Prince Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa: The Bahraini Emperor. Royal Elite Bahrain Middle East Persian Gulf VIP King Son Successor Monarchy Ruler Army Military Officer Equestrian Warfare Combat Man

It’s a nice social custom of certain social circles of “Golden Youth” of Prague, the capital of Czechia, before a big trip abroad, maybe even behind the endless ocean, to visit their good friend and peer, Alena Malarova, called Squirrel, as she loves that cute little animal, having the high rank of lieutenant of the Czech Militarized Police, working as an immigration officer at the Veskrna Airport Prague, and she will wish them luck fot the exciting journey, whereas they will feel important, like some celebrities and VIPs, when seen by the crowds of fellow travellers, when talking in friendly and cordial terms with a heavily armed and dangerous policewoman…

Who carries her Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine gun and 9mm service pistol CZ 75, loaded with live and devastating “dum-dum” ammunition, like other women carry their handbags, who decides about life and death of people, as authorized by the Czech state, to stop the omnipresent terrorist threat, which brings billions into the pockets of hungry weapon merchants from military-industrial complex, who profit from all the instability and wars in the world, and they are the real winners of any conflict: their side simply can’t lose, and it’s in their best interest, that all wars will last forever, so there will be rising demand for their deadly merchandise…

So, when Petronela Lorencova, the most reputated European VIP witch and tarot card reader, was departing for her big Bahraini trip, to work as a “spiritual advisor” for Faris Al Kooheji, a wealthy Bahraini entrepreneur…

Who hired the witch for executing a black magic ritual against his competitor in love and archenemy, Prince Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, stealing a royal dove from him, it means Alexandra Pianka, an Emirati fashion supermodel, originating from Germany, with deep Illuminati ties, who caused literally a war between these Bahraini VIP men, called Royal War For Alexandra Pianka

So, the famous young witch didn’t forget to meet with Alena Malarova at the airport, after she got rid of her luggage at check-in of her upcoming flight to the Middle East, to Persian Gulf, where Islam rules firnly, and where witchcraft is oficially forbidden, even punishable with death, particularly in Saudi Arabia, the desert kingdom of conservative, so called Wahhabi Islam…

But in practice, even in the Islamic lands, there is a lot of highly superstitious women, who don’t believe in rational mind, rather in supernatural powers and magic of their feminity, giving them immense emotional intelligence, creativity, imagination…

Usually, both girls would have just a friendly conversation, before Petronela would continue to local overpriced shops and boutiques, just to check some interesting merchandise of luxurious brands, which she loved, like any modern woman, and then, Alena would return to her demanding work duties, when she was one of the critical barriers, preventing criminals, drug mules and terrorists to enter the peaceful Czech lands…

But this time, it turned to be different, when Alena challenged the witch, with very serious voice, where even an official order could be recognized, to follow her inside the local police station, where no decent tourist and traveller wants to visit, ever, as it would certainly means some unpleasant troubles… but according to the Czech law, everybody is obliged to obey a command of a member of the national police force, and any complaints can be made only later: rejection will mean ruthless coercion.

It really didn’t seem as a friendly chat this time, and when Petronela was passing around an impoverished South American woman, pregnant, who stuffed her stomach with countless packs of drugs in Panama, to deliver it into Amsterdam through Prague, who risked her life and freedom just for 5.000 USD of reward, promised by drug traffickers, if she will succeed, but she didn’t cheat the advanced airport scanners and precise personal profiling of passengers, so her big journey ended just here… anyway, Petronela had to understand, that there must be some problem with her Bahraini trip. And the exact reasons were revealed to her very soon.

“Good day, Ms. Lorencova,” an officially looking, young handsome man in a business suit welcomed the witch with smile, when they met in a small room, usually used for interrogating the airport detainees, so they will reveal a critical information, when still in shock from their arrest, and when put under decent pressure.

And the witch recognized him immediately: it was Michal Hrdlicka, a reputated Czech male socialite, who seduced the most shining VIPs of Czech showbusiness, including Lucie Borhyova, before he was fired from TV Nova, where he worked as a sports presenter… allegedly for alcohol excesses, finding a new job at Katerina Valachova‘s Ministry Of Education, allegedly working even over-time, in her king-size bed, as her secret lover. But what was he doing here?

“I was sent under direct authorization of Katerina Motovska, the Minister of Defence, herself, as a liasion officer for NDC, National Defence Commission. Also, I am here in the name of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to avoid direct involvement of the Ministry,” Hrdlicka introduced himself, not explaining, how he got so critical mission, regarding Czech national security.

But he was a media celebrity, after all, he had all possible connections… better, that they sent him, at least a relatively transparent person, than some anonymous officer from Czech CounterIntelligence service BIS, who would certainly lie about his name, rank and role in the affair.

“We know, that you are heading towards Manama, the Bahraini capital, today,” the young man checked some papers. “This meeting is of course unofficial, you have full right to travel, anywhere you want, guaranteed by Constitution, you are a free Czech citizen… on the other hand, you are also a person of interest, and that creates certain concerns in… let’s say, certain circles. So, we need to inform you about certain risks of your visit there.”

Petronela Lorencova sat down, seeming quite bored. Of course, it was risky, for an official witch, perceived by many even as dangerous, because of her massive spiritual powers, to travel into an Islamic country, where such means were forbidden by God and Islam!

But she was an Illuminati, protected by many sides, beginning with her VIP lover from Munich lodge, Baron Von Strachowitz. Nobody would dare to touch her here, or anywhere… the response would be brutal and merciless. Moreover, it was Faris Al Kooheji, her VIP client, reponsible for her total protection in Bahrain.

