allah decides so… still, his name must live further, preferably in the textbooks of school children

But you need a shning Queen, representing you properly, sitting at the royal throne next to you, and Alexandra Pianka possessed exactly such aristocratic qualities… not speaking about her Illuminati connection (Munich lodge, Bavaria, Germany), so the influence of Bahraini royal family could extend even into Europe, achieved by marriage, like in the Middle Ages, when a beneficial marriage was a perfect tool to achieve greater power and to enlarge your empire.

The command of Bahraini CounterIntelligence service, National Security Apparatus (NSA), they understood very well, how immensely serious could be consequences of this arrival of a new, extremely powerful, dangerous and unpredictable player called Petronela Lorencova into Manama, the Bahraini capital, but those secret services, they play their own games, it’s a special world with unknown interests…

So, Petronela Lorencova was allowed to cross the Bahraini border, pretending to be a mere tourist, and her special Rohrig tarot deck, hiding highly devastating spiritual power, even considered to be banned by EU, before Federica Mogherini from European Commission became Lorencova’s VIP client, was not seized at Manama airport, only inspected, and very closely, like her every next movement on the Bahraini territory…

Although Bahrain is still an Islamic country, where witchcraft is less than permissible, rather forbidden, even NSA wanted to learn more about Lorencova’s special skills, to understand her occult power, maybe to use her later for their own interests, so the strict border patrols let her go, pretending not to know about her VIP status and special mission, concerning the national security of Bahrain very closely.

The initial meeting between Lorencova and her local VIP client, Faris Al Kooheji, was planned to take place at the bar of beautiful Four Seasons hotel in Manama, where she was accomodated, together with her best friend, Iveta Klimesova, a former top Czech fashion model from Czechoslovak Models agency, later a reputated lawyer, a senior legal associate from Kenner, Bach & Ledeen multinational legal firm, currently working as a Special Military Advisor for the Chinese Army (PLA) in Hong Kong, specialized at so called Lawfare, or legal warfare, a Chinese original concept of winning without fighting…

Klimesova was another high-profile asset, a Chinese pawn, who had to be put under strict surveillance in Bahrain, as her effort to lure Faris Al Kooheji into her seducing charming embrace was more than evident, and this is, what Chinese conspirators like to do, following a classic proverb: “If everything fails, send a woman”… maybe a shining fashion model, like Larissa Thome, or rather an innocently looking female specialist, pretending to be a shy University student, like Lea Liao… ironically, it was Lea, who made the final blow for Klimesova’s previous relationship, seducing her former boyfriend and lawyer, Otakar Hajek, investigated by Czech Militarized Police (PCR) for alleged theft of classified military secrets, playing her favorite game of a cute law student, who needs a counsel in legal affairs, on him.

But Klimesova, after her ten years relationships with Otakar Hajek finally collapsed, regardless of reasons, she had her own motivation, why to participate in this VIP Bahraini charade: to escape from her old life, to leave all the bothering memories behind her, including her voluntarily terminated pregnancy, as she couldn’t imagine to live with Hajek any more, when he became even physically disgusting for her.

These two women, Lorencova and Klimesova, they simply started to play a big fresh game with Faris Al Kooheji in Bahrain, both having their personal agendas: Klimesova was allegedly sent by Chinese, to infiltrate Faris’ world, even to get pregnant with him deliberately, so there will be a bond, an useful lever against him, as he was an important asset from the defence industry…

The arms manufacturing company, Weapons For Peace, which he owned together with Khalid, was a subject of highest interest for Chinese conspirators from Ministry of State Security (MSS), an Intelligence arm of Chinese Communist Party (CPC): particularly Mei Yin Kang, an elite Chinese Intelligence operative, handling the desirable Weapons For Peace acquisition, together with Ivona Selnikova, the Executive Director of powerful Chinese multinational Wu Corporation, to widen the defence capabilities of PLA with so called USP-PSYOPS, a weapon of mass persuasion, developed by WFP.

