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A beautiful Summer night was falling on Bahrain’s capital, Manama, and it’s impressive Four Seasons hotel, where Petronela Lorencova, the most reputated European VIP witch, was still sitting with her VIP local client, wealthy entrepreneur Faris Al Kooheji from the second most influential Bahraini family, after ruling Al-Khalifa clan, which Faris decided to put down of power, to leave his male mark forever, to prove his manhood, power and influence…

To show the world, that he is able to step out of painful shade of his powerful and even oppressing father, and his former best friend, but archenemy now, Khalid Bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, the Bahraini royal prince and successor of throne, who fought with Faris for a royal dove indeed, a German fashion supermodel from Dubai (Emirates), Alexandra Pianka.

But the bitch was not primary interest of Faris in this big struggle with highest stakes, where even Bahraini national security and internal stability could be jeopardized, called Royal War For Alexandra Pianka: it was his manhood and male self-realization, what was in stake at the first place, as wise and sensitive Petronela correctly identified…

As she could connect to any man, any woman, using the most devastating and effective tool, her deck of special tarot cards from Switzerland, Rohrig Tarot, which was not seized as a banned contraband by strict Bahraini border patrols, although witchcraft is strictly forbidden in Islam, as the local Bahraini CounterIntelligence agency, NSA, wanted to know more about Petronela’s special skills, which could be useful for many other conspiracies and interests in the future…

It was not the first time, when Petronela Lorencova, well established in Illuminati structures, became a person of interest in some big multinational game, and the Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS tried many times, to persuade her to cooperation, or rather submission, using both tempting offers of money and merciless threats of physical elimination: but they always failed, as Petronela was well protected and pampered from many VIP sides, either her happy clients, or allies of her VIP lover, Baron Johann Von Strachowitz from the key Munich Illuminati lodge.

When Federica Mogherini, the European Commission’s vicepresident, and EU’s high representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, announced her intent to ban selling of this particular tarot deck in the whole EU, as it contained so striking visual imagery, that it could be even “risky for mental health and psychological status of users”, it caused much disturbance in the European witchcraft and occultist circles, including these dangerous Bavarian Illuminati from Munich, who play the highest league, with direct access into highest echelons of social, political, economic, even religious circles…

And no one should try to play with these powerful women and men, who possess very special, and very dangerous powers: after a rumored black magic ritual was executed, it was Mogherini herself, who suddenly started to feel an irresistible urge to counsel her private and professional affairs with a “spiritual advisor”… and as she was used to always choose the best option available, there was no other choice for her, than Petronela Lorencova… needless to say, that Rohrig tarot was never banned in the end, as the EC issued a “special exception” with “unlimited validity” for this particular occultist merchandise.

Anyway, Petronela proved her special skills even in Bahrain, an Islamic monarchy of Persian Gulf, apparently small, but with immense importance for the whole Middle East in practice, as various local players from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait or Emirates needed a peaceful, not so distant “playground” for their extensive games, particularly in the defence industry…

But in general business as well: the influential Qatari female entrepreneur Aysha Al-Mudahka understood well, how important is Bahrain for her big plans of expansion and support of females in business, so she was making many connections there, and Sara Al-Madani, a female royal Emirati aristocrat, called Miss Emirates, admired by many women across the Middle East, was a common guest in Manama as well… not speaking about Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel from Saudi Arabia, who was rumored to be Khalid’s occasional lover, and also trustworthy female advisor in many affairs… including this war of two VIP men for one VIP woman.

The only local big female player, who didn’t participate in Bahraini game directly, as she had much more important Islamic duties elsewhere, was Marketa Korinkova, later known as Maryam, The Islamic Princess, after she converted to Islam in Sheikh Zayed’s Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, originally an elite Czech fashion model, who made a good fortune in the Emirates, with permission and blessing of Allah, the only God…

But Maryam had a strong motivation indeed, to execute her ruthless revenge on Alexandra Pianka, her main modeling competitor and archenemy in Dubai, as there could be only one Queen of the Emirates… and she did, in fact: not only she stole Faris from her later, moreover, it was Maryam, who made this apparently merely local Bahraini affair to be known by the whole world, when she wrote an intricate screenplay about it, which impressed a famous American film studio, Twentieth Century Fox, and a famous movie director, Roman Polanski, to make a blockbuster movie about it, which gained much success even at famous Cannes Film Festival