“You are free to go anywhere in Bahrain, it’s a very safe country in general,” Hrdlicka continued. “With one exception… this particular object, constructed approximately five kilometers from Manama’s city borders, on an artificially built hill, to look more impressive, to be seen from long distances…

It’s called ‘Isa Bin Salman’s palace’, known unoficially as ‘The Bahraini Alhambra‘, constructed by current Crown Prince of Bahrain, Prince Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, successor of Bahraini throne, with immense financial costs, as he wants to make his future rule splendid, even surpassing his famous grandfather, Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa, who made Bahrain a modern, independent country.

Khalid’s father, Hamad bin Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the current King of Bahrain, is rumored to abdicate soon, allegedly from health reasons… Khalid’s rule over Bahrain is inevitable, and he is a very ambitious man, also very ruthless, who wants to show the world, that he is a next-gen monarch, living in the present, able to see and use all opportunities of modern times.”

Hrdlicka interrupted his explanation, and he put a large satellite map on the table, where immense dimensions of future Bahraini royal residence could be well observed.

“The palace complex is huge, as you can see on the map, taken by American spy satellites, many parts of it are hidden underground, and no one knows exactly, what is down there, even warehouses of Chemical Weapons are suspected, to suppress any future potential uprising in Bahrain… what is important, no worldly laws are valid there: only Khalid’s will decides, and even regarding life and death of people, whereas his will be executed immediately, by his private army of devoted servants, who won’t provide any testimony against the Prince, ever.

If you would make such a big mistake, Ms. Lorencova, entering the complex, from whatever reasons, you need to know, that Czech Republic and its allies, even NATO military forces, can’t provide any protection for you, or to organize a rescue operation, if you would get into any kind of trouble inside, as it would create immense international scandal, if Bahraini national territory would be breached by some foreign armed commando in black helicopters…

Khalid would never tolerate such humiliation, and there is no doubt, that as the 2IC (=second in command) of the Bahraini military, he would issue an order, to shoot down the incoming helicopters without delay, without making calls and asking questions, and to use full kinetic force against intruders, as he could perceive an assault against Alhambra as assassination attempt towards him.

Moreover, for him, it would be a matter of honor and male respect, to show, that he is not soft, like his father seems to be, trying to be in good terms with everyone, using soft power, instead of force and coercion… and everybody knows, how critical is Bahrain for the Middle East… it almost collapsed in 2011, and instability can spill into adjacent countries, with unforeseen consequences… and we can’t allow something like this, in order to rescue one Czech citizen.

In other words, we warn you from entering the Alhambra, ever… if you do, we don’t know you, we never heard of you, and you will be erased from all official records, so there will be no evidence of anything. We will put our hands from you, completely.

We will say to the world, that some Israeli operative misused the identity of a living Czech person, like they did in 2010, during that infamous assassination case in Dubai… we will deny any knowledge of you, so there will be no media scandal, no political advantages for anybody… you will simply disappear, there, and here too.

The Czech state must protect itself, and after that shameful case of Hana Humpalova and Antonie Chrastecka, kidnapped in Pakistan, when it was strongly denied by the Czech authorities initially, that there was negotiations with kidnappers, saying noble phrases like ‘We don’t negotiate with terrorists’… only to be leaked later, that Czech government secretly paid 6 million USD of ransom money for their release… such mistake won’t be repeated. Not with Katerina Motovska in the seat of Minister of Defence.

Anyway, good luck in Bahrain… and remember. Avoid that Alhambra! It’s not safe for tourism.”

And of course, that Petronela goes there, from reasons, known only to God and her… she even asked for it, expressively, when meeting with Alexandra Pianka, Khalid’s upcoming wife.

There is only desert around, flat, dry, as the car with the witch on board passes through the landscape… and in utmost contrast, there is The Bahraini Alhambra ahead, which can be seen from all Bahrain, as it’s built on aforementioned artificial hill, more than 200 meters high, which is full of green palm trees, watered by an intricate plumbing system…

On the top, there is probably the most splendid building the Islamic world has ever seen, even surpassing the original Alhambra in Granada, build by ancient sultans from Nasrid dynasty, crippled by later rule and insensitive construction interventions of infidels, after Granada and whole Al-Andalus emirate fell in 1492…

Prince Khalid had in fact unlimited resources for the works, and he used this freedom well, supervising every detail, installing advanced security and defence measures against any assault from the ground and air alike, which would be stopped by a Russian S-300 anti-air rocket battery, installed on the top of one of the towers, or by large supply of anti-tank rockets, which could be carried and launched by a single man…

Also, Khalid is careful, not to progress with the construction works too quickly, indicating, that this father should abdicate soon, or he can be even removed by some conspirators… including Khalid, in the first place, because everybody knows, how eager is the royal son, to take the rule already.

Now, he sits in the Hall of Ambassadors, where he works, and accepts all the visitors from all over the world, the highest VIPs… and he studies all the surveillance and Intelligence reports about Petronela Lorencova, as she seems as a formidable player: a woman, a witch, and Khalid must make final decision, whether to use her, but to risk making contact with her and her unknown powers, or to destroy her, to show his own might and decisiveness, that all pests are removed immediately, before they can hurt Bahraini national interests?

