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Like every woman, full of everlasting girlish dreams about becoming a cute Princess and being liberated from her misery by a noble Prince, Petronela Lorencova, the most reputated European witch and tarot card reader, was obsessed with aristocracy, nobility, royalty… it was not so difficult, to become a VIP, a celebrity, living as The Star in this postmodern corrupted global world without borders, full of opportunities… but aristocratic circles, it was something very different, and the only way to acquire this ultimate social status, was by marriage, not just by inheriting money, getting rich by hard work, or being supported by a wealthy Papa…

But marriage meant inevitable loss of lot of feminine power, and Petronela knew well, that the most powerful women in history never married… moreover, the male fool would start bothering her with having children, sooner or later… and that was not, what she planned to do in her life, at least for now, when she was merely thirty years old, and she had to use her most productive years, when she was full of energy and ideas.

She could become a noble lady just tomorrow, as she was the executive assistant and mistress of Baron Johann Von Strachowitz, the key leader of Munich lodge of Illuminati, and they both worked for extremely powerful and influential Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation, a reliable Illuminati front for executing various questionable activities in highest social, political, economic and religious circles alike, also connected to military-industrial complex

And the Baron was nice to Petronela, he could provide a gurantee for her, that he won’t become that kind of oppressive, obsessed, jealous, even violent husband, as he was rather sixty, than fifty years old already, and although he operated with immense wealth, power and influence, he felt as futile and unnecessary, to show and prove his might and superiority to people around him, by hurting them, damaging or controlling them.

Due to her VIP status, Petronela’s general options for further growth were limitless, including the Middle East, where she infiltrated later… even there was nobility, hungry for proper women, representing and supporting their husbands, The Emperors, who had responsibility for whole states and nations, well, and naturally, satisfying their bodily needs properly.

But Petronela felt as just right, to stay close to them, to be a well-connected parasite on the aristocrats, like many generation of capable Gypsies before her, to provide them useful professional services of tarot readings, predicting the future, magic, palmistry… and for Gypsies, like her, freedom was always the most precious value.

Anyway, Monaco, it was the most special world, like no other… wealth, luxury, aristocracy, all mingled together on few square kilometers for the highest impression, covered with omnipresent sound of roulette and plastic chips, moving on the casino tables, together adrenaline rush of punters, combined either with laugh and relief, when The Wheel of Fortune showed them favorable face, or devastation by loss of their savings, borrowed, even stolen money, which can bring even prison sentence for these hopeless addicts, sponsoring gambling masterminds generously…

All the world elite was coming here, for different purposes, to play, to relax, to party, to be seen, to create an interesting affair or desirable media scandal, to have critically needed publicity, to spend money, obtained from various sources, legal or illegal, to make money, either legally or ilegally…

Including omnipresent Chinese, who even bought a key casino here, Le Cercle Des Ambassadeurs, and there were even rumors, that they started to organize their feared espionage and honey traps operations from there, luring gamblers with endless discounts, special offers, free lunches and free nights in their on-site five star hotel… just anything, to get the persons of interest inside, and having them under precise control in all senses: what they ate, felt, smelled, even their dreams and sexuality.

Not only the clever and capable Chinese masterminds were poisoning the air in the casino interior with so called PHE-CA, an artificially manufactured female pheromone, to force people to unconscious submission, using this most advanced, but also most controversial substance, classified as an agent of Chemical Warfare, oficially forbidden to be used in civilian environment… but powerful Chinese, having their long fingers at various key places of the corrupted European Union, managed to obtain an exception.

They also physically seduced VIP gamblers, using so called SUKAs (=meaning “bitch” in Russian language, abbreviation of Executive Assistant For Subversive Covert Action), reliable, efficient, sexy and ruthless women, female collaborators and covert casino employees, selected for the task, determined to do just anything for their masters, as they were rewarded more than generously, and there was always a good job for them, an opportunity… moreover, they could feel as insiders, as a part of the action, not just as dumb tourists, coming into Monaco in masses…

And on the top of all this big game, there was Prince Albert II of Monaco, and his shining wife of South African origin, Princess Charlene of Monaco… born as Charlene Wittstock (*1978), becoming a successful competition swimmer, even participating at 2000 Summer Olympics, she married the fool, from reasons, known only to God and her… who knows, whether even love was between them!

