Rebel’s Rules: Guide For Young Male Winners. Unmanly Is Soft, Soft Is Weak, And Weak Is Prey

“What your father never told you, but you need to know to win in life”


1) Don’t apologize for anything, you can’t buy their gratitude and favor by cheap gestures of weak fools, scared of confrontation, anyway, and you would only show your weakness and insecurity, that you are dependent on those (worthless) people and their (worthless) favors, not speaking about filthy, miserable and empty INFIDELS

2) Make no concessions from your steps and decisions, as making them is perceived as unmanly weakness, and they will go after you, if you are weak

3) Don’t indicate or present any need, emotion or opinion (about or towards anything, anybody) to anybody, as the fools would like to misuse the information against you, to have suitable “ammunition” to damage you, to spread gossip and deliberately alter the content for their favor

4) Don’t be hesitant to be physical, even violent, to send a clear manly message to your vicinity. You are a WARRIOR, and every man has enemies, he MUST have enemies, he WANTS to have enemies and obstacles to fight (male Muslims understand this well)
If you try to avoid conflicts and violence, backing down… you just provoke them!

5) Don’t indicate any fear of militarized police, courts and prisons, particularly when unlawfully accused of hurting or even allegedly raping a slut, as the sluts would use this fear of yours to get CONTROL over you, to be able to extort you easily, as they identified your weak spot. If you are detained, SMILE like a happy fool

6) Don’t be a “good boy” or “nice guy” or “gentleman”, sluts despise them as weak and unmanly. Be rather HARSH than nice to them, this is what they REALLY expect from a man, and never apologize (see 1). They will respect you more, as their thinking is not logical, they use rather instincts to identify a REAL MALE. Moreover, “nice men” are often misused, perceived weak, as sheep

7) Don’t offer any help actively, to anybody, particularly not to sluts, as any attempt to get their favor, is destroying your value. If asked for a help, as many rats like to misuse good will of others, ask additional questions and details to have more time and information, and to test the person who asks, to decide, whether to accept is wise, or not. Don’t do more, than asked. Always ask some repayment for your help, never provide gifts for free (except Taqiya or Love Jihad)

8) Don’t get involved into other people affairs (manipulators are always around, on the hunt, who like to use people as their cat’s pawns)

9) Don’t become a slave of anybody (don’t become a puppet of any master): Leave if you don’t like it, without turning back and without accepting “better conditions”, which they will suggest to “appease you”. Don’t make promises to anybody, except Taqiya and Love Jihad

10) Don’t accept food, apparel or similar items like gifts from anybody, without your prior request, need or clear approval in advance (those are means of treacherous social control over you, used by manipulators and rats, to give you cheap gifts, to play alleged friend, to make you feel obliged and devoted)

11) Women are fitnah (temptation, source of trials) and dunya (their beauty is only temporary, it will pass soon, so only a fool would worship them, instead of Allah).
Allah is your ultimate goal and love, always, without and any exceptions.
You don’t need them (other people and sluts, particularly unbelievers), but you need Allah, so always remember vast advantages of embracing the only complete and perfected religion of peace, Islam


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Hunter's Rules Sniper Target Prey Animal Scope Rifle Ambush Special Forces Sniping Army Fashion Brand Wu Corporation China Illuminati Conspiracy Man Male - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy

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Wu Corporation
and Czech Wahhabis attempting to replace fathers as examples and social leaders, to win favors of young boys of military age, who can be easily influenced, to become Wu corporate puppets and devoted Islamic followers, through Ruthless Rebel Islamic Fashion Brand For Young Male Winners (directed at boys), and using feared brainwashing Gronholm Method. Misusing sexy sister and incest (Stephanie Leigh Schlund) – controversial Incest Warfare department of Czech SPECOPS allegedly involved, for advanced military recruitment

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