Both are very tempting options: her spiritual abilities could open his way into conquering Europe for Islam and Allah, in Islamic Jihad, which is obligatory for any Muslim, and one day, the old Alhambra in Granada could be liberated as well, with his undeniable contribution, which Allah will notice and reward certainly… but if he would eliminate her, he would send a desirable message to the world, that witches won’t be tolerated in Bahrain, and he is not afraid of any retribution operation of the West… he knows, that they would put their hands away from the woman, when considering gains and risks.

Indeed, Khalid holds all the aces here, in this big game… and the bitch is so dumb and naive, even to come here in her own will, to meet him!

“Make no mistake, brother Khalid,” a beautiful young woman of Arabic descent, sitting with Khalid, reacts, when she listens to Khalid’s bold plans, where a human life means nothing. “If she is coming here, if she even asked for it, as Alexandra said… she is either crazy, or very dangerous, coming to destroy you on your own territory… creating the kind of humiliation, which even infidels couldn’t think of… because they are People of the Book at least, but she is a witch, she is a clear opponent of God, and Islam, an ambassador of Devil…”

The woman is pretty, and unveiled… her name is Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel, and she is from Saudi Arabia, a distant cousin, occasional lover of Khalid, and his trusted advisor in certain affairs… including females.

“You are a very bad Muslim, sister Ameerah,” Khalid replies with disdain, not sparing even his own blood. “If she comes here, it’s the matter of will and permission of God, not her decision, not her own will, not her malicious plan against me… I see it as my final test of a ruler.

I was born for this, they prepared me for the rule my whole life… I sacrificed everything to this life path, and I accepted it, although they gave me no choice… and now, I will collect the fruit from those gifts.

I am glad, that she is coming… with permission of God, I will surpass all her alleged special, feminine and magical skills, or her conspiracies and plans she probably has… to please Allah, and to show the Lord, that I am ready for the throne, able to resist all enemies of Bahrain, external or internal rebels, but also bitches from the West, who use their estrogen hormone to win wars.

She won’t win here, with help and permission of Allah… in any case. I can’t allow that… either she will leave humiliated and misused by me, or she won’t leave at all… I will keep her here, until she will get soft, and she will reveal all her secrets to me, working for me, only for me… I will possess her, and I am not afraid to steal her from anybody.

A man must have enemies, a man can’t live in peace… because this world, this life, it’a about war, and you need to accept it. If you desire for peace, closing your eyes from reality… you will be destroyed.

‘Si vis pacem, para bellum’… if you want peace, then prepare for a war…. to defeat your enemies, to crush them, to get rid of them. They won’t leave you alone anyway, always plotting against you.”

“But what would other Islamic countries and rulers think about you, brother, knowing, that you keep a witch in this palace, using her skills for unknown goals?” clever Princess Ameerah asked very practically.

“They could even envy me, considering me as modern, clever king, who knows the basic rule… that there are no rules in love, and war,” Khalid said calmly. “They all all corrupted anyway… for example, my food griend, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum from the Emirates, the emir of Dubai, Emirati Vice President, Minister of Defence and Prime Minister… he has many witches around him, allowing them to reveal their skin, he even shakes hands with them, he is under influence of their magic, not even veiling his own big-breasted daughters…

I simply want to contain this witch, once and forever. I want to mark her. I won’t play friends and peers with her, no no… she will go into a cage, if necessary, singing for me, like a bird. She will have less freedom, than my eagles have… until I will squeeze all secrets from her.”

“That foolish sultan from ‘The Arabian Nights’ book thought the same, and Shahrazad made him soft, she had the control in the end,” Princess Ameerah was realistic again, even pessimistic. “And she made her slave from him… you still underestimate women so much, brother… how can you expect to defeat an enemy, which you don’t know?”

“I don’t want to know, I don’t want to understand your strange world of The Moon, your thighs dirty from menstruation blood, your treacherous indirect approach, and permanent life of deception,” Khalid rejected the idea clearly. “Because only then, I would get corrupted, when in contact with your female essence for too long time. You are the accepting gender, not me… don’t ask me to accept, what you are… I set my rule, I create my life, my world, as I want… with permissson of Allah… acceptance is a compromise, and compromise is a weakness.

I won’t listen to her, I won’t her to seduce me with her words, with her pussy… I need to keep control… I am telling you, sister, this is just my ultimate test, and I feel ready for it! It would come one day, sooner or later, anyway! There was enough of suspense and waiting!

Surely I think about her, who she is, but I only want to understand her plans… she sees me, as a prey, as another curious horny fool, who wants to ‘understand’, who will succumb to her magic eventually, slowly… she has thousand weapons she can use, to disarm me, to surpass my resistance… but only if I will allow her.

No no, once you are a ruler, you must rule, you must project your will on others, not theirs on you… it’s all the trick of being a king.

Is a King inside me? Will I be beneficial for Bahrain? We will find out… and soon.”

When Petronela Lorencova enters the Hall of Ambassadors, escorted and guarded by four women of Khalid’s “Royal Guard”, so she can’t use her sex weapons against them, Khalid is nowhere to be seen, as he is watching the face of the witch from convenient distance, using a hidden camera, equipped with emotions reading software.

Also, the four women, dressed in loose black abayas, with faces covered with niqabs, but not as a matter of Islam, to be more intimitating, are an element, for initial testing of the witch… they are so close to her, almost touching her body, to indicate her complete submission against their numerical and bodily superiority, as they are rather trained assasions, than women…

It’s a deal, made with their families… perks, money and advantages, if they give him their daughters, to be brainwashed by a state-of-the-art technology, becoming devoted to Khalid, as their only master, like Muammar Gaddafi‘s “Amazons” once were… but Gaddafi is long gone, and so are his bitches… Khalid knows better, how to control them.