Still, this was the world, where Islam ruled in every detail: but Petronela Lorencova, even as infidel, unbeliever, and witch, had no fear of Muslims and Islam, as she was allegedly trained by the elite Special Forces of the Czech Army, how to perfectly counter, infiltrate and control the Islamic environment: both these sides allegedly made a deal together, with direct participation of Katerina Motovska, feared Czech Minister of Defence, nicknamed Princess of Swords, probably to widen the defence capabilities of Czechia, except their new nuclear arsenal, provided by omnipresent Chinese, whereas the key components of the weapon were allegedly smuggled from North Korea

Was this all just Petronela’s job, her personal plan to get more influence abroad, money, wealth, perks… or was it all her mission, given by so called higher places, well connected to the Czech defence structures, through influential and controversial Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation, providing black funds for black military operations, where Motovska was the Executive Director, and Von Strachowitz responsible for obtaining more money and property from wealthy senior citizens, who were promised full amnesty of their worldly crimes, if they will support the special interests of Czechia generously… instead of being robbed by another suspicious charity, aimed at seniors, led by Tatana Kucharova, Miss World 2006, a corrupted fashion model, even investigated by Czech Militarized Police for alleged changing of last wills of her poor victims, so all the heritage property will come to her.

But these funds could be used much better, in the higher interest of all Czech citizens, instead of buying more diamonds by Tatana, obsessed with luxury… like for seducing the A-class Hollywood actress from Israel, Gal Gadot, an elite Jewess indeed, by a male Special Forces operator in disguise (=as an action movie actor), using an experimental bioweapon, an artifically manufactured female pheromone, called PHE-X, creating a terrible international affair, which provoked merciless response of Israel, sending their best Female Warfare operative, Nataly Hay, to seduce a Czech high-profile male target, a top executive from Hoffmann-La Roche pharmaceutical company… who was the father of aforementioned Islamic Princess Maryam (Marketa Korinkova), and his assigned codename was PAPA BEAR.

Anyway, it needs to be reminded, that a proper witch has immensely powerful, general control of her client. If the spiritual connection should work, she needs to be superior, putting the client, regardless how much VIP, into full submission, and if they reject, from whatever reason, if they try to fight for power and control with her, Petronela Lorencova simply walks away, as she doesn’t need them, but they need her, so they have to accept her terms, and there can be no exception, so the whole occult process can be successful.

Indeed, it’s in the highest interest of Nell’s client, to be submitted to her… of course, she extracts yet more money from them then… why not to use this perfect opportunity… but only in certain suitable conditions, the results can satisfy the client fully.

And Faris would be a terrible liar, to regret just one coin from 10.000 EUR, which he paid her as an advance payment, plus full travel costs and luxury accomodation in Manama… not that she asked for it directly, like a miserable cheap bitch, but you need to pamper your Queen Witch, if you expect perfect performance from her… it’s in your highest interest.

And Faris had big interests indeed, with merciful permission of Allah, his Creator. If the affair would be simplified, the situation and options was like this:

1) Royal War for Alexandra Pianka (against Khalid) was a classic proxy war, like in Syria. Faris never wanted the bitch really, she meant nothing to him, and her over-sized augmented silicone breasts were even disgusting for him… but he wanted to have “casus belli” to fight and defeat Khalid, who knew his dark secret: Faris’ questionable quality of manhood and leadership skills, his suspected effeminacy, unmanly softness, not speaking about being a corrupted, Westernized Muslim, rejected by his father.

2) If Faris would manage to harm or defeat Khalid, his respect and reputation would rise, from all sides: his own family, and Al-Khalifa family alike. There would be a good future for him.

3) If he would destroy the ruling Al-Khalifa clan, using witchraft, putting them out of power, removing them from the throne, which they occupied since 1783… he would be remembered, loved and admired forever, and even after hundreds of years, the Bahraini school children would know his name.

Of course, to be a revolutionary, a guerilla, is dangerous, you can easily become a public enemy… but Faris never thought about organizing some open, classic resistance against the government. He knew, that there is definitely an indirect, covert, inconspicuous way, so he won’t be identified as a rebellion leader and destroyed by massive and ruthless Bahraini security apparatus… and he knew, that if someone, it’s Nell, who knows such a way, as she is a woman, her Yin female essence is hidden, secretive, indirect, apparently passive, like water.

In conclusion: he had no power aspirations. He rather liked sport and hunting, not playing some ruler. He only wanted to become a man, using this perfect opportunity, to prove his manhood.

Indeed, Nell could be very helpful for him, in many senses… earlier today already, he paid her extra 50.000 EUR for special advice, how to destroy dangerous public rumors, that he is unmanly, weak, soft, even a sodomite.