Klimesova was originally offered to Al Kooheji for help in legal affairs, as the battle between both men also concerned their business company, and Khalid started a ruthless legal war against Faris, his former best friend and closest collaborator… indeed a perfect situation for the Chinese, who identified an immense opportunity to enter the affair and to widen their own influence, and who were able to smuggle a female Trojan Horse into Faris Al Kooheji’s closest vicinity, it means Klimesova, even to execute a classic honey trap scheme on him.

But it all was just the beginning… as Faris was becoming more and more desperate, when losing his ultimate love Alexandra slowly, he was willing to do just anything, to get her from Khalid’s powerful grasp… and witchcraft was a very questionable choice indeed, as it’s forbidden in Islam… but there is a proverb, that there are no rules in love and in war.

That woman, Alexandra Pianka, who stole sanity from Faris… he doesn’t know, how it could have happen… why just her? There is so many sexy bitches everywhere, both devoted Muslim virgins, covered obediently with hijabs, or filthy infidels, obsessed with lust, showing their soft skin… why to put so much in risk, even your whole life, for merely one, fully replaceable pussy with artificially augmented breasts from reputated GHC Clinic, who would hardly be approved as a Faris’ wife by his family, or rather a powerful clan?

Indeed, love is dangerous, love can get you even killed, and if you succumb to emotions, then you can create your doom easily. You can lose everything… but Faris was not merely a fool in love. There was more.

“I will be completely honest with you, Nell,” Faris started with expected explanation, when waiters of Four Seasons bar served their drinks, and both conspirators were alone finally. “It’s more than a bitch in this complicated affair… more than a mere sexy pile of flesh and blood, called woman… I am not such another idiot in love, who lost his mind… I see a lot of opportunities for myself in this very special affair.”

Of course, that Lorencova also saw an immense opportunity for herself in the cause, but as a proper woman, whose essence and nature is silent, apparently passive and covert, hiding everything, she didn’t even indicate, how delighted she is, to have particularly this new VIP client, who could become a perfect battering ram for her, to enter Middle East in large, to be a pike in these dark Islamic waters… if she will succeed, her reputation will skyrocket both here, and back in Europe… there will be nobody more admired as a psychic and oracle, than her…

And she was not afraid of Muslims and Islam, as there are rumors, that it was aforementioned elite paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Army, Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, who prepared her for such demanding task, it means infiltrating the Islamic environment, like another Czech fashion model, Tereza Lipanova, who was trained by Czech Militarized Police, to become an undercover operative, to counter the Islamic Wahhabi radicalism, present even in peaceful atheist Czechia, particularly in small spa city of Teplice, where Jihadis from CCM (Concerned Czech Muslims) are shouting their Allahu Akbar in the streets loudly, asking for more and more concessions of Czech government and private venues alike, having nothing to lose, fearing only Allah, not courts, prisons or police batons.

Not only can Lorencova earn millions of dollars, she can become also a big local player, possibly even a Queen of some Middle Eastern monarchy one day… no problem for her, a seducing sexy witch, as another woman, Marketa Korinkova Maryam, achieved the same thing, becoming the third wife of aforementioned Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Emirati Vice President, Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, and ruler of Dubai… but this other girl was too sensitive and emotional, even fragile, unlike Petronela, a ruthless witch, who goes for her personal goals literally through a pile of dead bodies, always seeing her interests at the first place, leaving expected feminine empathy behind.

Lorencova is generally in perfect position, as she can even connect with Faris’ enemies, playing the game on both sides perfectly, standing between them, in the middle, where most of the power is concentrated… exactly as the Chinese do, and Chinese are an important part of this Bahraini big game for power and influence… and Alexandra Pianka, or some male desires, are only a top of iceberg of the overall efforts and interests of many sides.

This all is more than love affair, more than mere witchcraft, just as Faris said correctly… everybody knows, that a monster is growing here, a giant affair, which can explode one day, hitting half of the world… literally, and Lorencova will be the one, who will create the shape of the charge.