Khalid doesn’t care, whether they are virgins… he makes them to submit to his male superiority, even arrogance, never showing any mercy, and compassion, unlike God… but a ruler must be even cruel, if the situation calls for it.

And only then, a woman respects you, follows you, even willing to die for you.. unlike those Amazons bitches, who even slandered their former master, after he was assassinated, and Libya collapsed.

“It’s better to be feared, than loved.”
Nicolo Machiavelli – The Prince

Khalid never talks to them directly, only through subordinates, or assets like Princess Ameerah… when they are present, he usually covers his eyes with sunglasses, and he directs his gaze elsewhere, like if they wouldn’t be there… and ignorance is another powerful weapon for creating power.

He uses the female members of Royal Guard for special tasks, regarding female gender… their faces and bodies are covered deliberately, their bodies are of similiar size and height, so Khalid’s subconscious mind can’t recognize diferences between them, not able to see them as single individuals, so it doesn’t become personal in any way…

They are professionals, and so is he. Surely they are promised Paradise, if they will fall, defending Khalid… and terrible revenge, if they will fail, or betray, like Gaddafi’s Amazons did.

Khalid doesn’t want to listen to their instincts and advices, as their voice could be dangerous, as any woman has a Siren inside her… he rather uses information technology, to read faces of all people around him, so he can reveal tension inside them, before a possible assasination attempt or conspiracy, or simply health and personal condition, which excludes them from work either temporarily, or forever.

For example, financial problems make anyone prone to treason: that’s the reason, why you need to supervise your subordinates in all senses: their money situation, love life, interests, vices…

Regarding dangers of love for a ruler, there is another motto: “If everything fails, send a woman”, so even new lovers of Khalid’s servants have to be monitored, as they can be honey trap or espionage operatives, sent by an enemy, to infiltrate the closes vicinity of the Crown Prince.

Fortunately, he has powerful weapons to prevent all conspiracies and treason of his subordinates: particularly All Seeing Eye, a Chinese custom-built technology, developed by Wu Corporation and manufactured by Huawei, which Khalid purchased for such special tasks, to be able to control several thousand persons real-time… of course, not he is analyzing all the data, it’s the system, which can identify potential human threats.

The Eye, how the blessed users call it, can read the emotional state of a face, voice, and body language, composing all pieces of Intelligence together, for a precise analysis… useful to see, what can be expected from a visitor, or a person of interest.

The only problem is, that Petronela Lorencova is a top witch, and it means, extremely well connected to her feminine side, and no technology, regardless how advanced, can find the truth about her: only endless speculations can be created by the software, without any certain conclusion.

Anything she does, or says, can be perceived as a part of her female deceptive game, as deception is a primary feature of her Yin essence…

No no, this time, technology won’t help… Khalid will have to face the witch directly.

Before entering The Bahraini Alhambra, which beauty made the deepest impression on Petronela Lorencova, after she was checked precisely for possible concealed weapons, explosives or deadly toxins of Biological Warfare, the female servants instructed her, that she is not allowed to speak first, and to speak without Khalid’s permission… and they also warned her, that any breach of these rules of the royal court will be punished by a whip, and immediately after such a crime, so there will be no hope for pardon.

“This is not a fairy tale, or a computer game,” Alexandra Pianka warned the witch, after she instructed her, when the royal car will pick her up from Four Seanons hotel in Manama, where Petronela was accomodated. “This is all real, this is his world… Khalid can’t allow any person to humiliate him, as it would jeopardize his own position as a ruler… so, if you will get under the whip, don’t take it personally… it’s not about you.

It’s about his own survival on the unstable royal throne…. if people would see him as weak, other son could be appointed instead… and in that moment, Khalid can either emigrate, or to orchestrate a real uprising, to get him into the saddle.”

Indeed, Khalid’s power, presence and obsession for control could be felt anywhere in his palace: system, balance, calmness, peace… cold blood. Were these the features of a proper ruler? Was he him, or was it just his vision, who the ing should be?

Anyway, for Petronela Lorencova, the Alhambra palace was becoming more and more real… there was construction works still pending, but both the magnificency and seducing simplicity of the palace could be well felt already…

And Petronela was a woman, too sensitive to ignore such crushing signals of dominance… but she had always a choice: to pretend to be weak and incompetent, to let the Prince to defeat her, to show his apparent superiority… and then, to be kicked from the Palace, preserving her freedom, maybe winning the next round.

Surely, she was risking too much, going there… this was his land. You can come into Bahrain, you can play your games in Manama, you can even be Khalid’s enemy… but to come to the Prince, and directly? You let him to take full control if you.

Maybe the temporary defeat and aparent weakness would be a good tactical measure, Petronela was thinking. But also flattering seemed promising… when she was considering her options, she completely forgot the warning in distant Prague, by that Ministry or secret service official… that she can rot or even die here, she is out of any state protection.

But who would be thinking about death, if you are so busy with life, and your big plans, ambitions?

Surely Khalid lets Petronela waiting, to humiliate her, to make her tired, as she must stand the whole time… there is no chair for her in the Hall of Ambassadors, and the guards around her, still present, don’t allow her to move.

No one offered her just a glass of water, like in a proper fairy tale… now she understands, what Alexandra Pianka meant in her insider’s warning.