But Petronela’s spirtual powers are limited in a day deliberately, she is not willing to exhaust herself, and her cards also become silent in certain moment of the seance, not willing to reveal anything more… and any woman knows, how important is, to leave in time, rather sooner than later, not to seem cheap and too available, so her price and prestige would go down.

So, she finished her drink in Four Seasons’ bar lounge, and challenged Faris, to ask her one last question, before she will leave… but not going to sleep, she wanted to meet with her best friend, Iveta Klimesova, a former top fashion model, later a top corporate lawyer, now working for the most unexpected VIP client, the Chinese Army (PLA) in Hong Kong, as a Special Military Advisor in so called Lawfare, or Legal Warfare, who came with her into Manama, and to discover Manama’s secret night life together, available only for VIPs and tourists.

But Klimesova’s role in the affair could be hardly called as marginal: sent by Chinese conspirators, who had utmost interest in taking over the business company, called “Weapons For Peace”, owned both by Faris and Khalid, developing unique weaponry and ordnance, particularly USP-PSYOPS, a weapon of mass persuasion… she was assigned to Faris as his legal advisor, as both men launched even a brutal legal war against each other, regarding their mutual business…

And there could be a big reward for Chinese in this battle and instability, as the Asians were always looking for interesting business acquisitions in the critical defence industry: buying, bribing or simply stealing through corporate espionage, it didn’t matter, how such tempting assets were obtained, so ambitious China could rise to the ultimate position of No. 1 superpower of the world.

Thus, Iveta Klimesova became more than a lawyer for Faris, as she managed to seduce him in a classic honey trap scheme, to infiltrate his closest vicinity perfectly: and she even used her womb to create a firm bond, as he impregnated her, but this development, it means another bastard on the horizon, only promised interesting opportunities for both sides, so Faris was far from being disturbed and scared, that Iveta is allegedly pregnant with him.

“What really bothers me, is that male tarot card: The Emperor,” Faris shared his final impressions with Nell in the Four Seasons’ cozy lounge bar, watching the man’s noble face, radiating balance, self-confidence, calmness, authority, determination, power and control, even willingness to violence, if it would serve to his interests.

“I just wonder: isn’t it miserable, to fight with some man, or men, like Khalid, and my father… wouldn’t it be better, to ignore them, to play my own game, to build my own empire of power? The world is big enough… and why should I carry him, or them, in my mind all the time? Isn’t it giving them yet more power over me?”

“It was you, who created this game, Faris, it’s a good start,” the witch reminded him silently. “Everything starts with a thought: your male instincts advised you, to start fighting for some woman, if there will be an intimidating enemy, who bothered you for a long time, who you wish to destroy, to remove, to crush… it’s a natural instinct.

No wonder, because those two men are a dark part of your world, stealing your territory and resources, creating blocks in your mind, infiltrating your thoughts… indeed, what you keep inside you, it grows in strength… including your fear.

I really don’t know, how this male world works… but believe me, even as a woman, you struggle with others for the alpha or at least beta status, in any group, even with your closest friend: there will always be a leader, one party stronger, than the other.

And you are a social creature, solitude and isolation is dangerous… but then, naturally, you have to fight with people daily, or to be pushed away.

You can’t avoid confrontation, otherwise, you will be discarded, put out of rank… it gives you certain special options, that you show contempt for a leader, not willing to follow his corrupted leadership, like those weak sheep, followers… but in practice, you will become isolated, only able to connect with his enemies… however, again, there will be a group, and if you will become a part of it, you will have to fight for your position.

In your situation, it’s more than certain, that Khalid and your father, they both know, what you need, what you are up to: that by defeating them, you can raise your own rank… but only by lowering theirs. You gain, they lose, and vice versa… or you have to emigrate, leave it all behing, but anywhere you will come, there will be other such figures, competitors, enemies… there will be no peace.

Maybe your father would be willing to dodge, as you are his son, he loves you, so he can do it for his child… but will such victory be really satisfying you in the end? Wouldn’t it be a real proof of his love, to put you into this important test of your manhood, not stepping back, not willing to give you the control over your family easily?

And Khalid? He also have to deserve his position in his family, his perks… and if a wolf occurs nearby, it means you, hungry and eager to destroy him, he will fight with you in full force… maybe even for him is Alexandra just a proxy war!

I wonder… does anyone of you want her in reality, or you just use her for your causes??? But she is the last person, who should complain: only one of you can win, you or Khalid, but she will win in any case.

Yeah, there is too much interests of all sides… so, this will be a brutal war, inevitably, and they won’t let you just leave, stop, to throw a white towel into the ring, because they see you as their own pawn… you have to finish, what you started, from many reasons. There is no way back for you any more.

