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Although the Japanese like to remain in their relative isolationism, to keep their society and culture united and stable, they know well, how to influence and to poison the corrupted, decadent West: by producing higly questionable mass entertainment, which makes children slaves and dumb, and in the case of Pokemon Go by Nintendo, a mobile “game”, it’s also a perfect tool, how to influence, even to rule the world easily, because the Western sheep will come for the devilish food to fill their inner emptiness, not realizing, that a free product has always a hidden price.

How could any mature, reasonable person install this diabolic curse, creating fatal addiction, and most importantly, making any person a complete slave of the Japanese masterminds, who are masters in influencing the deepest layers of human psychology, as they like?

Collecting Pokemons, you say? Excitement, you say? Challenge, you say?

Are you completely out of your minds, fools? Don’t you see, what demons you let to influence your mind and personality, creating a mindless slave from you? Did you forget, that it was the Pokemon TV series, which caused hundreds of poor children to experience the serious healthy problems, because those producer rats inserted some mad flashes into some scenes, causing seizures? How can you trust this Nintendo company again, even installing the shit voluntarily?

Why did you study all those universities, got all those diplomas and education, why do you have all the intellect which you worship, if in the end, you let Devil to enter your mind?

Fools, you were always lost and wandering, but whoever “plays” this “game”, he or she definitely surpasses all expectations about the decadent Western society. Do you really feel better, you have your eternal emptiness healed now? Because you filled your soul with some painted creatures, and Devil? “Pokemon Go is turning teenagers into zombies”… is it really just funny statement?

It’s completely right, that the Islamic scholars from Egypt and Saudi Arabia issued a fatwa immediately, designating the “game” as a “haram” product of Devil, like alcohol, and all Muslims are forbidden to install it, play it or advocate it. Because Islam means health, respect to Allah and nature: but the infidel world is simply crazy, willing to destroy itself, like Katerina Valachova, that female social engineering fool, clearly proves to your beloved children, or those Imprivata fools, who wanted to infiltrate your health care, promising you eternal happy life, if you allow them to transfer your most sensitive personal data for “beneficial purposes and protecting your health”… and you believed them?

Like all that treacherous, smiling politicians, who promised you paradise on Earth? “We have enter the EU, into the Western paradise, or we will lose everything, there is no other option,” they said with serious voice (=now, the EU nations are collapsing). “We have to expand the Temelin nuclear plant, to produce cheap electricity”, they promised attractively (=prices are extreme, as the power is sold abroad). “We have to limit our civic rights, to be safe against terrorism”, they said after 9/11 (=and the War On Terror will run for 100 years. Why it’s not finished yet, with all that NATO elite intimidating commandos in balaclavas and advanced arsenal?)

And you believed them, you went to the elections and gave them your votes again. Fools, you are simply a parody of yourself…

Those foolish conspiracy theoretists are saying, that Pokemon Go is an ingenious plan by the CIA, how to create their remotely-controlled human drones for the ultimate, Next Gen world surveillance, with ability to direct these millions of slaves, even zombies to “points of interest” (=where the Pokemons occur deliberately), because during the game, the phone camera is always on, watching the vicinity, scanning the environment, able to recognize objects, events and people by faces, and voices.

But you fools, who live in the world of constant surveillance, you ignore such news, you got used to it. This is your world, this is your life, this is your paradise… brought by your good friend, Devil himself.

If you want salvation, if you want to escape from this curse of your life of bad choices… then accept Islam immediately, surrender to the will of Allah, and you will find peace, freedom, truth, purity, protection, morality and destiny. No pills or games can help you, only Allah: so, ask Him for His endless Mercy and Compassion, as only He can save you!

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