This is indeed a big game for power, and Petronela, regardless of her European VIP status, never saw anything like this… she lived in too civilized Europe, where everybody pretended to respect and worship democracy and rights… but here? No one tried to deny, that Khalid is the absolute ruler, with permission of God.

She felt with her female instinct, that Khalid is watching her, taking his time, not rushing to meet her on the battlefield… maybe he even won’t come at all, from any reason… to humiliate her, to show her, that she is not worthy of his time and energy… and indeed, Petronela thought, such would be the most devastating result for her, plus he would stay out of the reach of her energy, an inacessible prey…

He was more clever, than she thought… she sees only Alhambra’s interior, but he sees her, she observes her, study her, estimates her powe…. on the other hand, wouldn’t it seem as cowardly, umanly behavior, his acceptance, that he can’t defeat her, ever, in close contact, as her feminine energy is simply too powerful, and he is scared of it, so he has to avoid it?

He will come, this is just only a prelude, Lorencova was certain then. She was patient.

And indeed, after more than fifteen minutes, one of the guardians, the Royal Guard’s female VIP Executive Protection team leader, received an order into her miniaturized walkie-talkie, and all women left, leaving Lorencova in the most impressive Hall of Ambassadors alone.

In the end, it seemed as a fairytale, she thought… and maybe that royal man simply knows, how women think, very well, and what to do, to put them into submission… but even if she would do it, if she would apparently bend… she could always play her game.

You could be never sure about loyalty of a woman, let alone a witch, who is obsessed with her freedom and her own power, not willing to become a servant, a mere pawn, like the rest, selling her independence and making decision for a few filthy golden coins.

But now he comes, the master himself: Prince Khalid, dressed in a common thawb, worn by men of the Persian Gulf, and his dress seems quite modest, without any decorations… even Khalid is a Muslim, for which modesty and obedience are important values.

After he sits behind his large table, and without offering a chair for the waiting witch with stiff legs, he makes himself comfortable, he’s at home anyway, and he asks her a very simple question:

“Why did you come?”

The witch bends her head slightly.

“To become your royal mistress, Your Highness,” she responds silently. “Maybe you are powerful man, but a man is still only a half, and only proper contact with female essence will make him complete… and we witches, we are indeed absolute women, well connected to our feminine side.

As women, indeed, we have much to offer… and some South American Indian tribes believe, that if you sleep with a women, who slept with a man of power, this power comes onto you.

And I am a mistress of a top European Illuminati, Baron Von Strachowitz… I am a medium of worldly power, not only witchcraft.”

It was a persuasive speech indeed… Khalid expected anything, but no so much honesty, even a legitimate business offer.

“You come from a corrupted Western world,” Khalid made a gesture of denial. “We have enough witches and bitches even here, hidden under niqabs and abayas… and unlike you, they are willing to devote their whole life only to me, not sleeping with anyone else, willing to die for me… are you ready for such sacrifices in my name, witch? No.

If I would sleep with you, would it change me? Improve me? Would it open something inside me? Why should you be so miraculous? Your body is average, and you are not my type… no, witch, you have nothing to offer to me.”

“Except my womb, Your Highness,” the witch said with certainty. “Imagine, a royal bastard, combining the power of the Bahraini king, and the most reputated European Illuminati witch… that would be some ultimate combination for the demanding times to come!

I came to your palace with utmost ambitions, Your Highness… you can fulfill my dreams, and I can fulfill yours, about sustainable rule, which will last for decades, about aces in the sleeve, which will allow you to survive all turmoil… not like Gaddafi in Libya.

Your enemies must understand, Your Highness, that your fingers reach far, not only to Bahraini borders… maybe Europe is weak and collapsing nowadays, but Illuminati are just flourishing, after the Chinese took over them.

Yes, Your Highness… it was the Chinese, who revived and used this ancient mystic organization, as their perfect seducing front. If you will impregnate me… you will gain a lever, well connected to the Chinese, through the Illuminati… and there can be hardly more beneficial combination.

You see, Your Highness… Europe is not ancient castles, palaces, cathedrals and past… nowadays, except immigration and terrorism, it’s also about China.”

“You sound rather as a political advisor now, than a witch,” Khalid seemed quite surprised by depth of Petronela’s knowledge, reaching far beyond just magic and tarot. It seemed, that she makes an impression on him, eventually.

“When the Illuminati accepted me into their ranks, I tried to use this perk to my best advantage, Your Highness,” Petronela explained with honesty. “Conceiving a child is also a proper insurance policy for me… because you will be able to provide him, or her, perfect conditions, and protection, and opportunities. It’s my investment into the future.

But speaking about the present… there is extra options for you, Your Highness.

Imagine, if foreign media will write in shock, that you broke me, the Queen Witch, and I will confirm it, acknowledging your power… your father will fear you, seeing no other option, than to leave the throne immediately, before people will force him to abdicate, to be replaced by you, in the name of Bahraini national interests, and sustainable future, which you can guarantee, a young bright man, and you deserve a chance, to change Bahrain towards yet better land.”

“Wait, witch,” Khalid stood up. “This is the game you want to play with me? To manipulate me, like your pawn? To promise me heaven, and to take me to hell?

Do you know, what happened to my dear friend, Sheikh Al Maktoum from the Emirates? He also believed some European slut… and in the end, she went up and he went down… do you expect me to be so naive? She spread her legs to him, and then she ruined him… this is, what you bitches do! You are no angels!

For many years, I did just fine, even without you and your alleged powers and connections… connecting with you would be a game with Devil, where I would always lose… it makes no sense for me to ‘try’, with completely false belief, that exactly you are ‘The One’, different from the others… no no, you bitches are all the same, in the end!

