Petronela Lorencova: Miss Smoker 2016. Illuminati Witch Elite VIP Obsession Addiction Seduction Devil Sexual Nicotine Cigarette Smoking Female Woman Fetish Tobacco Munich Tarot Feminity Witchcraft

Although the most reputable, respected, admired, even feared and dangerous European witch, elite tarot card reader and oracle, Petronela Lorencova (*1986, aka Nell Lorenc), a person of interest for many Intelligence services, spends most of the time in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, as most of her VIP clients are German, and moreover, her VIP lover, Baron Johann Von Strachowitz, lives there as well, in a huge white villa, to be close to the source of power, it means feared Illuminati structures, represented by an intricate front, it means Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation, where they both work, still…

Sometimes, she and Von Strachowitz visit the beautiful Prague, the Czech capital, to combine business and pleasure, when, living in the most VIP hotels, like Mandarin Oriental, she allows Herr Baron to fuck her the whole nights and ejaculate his hot sperm into her endlessly, as she is a very sensual and sexual being, extremely feminine, even motherly, and she needs it every day, several times optimally. She is an young and pretty horny female, who uses her sexy curvy body for getting and giving exciting bodily pleasure.

Indeed, Petronela Lorencova is addicted on prostagladine, like many women: unfortunately, this miraculous substance, which makes them happy, satisfied and calm, more than chocolate, can only be delivered into hungry female body system through male sperm, ejaculated into her pussy, so this hormone-based elixir of happiness can become effective… it’s so powerful, that it can even provoke a child birth for a pregnant woman.

But prostagladine is not the only chemical obsession for Petronela Lorencova: also nicotine, contained in tobacco.

She is a devoted female smoker, fully addicted, and although smoking is certainly bad, expensive and unhealthy, it’s also a source of utmost pleasure… not everybody wants to be socially accepted and “right”, some people simply enjoy to be different and “bad”, anti-social rebels, who like to do, even what is allegedly not good… and more those EU fools try to forbid smoking, in all that omnipresent campaigns, more devoted these worshippers of nicotine are.

And many males even worship smoking females, considering them ultimately sexy… and Petronela Lorencova certainly knows about this obsession, using it for her advantage.

In a very memorable event, when Petronela Lorencova and Von Strachowitz, together with their local Illuminati cohort, visited the famous Yellow Spa in Prague, to discuss latest business developments and interests, she was incidentally addressed by such worshippers of female smoking, who even take photographs of smoking women systematically, as their obsession is insatiable.

One would expect, that Petronela will reject their offer, to become their newest smoking model, for their reputated Miss Smoker contest, naturally and ruthlessly… but she is an unpredictable woman, who has no fear, even to reveal her skin and private vices.

Lorencova’s photoset, taken in the romantic environment of Yelllow Spa in August 2016, has not only artistic and information value: also, it must be reminded, that Yellow Spa, rumored to be covertly owned by Israelis, to conduct their Prague Intelligence operations there, was a place of a historically significant meeting between David Cohen, the key Mossad resident in Czechia, and Marketa Korinkova, a young female fashion model, later known as Maryam, when she converted to Islam in the Emirates, and literally changed the world, becoming an alleged pawn in a big game of big players from East and West, but Allah, her sole master, is the best of all players and all deceivers, so her personal dreams became thousand times surpassed.

And now, four years later, this Lorencova’s VIP Illuminati group comes into the Yellow Spa as well, they strip into swimsuits and tiny bikinis, including their aces, ruling Europe, pretending to be just another Czech miserable fools, who visit this fake beach at the bank of filthy Vltava river, because poor miserable Czechia has no sea, and almost no sun, the sky is eternally grey there, so alcohol must be consumed in elevated amount, to counter depression of Czech infidel fools…

This feature only confirms, how special and unpredicable is Petronela Lorencova and no wonder, that many, many entities ask for her services, even offering her beneficial employments, where her oracle’s abilities can be most helpful, including in the ranks of Intelligence services, who change sweet promises with brutal threats of personal liquidation, to persuade an asset to cooperation.

But all these games mean nothing for Petronela Lorencova: she is untouchable, and she is free, she has real freedom, based on power… unlike those fake proclamations from advertisements of those PR rats, directed at postmodern slaves, called citizens.

She is not an anti-social rebel: she just managed to create her personal empire of power, using all her female weapons and talents with devastating efficiency.

Then, she smokes a cigarette with utmost pleasure, and her eyes are saying: “FUCK YOU, AND YOUR ILLUSIONS, FOOLS.”

She is a Devil’s leader, seducing fools to addiction and Devil’s grasp… but also to pleasure. What will you choose: to struggle with your desires, or simply to follow your vices, becoming, although addicted, free in certain sense, as all the block of “don’t do” inside you are removed?

Should this worldly life be about struggle, endless fight with natural desires and deliberately abstaining from pleasures… or rather succumbing to them, being a weak human, embracing Devil happily? Drinking, smoking, fucking like rabbits, and not thinking?

Petronela Lorencova seems to know the correct answer…

Petronela Lorencova: VIP Queen Witch

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