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An improved, miniaturized version of civilian Wish Granter, manufactured from The Alloy and using nanotechnology widely, with added abilities of long range usage (exact effective range is classified to prevent enemy countermeasures) and macro application (more individuals are influenced at once). Manufactured and customized to defeat the Islamic State, by smuggling the Assault Device into the IS headquarters in Raqqa, Syria by EXFOR clandestine operatives, particularly belly dancers.

Exact field appearance is not depicted, as Assault Device can be masked as many different inconspicuous objects that raise no suspicion during passing through enemy road and urban checkpoints, including using thorough personal searches and X-Ray or similar scanners, as The Alloy is an undetectable substance and extremely resistant to reverse engineering and EMP attacks.

The integrated biochip and internal power supply remain fully functional in any environmental conditions, including submerging into water and other fluids, including agressive acids. Exact size of Assault Device, power demands and similiar technical data are classified.

There is a rumor, that one stolen piece of the Assault Device was used by an unknown Islamic State human asset in a PSY offensive operation against famous Czech fortune-teller, Anie, in order to cause wide public disturbance and raising fear between Czech women, to force them to convert to Islam, and the Czech Military used the product in Dubai, United Arab Eirates, in their Operation SKINNY PUPPY (see The Maryam Affair).

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