“During my whole life, I was living in Khalid’s shade, being even oppressed by him, in many senses… it was not a friendship… for this royal rat, I was just another servant of his, and his arrogant family,” Faris continued in his explanation, to inform Lorencova about his motivations. “With this love affair, a gift from God indeed, I have a perfect chance to strike back, to return all humiliation to Khalid, as we were never real peers, real friends, and moreover, winning in this war, I can get respect of my own family, and particularly of my father, who despises me, as I am a bad, corrupted Muslim, according to him, he sees me as too much influenced by the filthy infidel West, where I studied the University, where I live half of the year, in Canada, as our family has important business interests there.

So, this German bitch Alex is a gift in many senses… indeed, it’s a risk for me, a liability, to fight in this war against the most formidable enemy, who could crush me, like an insect… but we men, we love war and combat, we love danger and adrenaline rush… for us, the real pleasure is not inside female pussy, it’s that feeling, that you have a powerful enemy, and if you will manage to defeat him, to destroy him, to crush him… that will be better feeling, than all orgasms with women!

And Khalid… son of Bahraini king and successor of Bahrain throne… he is a proper enemy for me! I feel, that I waited for this perfect chance for so long, my whole life… but I never realized, what I should do, to become a real man, to step out of the bothering shade of my father… now, I will show both those fools, Khalid and my father, who I really am!

They thought, that I am just some loser, or what… and they were so wrong! Because with permission and help of Allah, you will become exactly that person, whom you should be!

Maybe I will lose everything, I will end in a torturing chamber of the Bahraini secret service, covered in blood… but I don’t believe, that such thing would happen! I know those Intelligence rats… even an enemy can be useful, if you can control him… and they can control me, through you, through Iveta, and of course, through Alexandra herself! Who knows, who of you is on their payroll?

Look, Nell, what I want to say, that I am not so dumb… we men are considered to be only thinking about sex and war for fame and territory… but this is a great game for power, a classic exciting adventure for any male… sure, if you and Iveta should get a piece of sweet cake for me, I will be glad to share it with you! Why not? You help me… I help you.

But only if you two will help me to prevail in this ultimate war, as Khalid has powerful allies too: particularly Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel, his occasional lover and advisor.

It was her, this aristocratic royal bitch with real blue blood, who advised Khalid, to marry Alexandra quickly, before her child can be born, and before the DNA tests can be made, to determine with certainty, whether the upcoming child is mine, or Khalid’s, as we both slept with Alexandra in rapid succession, just during her ovulation days…

It’s like in a dumb Harlequin novel, but right now, it’s me, who pulls the shorter end of the rope, as Khalid has all aces in his sleeve, and Alexandra knows well, that with my competitor, by taking his side, she can win, but I am a highly uncertain bet for her, an apparently weaker horse in the fateful race, deciding her own destiny, her future, both in personal and professional sense. Indeed, he can give her much in material sense, and I don’t mean houses, cars or shiny trinkets here, I mean the most VIP status you can imagine.

So, my only chance is to become a black horse, to surprise my enemies by some very unexpected move, and it’s time for special means, special weapons: it means you, Ms. Lorencova.

You help me with this cause, and I will give you your weight in gold, your weight in silk, a big box of cute shining diamonds from Amwaj Jewellery, not speaking about other special perks, which I and my family can provide.”

It must be reminded, that Faris paid her 10.000 EUR as demanded advance payment for her services, plus full travel costs… but they both know, that this is just the beginning of mutual exchange, as those witches, the same as racketeers, they start with rather modest amounts, raising their demands later, squeezing their victim further and further, always coming back for more… why to leave a good cow, who gives you plenty of sweet milk?