You can undress and show me your pussy, if you want… but I will kick you out anyway…. and consider it as very good, even happy ending, mercy of God!

You are just another female manipulator, sociopath, fraudster, nothing else… you are a parasite, using powers of men, as you have none… your Illuminati lover, and now, me… this is your concept of soft power… fucking parasite!”

“Indeed I am a parasite on men of power, Your Highness,” Lorencova confirmed without emotions. “We women are perceived as very suspicious, if we want to acquire power without misusing males… but if we control men, others envy us, accept us as common gold-digger sluts… if we want to grasp power directly, others hate us. So, we need this indirect approach…”

“Oh no… not again!” Khalid sighed. “I am listening to you for a few minutes, and my head hurts already… I know well, why to avoid you bitches, and why not to listen to you!

You could even start talking about my dear friend Faris, how dangerous black magic ritual you will execute against me, and I will collapse, like a fool…

Bitch, did you notice, where you are standing? This is not some Dubai’s fake dream, where infidel bitches are walking freely without hijabs, and no one cares!

Do you know, what is yet worse, than a filthy infidel, an unbeliever? An infidel woman!

Get out of here, you corrupted Western slut… and take all your fake magic with you!”

After Khalid made an inconspicuous gesture, the guards came back, grasping Petronela.

He ordered them something, and they searched her… until they found her deck of tarot cards, which one of the guards brought to Khalid’s table. Then, the guards disappeared again.

“So, this is that alleged miracle,” Khalid was inspecting the cards with disdain. “How miserable… you Westerners must be real idiots, to believe n those pictures! Only God has real power!”

He found a lighter in his table, and he was ready to set the cards on fire.

“Tarot cards never lie, Your Highness,” Petronela said quickly, to avoid disaster. “They talk about individuals without hatred or affection, unlike people, who flatter you deliberately, to manipulate you, who omit the truth from you, not to be messengers of bad news, not to lose your favor… or are all your servants cold machines, Your Highness?

No, they are just humans, they have mistakes, ambitions, desires, and you secretly fear them, as any ruler, that they are plotting against you secretly… Faris at least says openly, why he wants to take you down, so he will be remembered by Bahraini school children as the man, who removed Al Khalifa clan from rule, after more than two hundred years…… but those others… and Alexandra Pianka? Do you know, Your Highness, who she really is?”

“A Western bitch, full of sweet lies, like you,” Khalid replied. “And that’s all I need to know! But she can serve to my purposes well.”

“The cards know the truth, Your Highness… about her, even about you,” the witch insisted. “There is your card in the deck, see it here… The Emperor! The cards know you… and the men before you, who turned to ashes long time ago, who failed!”

“Indeed, there is such a card,” Khalid said with surprise, when he discovered The Emperor in the deck, watching his noble, but also firm and determined face. “But what can you witches know about ruling? You are just comedians from the circus!”

“Like you, Your Highness, I come from a reputated family. We are Gypsies… and Gypsies always worked with dark powers, like magic, witchcraft, fortune-telling… we made our good living, being parasites and advisors of the most influential rulers, not only kings, but also Emperors, we influenced them… and you are just a future king of Bahrain, a small monarchy of Persian Gulf… maybe!

I can teach you, what my ancestors learned, Your Highness! About ruling, about men, about women. As I said, regardless how powerful you feel, without female essence, you are only a half.”

“But don’t you understand, you dumb witch bitch, that a woman is a liability?” Khalid rejected all that wise thoughts. “That’s why I chose this infidel Alexandra, at least for now, until I will replace her with my cousin… because she fears me!

Understand, that I made my choice, how I want to rule: without counsels, without asking for help! I take the responsibility, and if I will fuck up, at least I will know, that it was my own mistake… not by trusting someone, who will betray one day! Who will run to another man’s embrace, like if nothing ever happened!”

“Don’t do it,” the witch warned Khalid, who still played with fire… literally. “This particular deck has the real dark power… I stole it myself, from a shopping mall in Prague. It never failed with predictions… it was always exact, that people just stared! But if you touch the cards violently… there will be terrible consequences!”

“Oh, really?” Khalid was amused. “In my world, only God sets my destiny. If some misery and failure will come to me, then only with permission o God… not with some magic.”

“The tarot deck contains wisdom of centuries, even millenia, since ancient Egypt, Your Highness,” the witch reminded. “All those people disappeared… this is all, what remained after them. Nothing else… just splinters of wisdom, and they paid dearly for it.”

“Then, tell me something about ruling, give me a lesson,” Khalid made his decision, and he put the cards back on table, without burning them.

“Let the cards speak, Your Highness,” the witch recovered the deck into her palms, playing with them softly and intensively. “What you have to know, will be revealed… and anything, which will remain obscure, belongs to the darkness.”

“This is you: The Emperor, Your Highness,” Petronela put the card aside. “I will keep it here, to remind you all the time, who you are…. a man of power, control, authority, dominance, who makes decisions, who is ruthless, even cruel, to keep respect and fear of his subordinates.

He will be rather feared, than loved by his people… it’s fear, which prevents sheep and wolves from an uprising… but which value is love? So transient, and they always want more, more gifts, more concessions, more friendly gestures… but disappoint their expectations once, and they start to hate you!

I never offered you my love, Your Highness… you consider it as a sign of treason, but it’s rather a virtue!