It was so great years of ultimate momentum and success for Charlene, but when the critical 40th birthday came closer, a breaking point for life of any woman, she became restless and unstable, too influenced by The Moon and her hormones, in need of some effective counsel…

And a spiritual advisor seemed as the best choice, as those shared secrets went into no personal health cards and vast hospital databases, where omnipresent Intelligence services had unlimited access, knowing all your sensitive details, for possible future extortion, for pushing you against the wall, threatening you to reveal this dark laundry to the ruthless tabloid media, always sniffing for sensations… although your secrets could still leak, when heard by some treacherous witch, all such rumors could be denied easily, or simply ignored… there was no clear proof, unlike precise health documentation from Imprivata servers, or secret personal files from GHC Clinic, where all VIPs were coming for the best available health care…

And there was not any better choice of an experienced, highly capable psychic and oracle, than Petronela Lorencova, nicknamed The Witch, who built her massive professional reputation in last years, serving to the most VIP clients well, including Federica Mogherini, a heavyweight asset from EC (European Commission)…

And unlike others, Petronela didn’t lure people into some sect, misusing her power over them, she offered them rather good business, to become valuable sponsors of mentioned Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation, to do someting good with their money and resources… also, membership in Order of White Serpent could be allowed for them, where they could realize their dark sexual desires in massive group orgies and dark magic rituals, executed by naked witches, taking place at ancient castles, high in Bavarian Alps…

And when Petronela was meeting with such VIP clients, she remembered the basic rule well: those top celebs like Beyonce either despise you, as all the losers below them, or respect you, and this desirable status can be achieved only with Queen’s mindset, even arrogance…

So, when both women met for the first time, in a Salon Prive of an upscale restaurant near Monaco Marina, it was not about meeting between a Princess, and a Gypsy from Prague… from the first moment, Petronela showed her superiority, as she controlled the dark powers, and she could destroy just anybody with her feared black magic rituals… no army of bodyguards would protect you against her spells, candles, secret ingredients and pentagrams, if she managed to obtain your body samples, like hair!

Surely, you could present your strong disbelief for these spiritual matters, but sooner or later, a spark of doubts started growing inside you… what if?

What if those witches are real elites of this corrupted, over-technological society, full of fake virtual dreams, lies of ruthless PR rats and state propaganda, marking allegedly omnipresent terrorists as the archenemy of the free world, so more and more surveillance must be deployed, civic rights limited, whereas “defence” budgets inflated, used for invading sovereign countries ilegally, and terrorizing their local population, like Iraq and Afghanistan, calling such crimes “liberation” and “importing freedom, human rights and democracy”?

But witches, they live in reality, they create future with their hands, with manual work, with real physical labor, not staring into computer displays for hours, days and years, not sitting in some corporate office, like modern slaves, not writing worthless messages, sent into virtual space, to fulfill modern vision of “communication”… they are free.

And many wise people felt, that one day, not so distant from present times, only the lowest losers will use the electronic devices and Internet yet, whereas the blessed nobility will play with the wood, touching trees in nature, connected to the real Universe, not those fake illusions, created by Devil’s collaborators like Sergey Brin (Google) or Mark Zuckerberg (FitnahBook).

However, Princes Charlene was not that arrogant aristocratic type, as she came from sports environment, where fair play is critically important. Or was she so distracted and destroyed from her present conditions and suffering, which forced her to hire a witch? Or was it her intricate game, how to gain allies, not showing her royal superiority over them?

Who could say any truth about a woman, whose nature is Deception?

Anyway, Charlene shared her current feelings and situation with Petronela quite openly.

“I was always a strong woman, an alpha female, a leader, you know, controlling my life, doing my own decisions, playing my own game… my body and mind were strong, I was a winner… everything was perfect, and I thought, that it will last forever like this… that life will be a sweet dream, always…

But even I have limits, it seems… maybe it’s about aging, I will turn forty soon… and suddenly, fear started to infiltrate my life… that this or that will happen… I am thinking too much, doubting about everything… I have that bad moods, that episodes, when my head hurts do much… my body is hot in one moment, and then, cold… I keep my diet balanced, I do sport, I try to be positive… but all this seems to come from the roots of my life, or something.

Maybe you could do a tarot card reading for me, Ms. Lorencova… maybe I could discover the source of my problems, my pain… I suspect my age, slow losing of reproductive ability, but it can be something else as well… relationships, perhaps?

Anyway, what do I have to lose? You seem like a person I can trust… so, I will open to you, and maybe I will get to know something new about myself, what I should do, to be happy… but I tried everything!

Charity causes, meeting with the Pope, helping Africa, stopping wars, clearing landmines and UXO (=unexploded ordnance) from war zones… VIP parties, drinks, drugs… young muscular lovers, exotic vacations… even travelling into space!