But this task will be challenging, even for Petronela: her Illuminati influence is limited here, in the Middle East, it’s a different world, in religious and cultural senses alike… she is alone here, not able to use her common support network of useful European pawns, which have their long fingers everywhere, even in politics and government, like her own VIP lover, Baron Johann Von Strachowitz, and although Klimesova is her best friend, they both share the same interest: to project power and influence on Faris, a very useful pawn.

In fact, both women are competitors too… and if Lorencova will start fucking with Khalid, connecting with Faris’ archenemy, the situation will be more than perfect… for her. She has many interesting options… she is born under The Star.


Anyway, her psychic powers and her sexuality can decide now: her destiny, and destiny of many others.

“I know, who you really are,” Lorencova made no comment to Faris’ prior presentation, turning attention to her deck of tarot cards, which occured in her palms, always making her calm and balanced, like when her pussy was filled with male sperm, containing prostagladine, a female drug of satifaction.

“You are playing with fire, Faris,” she picked up one card, but she didn’r reveal its content yet. “This is not merely a game for your manhood, for some bitch, for power… even you will be a part of the stakes… all your dark secrets, which will be revealed… like, who you really are, your weaknesses and vices. Are you sure, that you want these explosive data to be revealed to the world, once and forever?

Because they are listening, right now, you know that… what will be said once, it can’t be taken back, ever.”

“Do your thing, witch,” Faris smiled with utmost self-confidence. “I have nothing to fear, nothing to lose… if Bahraini throne is in stake… those Al Khalifa bitches ruled for too long already, since 1783, and now it’s the time, God willing, to remove them from rule… and I will be the one, who will manage it, with God’s permission, help and blessing!

In the end, I will be remembered, and you will be forgotten, witch… now, enough of mere talk! There is no time to lose time! Do, what you are paid for! Show me, what you have for me, for ten thousands bucks!”

Lorencova watched Al Kooheji with her grey mesmerizing eyes, and there was full detachment in her look, as attachment is the sole source of suffering in this world.

Then, she showed him the card.


“You are a lion, Faris, no doubt about that: your muscular body, your mindset of a warrior, a mujahid, your affection to war and combat, those eternal male games for power, which excite and satisfy you so much,” Lorencova said with respect. “But can you see that merry naked bitch behind that naive lion, behind you? He doesn’t see her, but she is laughing, she is a parasite, hiding behind your muscular back, playing her own big game on your expense, whispering poison into your ears, manipulating you.

You serve her as cat’s pawn, as a battering ram, as a shield… but she is real victor, real winner.

And who is she?

Is it Alexandra? Is it Iveta? Is it me? Is it Princess Ameerah, apparently from the opposite side? Or yet some other, hidden bitch, pulling levers from behind, from distance, conveniently, covertly, like Sara Al-Madani or Aysha Al-Mudahka, local big female players, as I was informed by my private information sources, local assets?

Or is it all of us females, using you and Khalid for our games, for our victories, our gains?

You can’t win… not Faris is your enemy. He is as miserable male pawn, as you!

It’s us women, who are waging war against each other, making plans, how to use both of you, fools, and even your families… can you imagine, what will happen, if Iveta will come to your father, saying with fake tears in her eyes, that you impregnated her treacherously and irresponsibly, this cute infidel, and she expects you to take care of her properly, and the baby, if you are real gentleman, who takes full responsibility for his actions?

This is, what she did… she played your loving mother and protector so long, until you fucked her, apparently from courtesy… but there will be consequences.”

“One bastard more, or less in this game… who cares?” Faris smiled again, even with irony. “Surely I had to fuck her, but not from courtesy… she wanted that, she needed that… Iveta is maybe a shining and capable lawyer in the outside world, but miserable, weak, isolated, full of fear, when alone… it won’t be so easy, to manipulate me… she will see.

And if she is working for the Chinese, if they even sent her… such connection exists in two ways, you know: if she is their pawn, then, connecting with her, I will also get something… the Chinese wanted that treasures of my business company… I perceive all this as a part of negotiation, not a foul game. It’s nothing personal… and if she is their pampered asset, and I will impregnate her… there can be much fun and gains, if you are clever.

