PHE-XX: THE OPERATIVE – Ultimate Parfum of Feminity and VIP Illuminati Conspiracy

Woman’s Destiny, the luxury fashion brand of Wu Corporation, proudly presents

PHE-XX: THE OPERATIVE – Ultimate Parfum of Your Feminity and VIP Illuminati Conspiracy

In cooperation with Giorgio Armani, NUSHI Fashion Magazine, Imprivata Health Care Systems and EXFOR Paramilitary SPECOPS
EXFOR - Special Operations - Counterinsurgency - Middle East - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs

“Experience the seducing taste of the VIP female Illuminati Conspiracy In Business, Politics and Military… yourself!”

PHE-X Artificial Female Pheromone Chemical Warfare substance business military operations influence persuasion - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsYou may have heard about our highly reputated, even sinister and intimidating product PHE-X, an artificially manufactured female pheromone, used for Military and Intelligence operations of FEMWAR (Female Warfare), to influence the targets, males or females, for submission, including regular physical seduction, by clandestine operatives and assassins of female gender.

Nikola Dotkova Special Unit C102 PSYOPS Female Warfare fashion model PSYOPS - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsSo many women asked us for a sample, willing to pay any price, to test it, to experience it, that feeling, like the top-tier female operatives of the Special Forces of the Czech Military, Nikola Dotkova (Palestine/Dubai, Emirates), Katerina Rihova (Salzburg, Austria) and Alexandra Pianka (China/North Korea), and many more, whose names are remaining strictly classified until 2086, when they were changing the world and future of us all during their secret operations all around the globe, because if you are an Intelligence asset, no walls, boundaries and fences can stop you!

But the PHE-X chemical is forbidden to be sold to civilians, as it’s classified as a forbidden Chemical Warfare substance by the United Nations… but we found a solution!

YOU will become our Operative, at least temporarily, in protected conditions, where your safety will be preserved (no, we won’t send you to Gaza, we promise!)… and in the end, you will seduce the man of your dreams, which you will choose, using our PHE-XX, an altered version of the original product, protected against misuse by terrorists, sects and cults!

Was there a man of your life, ever, so desirable, so attractive, so perfect, but you never got too close to him, because he was married, taken, busy, far or simply not interested?

You can change it, sister! You can fulfill your girlish dreams, once and forever, using PHE-XX, and you can become a person you always wanted to be, in the process!

(XX in the name means designation of your female chromosome, related to your DNA)

You will see the places and experience the moments absolutely unaccessible to normal people, only to military personnel with highest security clearance: including session with The Device, able to fulfill your dreams, and visit of a nuclear missile silo at a secret military base, as tabloid media reported widely!

Who knows… maybe you will like it, and you will decide to become an operative in reality, serving your homeland, risking your life in high-profile operations? Indeed, you will have a perfect opportunity, to choose and change your destiny, to escape from the past, to leave all the mistakes, doubts and weakness behind you!

The process is simple:

1) Pay the fee of 444.000 USD (remember, this is the Luxury Fashion Industry, so the price is non-negotiable, but believe us, it will be worth it!)
2) Filling a basic questionnaire and Health tests by Imprivata, during vacation in Dubai (not only for checking your medical status, also, your health will be improved by secret medical procedures by Imprivata. Dubai was chosen to maintain your privacy, and secrecy of Imprivata delicate operations)
3) Training session with The Device (Military Version!) at a secret military base near Teplice, including visit of constructed nuclear missile silo, and “The Dark Sun” nuclear missile inside, to feel and touch the infinity (with permission and supervision of the Special Forces of the Czech Military, WMD Department)
4) Designating the target (you will tell us the name, the details, your reasons, your memories, we will obtain his DNA, to prepare the mixture, and then we will arrange a meeting, but without details known to you in advance… so have your dose of PHE-XX ready in your handbag all the time! You never know, what can happen! And smile all the time, sister! You never know, who is watching!)
5) Execute YOUR OWN FEMWAR operation (although our ultimate invention can’t completely block the rules of nature, like mating selection, believe us, he WILL be interested, he WILL listen, and be willing to submit, so the level of your absolute beauty or body doesn’t really matter)

The flacon of parfum has the shape, remaining a butterfly, because… no, you don’t need to guess twice… it’s the recognized symbol of Illuminati!

Hey… maybe they will choose you, to become their another VIP star, like Jitka Cvancarova, Zuzana Kajnarova, and others! You know, that they will watch you through all that cameras, that nasty masterminds, who attract you secretly, because you want to become a part of them!

So, what are you waiting for yet? THIS is the chance of your life, and places are strictly limited – only 5 women will have their dreams fulfilled!
And that is, what you always wanted… don’t pass away without this life achievement, sister! This must be done, you know that!

See you soon in Dubai offices of Wu Corporation, where your destiny is awaiting you!


And to ease the decision for you yet more: listen to the Unofficial Anthem of the Czech FEMWAR operatives!

Woman’s Destiny: The Arabic/Islamic Fashion Brand

Estrogen Mafia: Bitches Want to Rule World
Estrogen Mafia women leaders female empowerment rule world ambition executive - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Estrogen Mafia
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