This man, The Emperor, is firm in his word, he does, what he wants, he won’t allow anybody to influence him, and his destiny… if someone stands in his path, this person must be removed, eradicated, annihilated.

Indeed, this man is free… he enjoys his life, what he has… and you, Your Highness… do you enjoy yourself, or you are just trying to survive under pressure?

Because there is another Emperor yet… your father! And you want to surpass him, you hated him secretly, when he was big, and you were a small, little, powerless child… and unlike you, he was allowed to fuck your mother, which you loved, because she was loving and caring, unlike your strict and detached father, who had other wives and other chidren, giving you just a fragment of his love…

Now, you struggle with this Emperor… you are not an Emperor yourself, Your Highness.

You see the card, but you don’t see yourself there, you see your father, who still suppresses you, saying all the time: ‘Khalid, you need to be more wise, calm, balanced, thinking more ahead’… for him, you are still just a child… and is it certain, that he will let you rule?

He has also another sons… maybe he is just playing with you, promising you, what will never materialize?”

“Be careful with your tongue, witch,” Khalid warned her. “This talk can get you under painful whip, which will ruin the soft skin on your back forever, or you can lose your poisonous tongue altogether…

My father and I, we are a part of old family of rulers… one day, naturally, he is strong, and I am weak, and this is, how it goes. My time will come, with permission of God. Not my father decides my destiny: Allah does.”

“Every man has complicated relationship with his father, as any woman has complicated relationship with her mother, Your Highness,” Petronela Lorencova reminded a classic psychological rule. “The parents are, what creates you… and you want to surpass your father, that’s the reason, why you built this palace… you are still in his shade, and you wait for your moment… but more you grow, it makes him more uneasy.

Does he really respect you, Your Highness? Does he acknowledge, that you are superior to him? He achieved so much… and you are just young and horny son, who likes spectacles… aggressive, merciless… is you father such a man? He certainly wants a son, who will be, like him… but you are different.

So, Your Highness… who is represented by this card? You, or your father? And if he will abdicate… will he really let you to rule without interventions, without pulling levers from behuind?

What if a monster will become from you in his eyes, and he will see you as a threat to the monarchy? Add you won’t listen to him? Will he let it be, seeing his belioved land to go astray?”

“This is an ancient tactics of infidels, which annihilated Muslims from Al-Andalus,” Khalid commented the concept. “Send an ambitious son against his ruling father… and vice versa.”

“I make my own insurance policy, Your Highness,” the witch revealed her secret. “I made certain, that your father will know, that I came to you today. He will get me out of here, even if my country denied any help in my case… maybe I will become his mistress, not yours, and I will pour the posion into his ears, whispering after intercourse, that you are a threat.”

“My father is not some cute good grey grandpa from a fairytale, you dumb witch,” Khalid was surprisingly not insulted, or afraid: he even smiled. “Maybe he is yet more ruthless, than me… it was him, who suppressed the uprising in 2011… and not by negotiation! By bullets!

Stop living in your romantic imaginations about kings, palaces and their mistresses, witch! The court is a hell!

And do you think, in your endless naivety, that even if I would make you my favorite mistress, the other women around me would just let you be, fucking me, controlling me, sharing power with me? They are able to do many bad things to you, various accidents can happen… their fathers, brothers and uncles in the Bahraini Police, Military, secret services NSA, who love them, who will do anything for them… even I can hardly control them!

They expect from me, that I will have no mercy with you… as the right ruler. Otherwise, they will inform my father about weakness to some European slut, that I am not qualified for rule…

And don’t forget about Alexandra, witch! She is playing her big game… and she likes to cover her in apparent weakness…

I should marry my cousin at the first place, never letting you sluts to get close to me! But Alex enchanted me… somehow.”

“Probably using PHE-X, an artifically manufactured female pheromone, Your Highness,” the witch showed unusual knowledge even in chemistry. “Developed by the Chinese, an experimental biological weapon, used only by top-tier female operatives… and even males, as the latest batch allegedly works even with male sweat…. which is needed to make the substance operational, to spread airborne.”

And this statement really interested Khalid.

“Where did you learn about all this stuff?” he was curious.

“I am a Gypsy, and an Illuminati, so I know a lot, although I am still relatively young, Your Higness,” Petronela explained. “I meet with VIP people daily, and they talk, talk, talk. We humans must share secrets, that’s our nature. I just listen carefully.

Now you can see, Your Highness, that I am not the one, who came to destroy you… I came to help you! I am not an adventurer, but professional… and I have my honor.”

“We will see about that,” Khalid was still pessimistic. “But tell me, witch: where would Alexandra get that special substance? Is she a high proile operative? Of whom? She… a fashion model?”

“In one of my previous readings, there was this special card, Princess of Swords… very dark card, very dangerous… it’s not me, it’s hardly my friend Iveta Klimesova… it must be her her, Your Highness,” Petronela showed the card. “I am not an Intelligence operative, but let me tell you, what probably happened here.

Did she tell you about her rivalry and animosity with another Emirati supermodel, Marketa Korinkova, or Maryam, ‘The Islamic Princess’? That European woman, who converted to Islam in the Emirates?

Like there is a war between you and Khalid now, six years ago, there was a war between those two women, for fame and position of the Queen of the Emirates.

And when Alex started to lose, she called for heavy cavalry, like Faris called for me… it means media, but there was a strange organization involved somehow too, an alleged elite paramilitary unit of the Special Forces of the Czech Army, which obtains unaccountable money from black funds, like ‘Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation’ provides, to execute many highly questionable black operations, both home and abroad, like controversial Gal Gadot Affair was.

