The Czech Jihad: Bohemia Belongs To Allah

“Czech infidels thought, that their decadent and corrupted paradise will last forever. But they were wrong: Islam in Bohemia is on the massive rise, and Allah is the one, who rules these lands.”

Czech Muslims Require Renaming the Mecca Club in Prague, perceiving its name as insult of Islam
the club management decided to comply, to avoid damage of their business

Concerned Czech Muslims (CCM)
sinister Islamic organization from Teplice region, suspected with Salafi Bosnian connection and Jihadi ideology, rewriting the Islamic map of Czech Republic

Mosque at Hradcanske square
Muslims require change in Prague urban plan, and receiving a grounds to construct a mosque at Hradcanske square, just few meters from Prague Castle

Islamic Cleric of the Czech Military
To satisfy spiritual needs of Czech Islamic soldiers, particularly SPECOPS personnel at Teplice military base

Palm Oil Affair
new wave of complaints against multinational manufacturers, using this poison to make more money
Palm Oil - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs

Teplice – planned mosque with two minarets
a mosque has usually one minaret.”Better” mosques two and more, and these buildings are perceived as key Islamic sites

Czech Muslims versus Miroslav Kalousek
Possible conspiracy, orchestrated by Kalousek’s enemies, using CCM as cat’s pawn

Search police dogs need to wear slippers duting SWAT raids against Czech mosques, the Ministry of Interior decided
To cover their paws, not to insult Muslims during culturally sensitive search operations

Czech Muslims Allegedly Declare Jihad On Dogs
In Teplice, more than 10 dogs poisoned by unknown culprits, using stolen military-grade Anti-Canine Essences (ACE), but CCM denies any responsibility, marking the affair as a false flag operation of their enemies, to provoke police action against them

The Forgotten Raid: Czech Militarized Police Against Mosques. Shooting people for a book?
After two years from April 2014, since infamous SWAT police raids against Czech mosques happened, CCM filed official complaint and promises to persecute organizers of this shameful anti-Islamic event, when the raid was executed during Friday prayers, to humiliate Muslims, and desecrate their mosques, as the comamndos of Czech Militarized Police (PCR) walked on carpets in filthy military boots, and in the end, no penal charges were made anyway (pretext: allegedly problematic book). Shouldn’t be there an apology?

The Silesian Affair: Islamic Dagger To Revenge Polish Military Invasions Into Bohemia
In order to insert an Islamic Trojan horse into highly Christian country, and to revenge three military invasions of Poland into Czech Republic, Czech Muslims are rumored to execute secret negotiations with Poland and Russia

Matter of national security
concerns about CCM, Teplice and Czech nuclear arsenal just behind city borders

Czech Muslims Provoking Concerns Against Militarized Police. Defending Religious Freedoms
After December 2016 Berlin attack by Islamic State terrorists, the whole Europe is in unrest, and militarized police forces are deployed into streets, together with heavy weaponry. Those won’t be calm Xmas, particularly, if fight for religious dominance is never ending, and alleged Czech Jihadists from Teplice will use any opportunity, how to get upper hand for Islam.

VIP Islamic Tours: Discover Islam in Dubai. Discreetly
Czech public is heavily disturbed, when it’s revealed, that Wu Corporation offers specialized “tourist” trips into Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to “discover” Islam “discreetly”, but concerns are arising, whether people aren’t rather brainwashed there, and persuaded to convert to Islam, particularly Czech VIPs. Or is it just another Chinese / Illuminati conspiracy?

Eman Ghaleb: Czech Woman Against Islamic State. Heroism, Foolishness, Politics or Taqiya?
Just after December 2016 terrorist attack in Berlin, Germany, Eman Ghaleb wrote a shocking anti-ISIS public letter, and her real intentions are questioned. The Czech enemies of Islam are revealed to know Islam better, than her…

Illegal Jewish Militia of Prague Old Town Quarter must be disarmed and disbanded, Czech Muslims say

Czech Muslims Require Change of Teplice’s coat of arms, where a Christian icon is depicted
Insulting Muslims, promoting idolatry, promoting deviated religion, disrupting multicultural society and secular state

Czech Muslims Against Expressive Car Plate of Aaron Gunsberger

Islamic Series by Alan Svejk

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