USP-PSYOPS: Universal Social Platform for Targeted Psychological Influencing of Masses and Groups

The USP-PSYOPS, an abbreviation of “Universal Social Platform for Targeted Psychological Influencing of Masses, Groups and Individuals” is a unique concept of unified development of favorite mobile applications for iOS (Apple) and Android (Google), with goal to provide users “a special experience”, when they will receive some attractive content, but concurrently, they will be ingeniously psychologically influenced, for security, military, cyber defense, counter-terrorism purposes and higher state interests, using A-PSYOPS (Advanced Psychological Operations) measures.

The target can be a mass of people (economic warfare, political warfare), a precisely defined social group with desirable importance for the Defence affairs (for example, teenagers, the most vulnerable and sensitive social group), or even a single selected individual(s), impersonating a threat or an opportunity for the defence of the state, in other words, person(s) of interest.

The platform allows to create practically unlimited number of such special mobile applications, only the internal content, style of visuals and sounds are changed, able to be placed into iTunes or Google Play for a free download by curious users, for desirable dissemination.

In order to achieve a massive, quick, even viral spread, so the target persons can be affected and “inspired” to obrain an app, directed at them, the platform uses so called “nods”, or “social media users with central social influence”, allowing to reach the target group or mass quickly.

The project documentation contains even a precise instruction manual for creating fully controlled virtual entities, perfect for creating such central point of social influence, with the support of Facebook, in order to “help to maintain the world security and safety of the citizens”.

In comparison with simple surveillance, or monitoring the activity of users, like PRISM by the NSA, this new platform is so much different, and much more useful: it directly influences the users, changing their behavior with purpose, using advanced PSY measures, hidden in artistic content.

Created by Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, in cooperation with The Wu Corporation, as a part of PSY Weapons for Peace programme for introducing fully sustainable arsenal for modern warfare, and countering the rising influence of China.

See Details of the development history and later misuse by the Islamic State.

Examples: Ghetto Qur’an: Money, Power, Respect, Islam (aimed at the teenage American boys from excluded neighbourhoods, hip hop listeners), Find a Boy of Your Dreams (young girls 9-15 years, persuading them to convert to Islam), “Path of Islam” (allegedly an ultimate Islamic mobile application)

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