Saudi Aramco: Saudi Arabian Oil Company – Wealth of Ummah – Wahhabi Support – Expansion of Islam – The Desert Dream of Saudi Arabia – Middle East – Persian Gulf – Amin H. Nasser President CEO

Saudi Arabia is not only the origin of Islam and spiritual, geological centre of Earth (Mecca), but it also generates immense wealth and thus strength, power and influence for Ummah, the world Islamic community, by producing oil, projecting all interests of Islam into the world, effectively helping to defend Islam against the infidels, and to support spreading of Islam worldwide (da’wah)…

Indeed, the fate of the contemporary world, and Islam, and all Muslims, is heavily influenced by all decisions, made in Saudi Aramco headquarters, at Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, by Amin H. Nasser, the CEO and President…

Where energy is opportunity

National petroleum and gas company, and possibly the world’s most valuable company.

Read about a VIP visit at Dhahran, by Marketa Korinkova:

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Saudi Arabia: The Desert Dream
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