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They call her the most influential and dangerous European witch, and Petronela Lorencova is really a woman of immense power, although not an official political authority, like Federica Mogherini, one of her most VIP clients: only Petronela’s extreme spiritual and occultist abilities are granting her wide opportunities for acquiring and enjoying social, economic and even political influence, as the key European VIPs, both females and males, are asking her for critical advices on daily basis, under stress, willing to give her just anything, if they get gelp in their complicated personal affairs… and whatever Petronela Lorencova replies to them, or her special deck of tarot cards, to be exact, it can influence millions, even the whole world, as females, including top female politicians, incline to be strongly superstitious… and this over-technological, extremely complex world makes many people scared, willing to return to simplistic roots of human knowledge, it means witchcraft.

With few drops of dark Roma (Gypsy) blood in her veins, Petronela Lorencova is an ultimate woman, as the God allowed her reproduction system to be more strong and efficient, than other women have, as complex health tests at reputated GHC Clinic fully confirmed: during her ovulation phase, Petronela Lorencova’s body produces unusually high amount of female sexual pheromone, which, after released into armpits and mixed with human sweat, becomes airborne immediately, influencing extremely sensitive nasal sensors and brains of both men and women in the vicinity, without their knowledge, permission, approval or any state regulation.

Indeed, female pheromone is an extremely powerful agent of Chemical Warfare. It forces men, to be attracted to the ovulating female more, to try to mate with her… and it gives her a strong competitive advantage over other women, making her dominant and superior, so they clear her way, becoming submitted beta females.

Life of any fertile woman is influenced by The Moon extremely: her sensory abilities and psychological status are deeply influenced by her ovulation cycle, and this is the reason, why Petronela’s oracle’s predictions, visions and insights can differ heavily, depending on current status of the most complex chemical and physical processes in her body…

It’s directly related to the Moon phase: during her ovulation days, when an egg is released into her reproductive system, to be impregnated by a male cell, she is seducing and charming female, very sexual and feminine entity, and during menstruation, when the unused egg is eliminated from her system, she is unstable, able to think “out-of-the-box”, even aggressive and merciless.

This special feature of exceptionally wide range of intricate emotional intelligence makes Petronela Lorencova an immensely universal and powerful witch, The High Priestess (her personal tarot card), who is respected even by cold scientists, who otherwise deny all supernatural phenomena and parapsychology, and her disturbingly exact predictions can’t be taken too lightly, just for cheap amusement of fools…

She was even suspected, and covertly investigated by Czech Militarized Police, whether she doesn’t misuse an experimental, highly classified chemical weapon, called PHE-X: an artificially manufactured female sexual pheromone, designated for immediate or delayed combat use by high-profile female operatives of the Intelligence and Military community against various terrorist enemies of freedom and peace, both in honey traps (seducing) and classic espionage operations…

And there are rumors, that the latest, most advanced PHE-X version, can be used even by male combat assets, like during infamous Gal Gadot Affair, when a male operator of the elite Czech Special Forces, called Karel Weidenthaler, seduced this key Jewish actress, provoking a merciless response of Israel and their feared Mossad, which in turn sent their best female operative, a belly dancer, called Nataly Hay, to seduce the father of the key Czech Islamic celebrity, Marketa Maryam Korinkova, called The Islamic Princess from Dubai, Emirates

Anyway, this highly restricted chemical substance, produced by a Chinese multinational Wu Corporation, is strictly forbidden for civilians, of course, except special versions with deliberately lowered effectivity (PHE-XX, a parfum, and PHE-CA, to be used in casinos, to influence gamblers for bigger spending).

Anyway, there is also a tarot card of Major Arcana, called The Moon: and whenever Petronela Lorencova makes a tarot card reading, where this card occurs, the receiver of the oracle’s message has to understand, how widely is he or she influenced by the Moon’s cycle, and related changes in female thinking and emotions, as everybody has female relatives, friends, spouses… indeed, women are everywhere, and regardless what they do, how allegedly suppressed they are in their social role, they still project immense influence… just because of their interaction with various males.

“It’s the Moon, which makes us strong and influential,” Petronela Lorencova explains. “If we women are truly submitted to someone, except God, it’s definitely the Moon, not our father or husband. You can hardly predict our moves, as our nature is about hiding things from the world, we avoid presenting open stances, even mere indications: we are apparently passive, silent and covert, and only a fool could perceive this feature as a weakness. It’s the sign of ultimate, even divine power.

We women are really blessed by God, we are superior: it’s us, and our Moon dependence, truly ruling the world, as those weak men need us, not only for intercourse, but they are still weak babies, who need to be nurtured by their mother.