And still, it all gets only worse and worse, day by day… could my husband, Prince Albert II, be a part of this nightmare? I never suspected him, but… he is so much inside my life… you know, like a huge stone, I can’t avoid him, he is in my mind all the time, I am his bitch… it’s so bothering, sometimes, not living ‘my’ life, living rather ‘our’ life.”

“Don’t say anything more,” the witch interrupted the Priness, as interruption is a very effective weapon for gaining control, power and influence over others. “I understand you… because women from low and high circles, they all share the same problems, nobility and poverty alike.

I agree, that these problems are most likely relqted either to your aging, or husband… but tarot cards will tell us more precisely, so you will get your answer… and remember: only tarot cards never lie, unlike people!

But watching your face, Charlene… those wrinkles on your cheek and under eyes… there must be some very deep stressor inside you, so even your makeup can’t cover these tracks… but don’t worry, if you find and remove the source of your troubles, your body will heal, even your wrinkless will get better, even without a medical intervention!

I feel, that your problem is related with Four of Disks, it means Power… your body is powerful, your shoulders are wide, even surpassing many men in their width and strength… but the female inside you, she struggles with these manly features, as it makes her divided, not understanding, who she really is… a man, or a woman? Which essence is stronger inside you?

And there is another problem: have a look at your personal card, which fits for your just perfectly: Princess of Cups, while Cups are connected with the element of water. She depicts you very well visually… but inside her, you are too much different, as she is emotional, sensitive, fragile, caring, loving… I am afraid, that those anabolic steriods you used during swimming career, it seriously damaged your feminity!

Look at that superior, noble body, in the sea of average, weak bodies… you have fear inside you, that you protrude too much, and they will destroy you, those losers, as you humiliate them, steal balancd and good mood from them… deep inside you, you are scared of them, of being too different!

No, the crucial problem is not your husband… your are just scared or not willing to be the leader. You feel, that it’s your destiny, which someone set for you, so you follow it, but inside you, the small weak woman says, that it’s not good, creating division and doubt, she doesn’t want that, she desires for something else…

I am not a doctor, but I would suggest to fall in love with someone, a new lover… somebody, who will allow you to be feminine… maybe some effeminated fool… just trust your intution, and you will know… your life must be about love, and love only. That is your truth and your true religion, allowing you to conenct to your feminine side.

And don’t be afraid to be unfaithful! The Prince has illegitimate children anyway… think about yourself, and nobody else!

Maybe you should also hve another child, while you still can, but with another man… where struggle for power won’t be present, so you can finally relax.

It seems, that the set of Cups is very important for you: all, what I said now, was about Two of Cups, it means Love…

And here, Six of Cups, Pleasure… this is, what is really inside you… not the will to struggle, you want to be lazy, doing nothing, climbing nowhere, only enjoying life and its pleasures… Charlene, it’s time for you to retire! Leave it all, forget it, don’t listen to them, that you should do this or that… what is more important for you, your freedom, your enjoyment, or those others?

Follow your pleasure, and you will know, what is right.

And Cups one more time… I have never seen something like this, such series!

This is Seven of Cups, Debauch… because zou always suppressed your desires, and your feminity… but more you try, stronger the obsession and lust becomes… to be a real female! To taste it! You know, that clever deceptive bitch, indirect, treacherous, silent, apparently passive… like the water is, where you spent so much time swimming, and also your personal set, the Cups, the water element!

Now, about that problem in your life, if it should be a person…

See this card, Hierophant, or The Pope… do you realize, how much does the Pope influence your family? The corrupated Christian clergy perceives Monaco as very improtant place, regarding wealth and faith alike, and they try to control you…

Who knows, what they did, to keep you on short leash… maybe even adding some chemicals into your drinks and food secretly, so you will become unstable?

Can you trust your servants? You should only eat food and drinks, which you prepared, from ingredients you bought.

And if the Pope granted you special privileges, like wearing white dress during audience with him… you should be yet more careful!

He is not a kind good Grandpa from a fairy tale… he represents the power of Catholic clergy, whose goal is nothing smaller, than to preserve its power for centuries to come, using any means necessary.

For him, everybody is merely a pawn, man or woman, VIP of loser… but he is not God.

And regarding your husband… there is always a option for you, to divorce him, to humiliate him, to steal all his power from him… you paid dearly for all he gave you, Charlene… now, it’s time to take all that tears and blood back, to create your personal empire of power.

You know, what is the difference between us? You are just a puppet from glossy magazines, but I am a free woman. Everybody deserves freedom, but many fools sell it too cheaply… and no achievements in the world are worthy of losing your independence.

You don’t need the fools, Pope or Prince… your freedom, your ultimate life goal, which will allow you to become real woman, is close.”

Petronela Lorencova: VIP Queen Witch

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