You see, I am simply another generation… we are not those scared fools, who collapse, as soon as a bitch informs them about her unexpected pregnancy… we are made from different pastry… I am not a lion, rather a fox… I mean… I like to see myself this way.”

Lorencova listened attentively to him, considering her proper next move.

“I will do this tarot reading for you, Faris,” she said after a moment of silence, when her face and voice remained cold and detached, without signs of any emotion. “But then I will leave immediately, not entering the whole affair any more… I don’t want your gold, silk, diamonds or money, as this won’t be just game for power… even lives will be at stake, and I don’t wish to end in an unmarked desert grave, somewhere… because where is estogen, there is also Cruelty… have a look at this card… there is so much darkness inside us, apparently peaceful, soft and nice females.”

“You mean… you suggest… should I back off?” Faris was surprised by this statement. Could even a witch be scared? Or was it just her ingenious psychological tactics, to lure more perks from him, when threatening to leave his side, to leave him weak and losing?

“You can’t… it’s too late,” Petronela said with the most serious voice, looking deeply into Faris eyes. “It’s a huge avalanche, which started to move already, and no one can stop it anymore… but real winner will be us bitches, and our Estrogen Conspiracy, organized by those ‘World Women United’ (WWU) rats… mark my words!

Anyway, you pay me money, and I am a professional… I will give you something, so you will understand the whole situation better.

There are many bitches around you now, but it’s not for your pleasure, it’s your nightmare: the cards are saying, that at least one of us is Princess of Swords, indeed a very dangerous creature, connected with very shady structures, not afraid even of stabbing with a knife and even murder, enslaving people with ropes, watching them covertly with many eyes… this entity doesn’t follow the rules, she creates them… and who this woman can be?”

“How can I know? You should tell me, who she is… for the money I gave you!” Faris was surprised rather negatively. “Or should I play with the cards myself, witch? Why would I need you then?”

“Next thing,” Lorencova left the question unanswered, to keep Faris in darkness further. “Regarding men, the cards are showing the ultimate figure of authority, control, dominance: The Emperor, your main obstacle and block… ask yourself, Faris, who can be this figure in your case? Is it you, your male potential, waiting to be released… or is it Khalid, is it your father, your apparent obstacles to maturity, your final tests, when you can prove your manhood by defeating them?

Do you see his noble face, his firm serious look of a ruler? Can you become him, or is it your destiny, just to be an envious weak rat, who simply doesn’t possess the qualities of The Emperor, who can’t face enemies directly, who is scared, so he attacks only from behind, treacherously, unmanly, indirectly… like a female?

Maybe you want to destroy those, who have such royal features of kings and Emperors, like Khalid and your father? Don’t you live in eternal submission and hatred, as they humiliate you indeed, just because they are born rulers, and you are just a modern, effeminated male loser? Too pleasant, too ‘nice’, too understanding, having too much empathy… it means unmanly weakness?”

This time, Faris remained silent, not complaining anymore, as it was really an important question.

“Here is The Tower, it symbolizes change of your convenient life and common procedures by destruction… an unexpected, big change, when many secrets, both white and black parts of the chessboard are revealed, when all the protective walls collapse, and the inner, hidden world is revealed completely.

And do you see the male symbol there, at the foundation of The Tower? It must mean something… maybe it’s connected with the man above, The Emperor? Maybe the cards are suggesting you, who that man is, and what he is doing for you, or against you, what role he plays in your affairs? Maybe he has a hint for you, what should and needs to be done, so you can be finally liberated from all oppression, becoming a free, mature, real man, strong and independent, capable, able to use all opportunities, to become real Emperor?

Can you see now, Faris? This whole thing, it must be God’s effort to make a man from you… you created all this game, you attacked poor innocent Khalid, although you never really wanted Alexandra, and as you said, the bitch was never important… but your manhood was.

