Secrets Of Female Beauty: What Physical Features Every Proper Sexy Woman Must Have. Hourglass Figure Dimples Venus Thigh Pussy Gap Bikini Bridge Bubble Butt Hip Breasts Body Ass Seduction Tits

What is a woman?

Merely a pile of flesh and blood, and still, she is able to steal sanity from men, to awake destructive madness inside them, so they even start wars and violence, as God created her as ultimate fitnah, temptation, and equipped her with several magical features, so her Yin essence, it means indirect approach, silent and apparently passive, as water or Earth, can prevail, and to counter, even defeat physically superior men successfully, winning in endless fight for resources.

1) Hourglass Figure
appropriately and symetrically distributed fat on upper and lower parts of female body (=it means breasts, hips and ass), combined with narrow waist, has result in one of the most powerful miracles of human kind, impresonating fertility, feminity, health and sexuality… there can be no better female body type.
Shoulders have the same width as hips. Only fragment of women possesses this perfection… others are faking it with clever apparel and other dirty tricks, like stuffed bras, even medical interventions, augmented breasts, even implants into ass… they are willing to go very far, in order to fulfill their female ambitions.
Magical measures 90-60-90 centimeters (chest-waist-hips ratio) indicate a perfect body of a fashion model.
Hourglass Figure Female Beauty - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 2

2) Dividing Line Abdomen Muscle
sharp visible line from ribs to navel, related to well defined abdomen muscles on woman and relatively low amount of body fat layer on her belly. Obtained rather by good genetics, than sport.
Eliska Buckova Fashion Model Prague Czech Medical Conspiracy Illuminati Beauty GHC Clinic Karla Cizova Face Media Experiment test DNA - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 3
(Eliska Buckova)

3) Slim Belly Button

related to abdomen dividing line above – if it exists, and the amount of body fat is sufficiently low in the area, the belly button gets slim and prolonged, as it literally disappears between the two parts of firm abdomen muscles

(quite extreme example, emphasized by photo manipulation)

4) Dimples of Venus / Lower Back Dimples
two cute dimples at lower back, above ass, are considered ultimately sexy. These can be found even on men… so run to a mirror quickly, fools, and check it, whether you are gifted too!
Dimples of Venus - Lower Back Dimples - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs

(Left, Marta Menegatti, competitor of Doaa Elgobashy at Rio Olympics)

5) Thigh Gap / Pussy Gap

when the female thighs are not touching each other at the top, near her “mons pubis” (mons Venus), a heart-shaped “empty space”, allowing the light to come through her thighs, is considered highly sexy


6) Bikini Bridge
when lying on back or hip, the top part of swimwear doesn’t touch the body, except at hips and “mons pubis”. She needs to be quite slim, or to possess wider hips, to achieve this nice feature.
Bikini Bridge Beauty Female - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

7) Bubble Butt
full round shape of ass reminds breasts, they say… not speaking about visual impression of perfection. Makes it very suitable for thongs underwear and swimsuits. Again, the shape is rather a genetics matter, not sport.




8) Breasts Of Full Round Shape
of course, that any male fool still wants to be breast-feeded, and this desirable shape evokes MUCH of milk. But many bitches have rather plastic instead of fat tissue there… not speaking about mentioned stuffed bras, misused widely, even by sluts with good tits.


Princess of Disks Tarot Pregnancy Creation - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs
(illustration from powerful Rohrig Tarot deck)

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