Play any game of power, dominance, authority and control on any female: soon, you will be the one, who is submitted.”

This Moon feature also makes men highly nervous and scared, as they never know about the ovulation status inside female body: one day, they can be accepted by her, allowed to fuck her freely, ejaculate into her deeply, and the other day, rejected ruthlessly, even humiliated and despised by her feared “bitch shield”, which is deployed without any apparent logical pattern.

Anyway, it’s women, who have full control here, who are able to project power, even intimidation and terror on men, just because they are not so rational, they are rather sensitive, emotional and chemically dependent, it means influenced by their sexual hormone (estrogen) massively, permanently and unpredictably.

Whereas men are expected to be rational, stoic and balanced, it’s the female essence, which brings instability into the male world of “order”, but also endless wars and violence for territory, resources… and women, of course.

“Behind every affair, there is a woman… or a squirrel,” Petronela Lorencova reminds a classic proverb with smile. “We blame men from starting all those terrible wars and human suffering… but it’s true, that we are at least accomplices of them. No one is innocent, as long as you are a fertile female… and your body produces those dangerous substances, which are devastating male minds, provoking them to many unwise steps, raising madness inside them… like estrogen and pheromones.”

And she certainly knows these estrogen dangers well, as she is an executive assistant and alleged mistress of a high-profile Illuminati from key Munich lodge, Baron Johann Von Strachowitz, who holds and concentrates extreme power and wealth in his hands, with his ties literally everywhere in Europe, including highest echelons of corporate world, even Vatican and Muslim community: all these subjects need vast money to finance their important (more or less legal) operations, how to gain yet more power in the society, either in religious or practical sense.

One would expect a young muscular man, who is allowed to fuck Petronela Lorencova every night, and to fill her pussy with his hot sperm… but her choice of a mating partner seems exceptionally rational, as Von Strachowitz is literally a heavy-weight social, economic and political asset.

“It’s not about the size of his shoulders or bicepses,” Petronela Lorencova confirms. “It’s about certainty, which is a very strong drug for us women… simply something you can count on, something you don’t possess as a female, as you are different every day, everything is changing inside you so quickly: your mood, your emotions… of course, influenced by The Moon.

But Herr Baron impresses me deeply, because of his ultimate mastery in the global power game… it makes even me submitted, voluntarily and willingly… and there is a deep instinct inside any female, for submission, related to her childhood, when she was ultimately weak and dependent on her father (=The Emperor card), a figure of ultimate authority, dominance and control… and also fear, because he is physically powerful, he can be even violent.

Herr Baron would never hurt a single fly… but he is intimidating in other ways, and believe me, even the most cruel Russian mafiosi approach him with respect. It’s not about an army of bodyguards around him, or threats of brutal retribution: everybody knows, that the Baron can help them, only if he will be let free and alive… if you would hurt him, you would make his many powerful, very satisfied clients and friends very, very angry… and they will go after you, without any mercy, as your malicious effort to break the desirable circle of power would have to be punished appropriately.

This is the kind of man, who won’t leave you, to fight and die in another dumb war, started for money by the rats from military-industrial complex, who count golden coins regardless of final result, whereas poor mothers collect their sons in coffins, after these ‘heroes’ return from another Iraq or Afghanistan… the Baron will be the one, who will always survive, and he will be able and willing to take care of your offsprings… can your man offer you such an ultimate hope for survival of your beloved children?”

Still, from some unknown reasons, Lorencova still has no children, although she is around thirty years of age already, even behind the optimal time for conceiving a child. Is it her deliberate choice, or is she even infertile, as ruthless Czech tabloid media like Heavy Slander speculated? Is it a sign of fortune-teller’s curse?

“This matter is only in the hands of God,” she is willing to make a comment even to his highly sensitive female issue, and she doesn’t seem to be concerned by it at all. “God will decide, whether to make me a mother, when, and with whom.”

And how can be such faith in God compatible with witchcraft, forbidden in all three monotheistic “Abrahamic” religions, it means Christianity, Islam and Judaism alike?

“God speaks to us through tarot cards, as He controls everything in the world,” Petronela Lorencova insists. “I am just a pile of flesh and blood, a mere medium, and the cards are just pieces of paper in practice, nothing magical…

It’s God, influencing all things… and witchcraft is the same thing, like feminine power, like female pheromones, like estrogen… how do you want to ban it, to get rid of it?

It’s impossible… you can’t stop and ban the female, the superior creation of God.”

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