Now, the cards are telling me, that there is a big problem in your sexual life, and to be exact, in your sexual identity… that’s why you never married, although the most noble and beautiful women approached you with cordial interest, and that’s why you feared Khalid…

Not because he is an arrogant royal son, as you claim, but he knows your secret, because he is too close, a friend always knows too much about you, and once he would release it into public, you would be destroyed instantly, even if it would be just joke, for fun… this is, what bothered you, not his royal status, not his alleged arrogance, but simply to have a close friend, who sees and knows…

Maybe not only he knew that… maybe more people noticed, that there is something wrong with you, with your masculinity…. that you are too soft, and it means liability, an unmanly weakness… you love war, but you would spare your enemies… you are too soft, too corrupted with female mindset, and although you have big muscles, to serve you as a shield for your true self, as your protective Tower… still, some people know, you can’t hide your true nature, because they are very sensitive, to recognize, if someone is different. You didn’t use proper camouflage, you underestimated their senses… poor you, boy!

They think now, that you are a sodomite… you don’t need translation of this term… do you, Faris?”

The noble face of Faris got white instantly. Now he realized, what Nell meant, warning him in advance, that his own darkest secrets will be revealed in this dangerous, un-Islamic black magic ritual, and he laughed, like a naive idiot… should he stop her immediately, before this dark witch and her cursed Devil’s tarot cards will destroy him? NSA was listening!

“Now, it’s interesting… there is a High Priestess, my personal card… but I will be the last person to save you, to help you with your problems, regardless of promised reward, as I don’t want to get involved in such an explosive affair…

I will just collect money and go… and you will let me, although I carry your darkest secret now… but it belongs to my special job, and any professional psychic needs to cope with it, that we can become even inconvenient, when acquiring very undesirable information during our readings, because you can’t hide anything from the cards, they never lie… and people, our clients, sometimes have this funny and unfriendly idea, that they should remove us, silence us, in order to keep their secrets safe… fools!

Anyway, it seems to me, that my role in the affair is just to tell you, what needs to be done: indeed, you must defeat Khalid, and you must make your father a little insignificant man, in comparison with your achievements… but not for power, to heal yourself, if such thing is even possible.

Maybe you should get closer to God, back into his loving embrace, which you left, this is his trial for you, if you can be liberated from the darkness, which you chose, advised by Devil.

But there is one more card, see? It’s Princess of Disks, where a pregnant beautiful female is depicted… her eyes are covered, she doesn’t know, what will be born, maybe she even doesn’t care, as her eyes are full of ambitions and dreams, and the child is only a means for her, to become an inhabitant of Bahraini Alhambra, to consume all the royal perks… anyway, it will be big… maybe helping you, maybe destroying you.

Who is she, that woman? Is it Alexandra, or Iveta? Where are more opportunities for you located: inside Alexandra’s, or Iveta’s womb?

Now, let me tell you, what I think, that you should do…. but the price for this additional information, not related to tarot and our deal, will cost you… 50.000 USD… and this amount is non-negotiable, to be paid immediately.

You see, we fortune-tellers are very sensitive, and any mockery to our skills, or ignoring our well-intended warnings, will be simply added to your final bill. Nothing personal… just pay, and be more wise next time. We sell lessons, and they are worthy of any price.”

“Speak, witch,” Faris sent the demanded amount, using his smartphone with a mobile banking application. As he was a VIP client, his bank was used to such quick and large transactions to unexpected recipients, and no questions were asked… this was not the corrupted “paradise”, called the EU, and their futile efforts to counter Terrorism Financing, serving only to deploy more control of money movements of common citizens by curious European Intelligence services, like BIS, which wanted to know everything, about everybody, not only criminals and terrorists.

After Petronela told Faris… he really considered this amount to be invested well.

Petronela Lorencova: VIP Queen Witch

Estrogen Mafia: Infidel Bitches Want To Rule The World

Estrogen Conspiracy: Rise of Matriarchy

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