PSYOPS Original Research by Alan Svejk

I could say, that my own, original research of modern PSYOPS, INFOOPS and MEDIAOPS is the most extensive work ever publicly produced by a private citizen.

With my deep background as a journalist and Public Relations asset, I discovered the phenomenon of PSYOPS one year ago, and I felt, that this is exactly the right issue to study further, as I come from famous military family. My Grandpa was serving in Military Counterintelligence during WW1, and he was the man, who risked his life on a mission deep behind enemy lines, when he was tasked with delivering a critical manuscript, which contained the basic idea of Czech sovereignity. So, I could say, that my Grandpa directly influenced establishing of our state in 1918, and that’s the reason why I nominated him for the highest Czech military decoration posthumously, after exactly 100 years of his heroic deed.

I concentrated my effort in studying the unique advantages of connecting Military and VIP/Fashion worlds to get Social Influence in the society, plus female military inclusion. I firmly believe, that women are the best possible PSYOPS assets, as they use indirect approach of soft power, using many unexpected tricks, emotions, surprises, creativity, which disarm any adversary, regardless how physically strong. And that is what all right PSYOPS should be about, I think.

The current unstable world and upcoming “4th Generation Warfare” clearly indicates, what will the future wars look like. Indirect, hidden, fought by unusual means instead of tanks and aircraft (psychological warfare – PSYWAR, information warfare – INFOWAR, economic warfare, cyber warfare, lawfare, and so on). And let’s be honest: NATO doesn’t seem to be completely prepared for this kind of future, and even present, as current affairs in Afghanistan, Iraq, and ISIS issue confirmed.

I made extensive research of the U.S., Russian, Chinese and North Korean PSYWAR schools from open sources, to compare them, to find their strong and week spots. Then, I used all knowledge and original ideas in my extensive literary works, which are directed at promoting Czech Republic in global geopolitical map in the future. So let’s say I am just a writer, not an active military personnel, so I am allowed to exaggerate and even dream, as I am not confined with any superiors and military rules.

However, I tried to make all my artistic works as real as possible, including extensive details of fictional operations, insignia, visuals, side stories and so on. And there is a place, where somebody could appreciate the high artistic quality of my works: the Hollywood.

“The Device” is the top of my work, connected with “biggest PSYOP in human history”. One day, a big blockbuster movie will be made about it: Operation Naked Truth.

The ultimate outcome of my PSYOPS research was so called USP-PSYOPS, “Universal Social Platform for Targeted Psychological Influencing of Masses, Groups and Individuals”.


Alan Svejk