They offered help for Alexandra indeed… for a price, that she will become their operative. They paid her generously, and promised shining international modeling career, plus, removing Maryam from the scene.

I don’t know, what Alex is doing in Bahrain, whether someone sent her, or if it’s just a coincidence, and she plays for herself… but if she has access to PHE-X… then, she must be very high in the structure of assets.

Maybe she stole it… maybe… who can know for sure? As I heard, she should be sent into Asia soon… but now, she is allegedly pregnant… again, who knows, whether this pregnancy is genuine? Maybe she lies, to keep you and Faris distracted, to have munitions against you both.”

“What you say… those are the most serious allegations,” Khalid was thinking. “And this miraculous PHE-X… can our Army buy it?”

“The Chinese will give it to you for free, but you will have to sign a contract with Devil, Your Highness,” the witch revealed dark secret about Chinese business partners. “The problem is, that you can’t simply get it, and use it: it’s connected with operative’s or user’s DNA, to prevent thefts and reverse engineering of the substance, by an enemy, or competition.

You simply can’t buy a vial, and use it freely, as you like, to seduce people… to protect their most valuable commercial secret, the Chinese have full control, who uses their invention.

I suggest you, Your Highness… ask the cards, what to do with Alexandra! Because everybody could manipulate you… but not the cards… because you will choose the card yourself!”

“Sounds good, that I have control,” Khalid mixed the deck carefully, and then he chose… Death.

“My local information sources reported, Your Highness, that since that humiliation from Maryam in 2011, Alexandra Pianka improved her education and ‘soft skills’ very widely, regarding Public Relations, influencing the public, including use of merciless tabloid media,” Petronela shared interesting facts. “She keeps too much power now, standing between you and Faris… you need to eliminate her, using a media campaign in Germany, where we, Illuminati, will condemn her, from some reason… maybe for mingling with you Muslims, archenemies of Western civilization, living in the Islamic Emirates, wearing hijab for commercials and advertisement campaigns…

And now a rumor for million dollars, just for your ears, Your Highness: I heard, that she allegedly converted to Islam… to have the same advantage, like Maryam had… and this rumor could be used against her very well!

If you will hit her from the German side, she will never realize, where this avalanche came from! Maybe she will suspect Faris, who could want to destroy her, to prevent his inevitable defeat in the battle… but not you…”

“You are a clever witch indeed,” Khalid was astonished. “Did you do a reading for her as well?”

“I did, Your Highness, but I don’t make notes, deliberately, not to keep the people in my mind, not to be influenced by their energy and fates, so I can’t can’t tell you,” the witch lied in cold blood. “But you can ask the cards about her! Just tell me your question in advance… as a medium, I need to know, how to explain the answer.”

“OK cards, tell me…” Khalid prepared for the first question, after mixing the deck properly.

“Who is Alexandra Pianka for me?”

Four of Cups (=Luxury)

“The cards accept Alexandra as a suitable partner for you, Your Highness. Maybe she is a toy, expensive to maintain, complicated, even dangerous… but belonging to your royal status properly.”

“Is she really pregnant?”

Princess of Disks

“The cards speak very clearly here, Your Highness. However, I must remind yout, that there can be even other explanation, than expecting a child: there is a powerful thought inside Alexandra, and when it will be born, or given birth… both you, and the world, will be hit.”

“Is the child mine?”

Two of Disks (=Change)

No, it’s not, Your Highness. I am sorry: you failed in the sperm race… the question is, could you ever succeed? Who knows, what happened between them, Faris and Alexandra!”

“Is Alexandra good for me?”

The Devil

“Who can say, what is good or bad in this world, Your Highness? The cards are telling you, that everybody and everything can be a tool of Devil. Depends on angle of perception. And maybe there is much darkness inside her… like inside me, or any other woman. No surprise for you, I presume, because you are a very wise man.”

“What should I do with Alexandra?”

Two of Wands (=Dominion)

“Do you see, how truthful the tarot cards are, Your Highness? There is even The Bahraini Alhambra, your royal palace, in the deck! And there is, where Alexandra belongs! Into your royal castle, as your submitted royal wife!”

“Will I become the king?”

The Angel

“Yes, you will, Your Highness: God wants that. It’s His will, and wish of all people of Bahrain!”

“Will I be coronated this year?”

The Star

“Yes, Your Highness! This year! The chain of events, leading to your coronation, is unstoppable now!”

“Is this witch dangerous?”

Eight of Disks (=Prudence)

“As dangerous, as any other woman! Prudence is needed with all of us… and Prudence is, what I can provide for you!”

“What should I do with the witch? Destroy her?”

King of Swords

“Just use me for your ambitions and big plans, Your Highness. I will help you to become the man, who you should be, to become real Emperor.”

“What will the witch bring me?”

Nine of Cups (=Happiness)

“And what else, Your Highness?”

“Should she become my mistress?”

Princess of Wands

“I am too shy to comment this answer, Your Highness…”

“Should I impregnate her?”

Five of Swords (=Defeat)

“Hesitation or rejection in this matter would bring you defeat, Your Highness. You should impregnate me, indeed, in your best interest.”

“If a royal bastard will be born from the union with this witch… will I like it?”

The High Priestess

She will be like me, Your Highness,” the witch said with a tear in her eyes. “A girl of high spiritual power… this is my personal card.

What you see and like now, about me… you will see and like again, after many years, when I, my youth, beauty and dreams, will be long gone… God willing.”

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