This war is pending, and if you will fall, the world will be, like before, like it always was: your father and Khalid will rule, and you will be that eternal loser in the corner again, dreaming about victory, but not able to make any new move, as you were defeated once, humiliated, all your self-confidence erased, all your chances stolen from you… and people will say, ‘This is how it should be. He is weak. He would be a bad leader… we don’t want him. We want them.’

You think, that with me, you have the advantage… maybe. But you are a weak link, Faris… my cards can tell you perfect plans, but if there will be nobody to execute them… it’s still just a vision, thought, illusion.

You expect me to give you some secret spiritual power? From a black magic ritual? That you will become a dark knight with devastating occult skills?

Have a look at you: there is still doubt inside you, about yourself. You don’t know, if you want to be The Emperor yourself… you don’t want to fight, you are lazy, convenient… you have muscles, but you are willing to use them only in a gym, or in that endless muscular poses.

But those men out there, Khalid and your father… they have slimmer bodies, thinner hands, but they use them more effectively. They are Emperors, not you… they proved their manhood, unlike you.

You are my client, I want to help you… but my powers are limited. And even I am not willing to invest into a lost cause. I am not accepting money for my services: my real income comes from victory, and working with losers, however rich, would damage my own reputation, as people know, that I am here, that I am standing on your side.

I can execute a black magic ritual on anybody, to turn this game… but you will realize, sooner or later, that you are still a weak loser, who need a bitch… a witch… to do the dirty work for him.

But you know what? Instead of being negative and pessimistic, let’s ask the cards for the last time today. Maybe they will be willing to provide some answers.”

She let Faris to choose a card, after she mixed the Major Arcana cards properly.

“Just as I said,” Nell exhaled with utmost satisfaction. “You see, Faris? Cards never lie… this is The Hermit, who wanders through the world, alone, solitary, he has knowledge, powers, muscles, intellect, money, Lambhorghini, but the world rather ignores him, even women…

They know, that he is different somehow, and they discard him from their key social structures automatically… maybe it’s that suspected sodomy issue about you, as you fear, that it will be revealed… anyway, even if you are straight in reality, only effeminated and soft too much, like many men nowadays, the females, when they see, that you are a social outsider, they ignore you… most of them, even those nasty and unattractive.

Of course, if you have money, or some other good resources… there will be always some bitch, willing to fuck you, or to create an isolated pair with you, as she feels alone too.

To be a Hermit, it’s a choice you make, to avoid that bothering social struggle for power, or to hide some dark secrets from the world… however, power is distributed inside the society, and only those, who participate, can share.

“Oh no!” Petronela sighed, when Faris pulled another card. “My personal card again, second time today already… The High Priestess! Are the cards telling me again, that I should give you some important message, to change your Hermit mindset? That’s why I am here… again, the cards are telling pure truth, as you can see.”

“And here is your card again: The Strength,” she said with surprise, when her VIP client made another choice. “This is some dark magic! Surely you have the strength inside you, but it’s somehow suppressed… maybe by those poweful men, oppressing you, stealing power from you, making you small and miserable? And you hate them, of course you do!

Now… cards, I am asking you: what should Faris do, to have his final answer!”

“And look! It’s The Justice, or also The Angel in other tarot packs,” Nell commented the last card. “What does the angel mean? In Islam? It’s a creature, made by God from light, no? It’s executing God’s will, and it has immense power indeed.

Maybe the God will decide this affair, he will send an angel to help you… and you will win, just if you will hold, so the enemies will fall through time, if you are stronger than them… The Justice will always prevail.

Or maybe The Angel is someone, who will help you, your secret ace… it’s hardly me, but someone else could be… a woman probably, as The Justice is a female… a new ally, who will appear unexpectedly, a deus ex machina?

Or does it mean some closer connection to the female essence? So you can counter that males effectively, before you will have this ultimate advantage, connecting Yin and Yang essences, which is ultimately powerful combination?

Those men… they are only half. They are limited, even their powers. But if you will become complete, connecting with feminine side… maybe then, you can defeat those men. You can destroy The Emperor successfully.

Even he is hiding inside his Tower of his alleged manhood… but The Angel will send a lightning, demolishing The Tower, so all carefully hidden weaknesses and fears of him will be exposed.

And without his Tower, his fortress, providing him power… even The Emperor is lost.

This structure is his social network, all the powerful friends and allies… but also his fears inside him… maybe he fears you, as you fear him. Khalid, because you have nothing to lose… your father, scared of losing his own manhood, as he get older.

So, what do the cards say, Faris?

You can win.”

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