WU Corporation: PHE-X. Artificial Female Pheromone Sexual Sex Hormone Series. Seduction Submission Control Substance Chemical Invention Combat Special Forces Operative Operator Assassin

For the specialized needs of modern clandestine military and Intelligence operations, particularly Female Warfare (FEMWAR), Wu Corporation, as the indisputed leader of the defence industry and firm part of the infamous military-industrial complex with rumored deep Chinese connections, proudly offers an unique product line of pheromone-based chemical substances with offensive capabilities, effective in promoting human assets in the social, political and business environment, particularly female assets, manufactured by Wu’s Industrial Biotech division.

The substance is derived from the female sex pheromones, which are released inside the female body during so called ovulation phase of her menstrual cycle (release of the human egg into the body system to be impregnated), with the purpose of attracting opposite sex for mating, and making dominance of the particular female in the female environment, gaining a competitive advantage for successful mating and breeding.

The chemical can be applied by different ways: by drinking with any liquid (covert use), injecting into the body (for delayed activation and prolonged effect, delivered by bribed medical personnel from Imprivata medical corporation in regular hospitals, or GHC Group, an Illuminati medical conspiracy entity), mixing with human sweat in the armpits, for an immediate combat use anywhere in the world, anytime (such version needs to be combined with Essential Oils, to work as a primer), or by general and universal airborne delivery (through air vents, air condition, particularly in Casinos).

Combat usage: once activated in/on a host’s body of female gender (except version V4, see below), PHE-X is distributed to the female/male targets in the close vicinity by air, hitting their nasal smelling sensors, influencing their brains for submission and limiting their mental capabilities and resistance, including devoted followers of Islam. The durability of the effect is cca one hour, if close bodily contact is maintained.

Warning: although developed and manufactured according to our internal Rules for full sustainability of our military arsenal, the substance is classified as a forbidden Chemical Warfare agent under international treaties, so by the orders of the highest state authorities, any civilian use/sale is strictly forbidden, and the only regular and allowed user is rumored to be Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, allegedly an elite paramilitary formation of the Czech Army, as the tabloid media reported recently.

Contraindication: the product is able to surpass any commercially available gas filters, used in military-grade gas masks. However, under normal circumstances, use against unprotected targets is realized only. Targets with cold and phlegm in their nose have partial protection, so for the correct function of the product, the distance between an asset and target must be kept under ten centimeters (almost on the edge of physical contact), at least until the target’s nasal sensors are receive the initial dose.

Protection: the substance is fully resistant to reverse-engineering and protected from being grasped by the terrorist enemies from the Islamic State and dangerous sects by a unique protection system: as soon as the activated cells lose contact with the host’s DNA, they fully disintegrate. Except the operatives with highest security clearance, the assets have no access to the inert substance before activation.

Version history:

VBeta – first usable batch, used on 43 test subjects (male 47% and female 53%) in Business, Security and Military environments, with various results.
V1 – used by Tereza Sabackova, a Czech fashion designer, in the United Arab Emirates, with sufficient effectivity.
V2 – used by Nikola Dotkova in the Emirates, failed, probably after exposure to heat of Arabic Peninsula (deliberate sabotage by Israeli Mossad also suspected, to check the improvising skills of their clandestine operative).
V3 – improved version, redesigned mixture, altered ratio and storage system, used by Katerina Rihova, in Austria, with complete success.
V4 – rather experimental version, to be used by males. Results are still not satisfactory, and other redesign of the product is necessary, so this rather special batch is provided without any guarantee of effectivity by the manufacturer (covert field testing conducted by Imprivata health care corporation).
V5 – combat version for the Military usage, further details classified.
V6 – deliberately lowered effectivity, for discriminate civilian use in the PHE-XX Parfum, works only with a particular DNA of a target.
V7 – used for female Anti-Aging civilian products, under PHE-AA designation.
V8 – to be carried by Assault Insects to their destination/target.
V9 – for Casino Business Operations, seducing gamblers, keeping them in positive state, despite of losing big money and life savings, sold as PHE-CA

Civilian versions:

PHE-XX, available now!

PHE-AA: Retain Your Beauty

PHE-CA: Casino Gambling Seduction Operations


Developed with love as a part of PSY Weapons for Peace manufacturing programme, the fully sustainable product line for the next-gen warfare, saving the lives of people and protecting environment.

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Read about combat use of PHE-X in Dubai, during Operation SKINNY PUPPY (on Islamic asset Marketa Maryam Korinkova, media face of Amwaj Jewellery):
Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islam Muslim Allah Fashion Model Dubai UAE Czech MM8

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