Secrets of Jewish Old Town Prague: Banned Testimony About Jewish Conspiracy in Prague

– There is allegedly a heavily armed Jewish Militia established at the historical Old Town in Prague, code name “SHALOM”
– There are disturbing rumors, that Heavy Slander, the key Czech tabloid magazine, obtained a classified record of a high-profile testimony before National Defence Commission, regarding possible conspiracy of Jewish structures in Prague, with immense consequences, describing their history, and current operations, even regarding WMDs (nuclear weapons research of Nazi Germany, which later influenced Czech nuclear armament research)
– Heavy Slander’s CEO, Pavel Novotny, known to be a Jew himself, is under heavy pressure both from Czech and Israeli side, not to publish this top secret material, which can influence not only relations between both states, but also terrorist threat in Europe, and many pending Intelligence and Military operations, executed both by Mossad and Special Forces of the Czech Army
– Operation IRREVOCABLE JUSTICE – what is connection between infamous massacre of 55 Czech rebels, executed at the last hours of Second World war, during Prague Uprising in May 1945, by SS forces, at Masaryk Train Station?
– Chinese (multinational Wu Corp.) suspected from leaking the material deliberately, to weaken both states, and occupy following vacuum of power and influence
– The witness can have his secret agenda, possibly bribed by Wu
– If CCM Wahhabis from heavily Islamized Teplice will get their hands on this extremely sensitive material, even violent clash can be expected between CCM, Jewish Militia of Old Town and Mossad (Israeli Intelligence Agency for Executive Action abroad), who has a high-profile operative present in the area (Parizska street, secret meeting of local Israeli assets, Mossad and Special Forces of the Czech Army, regarding Operation SKINNY PUPPY – Marketa Maryam Korinkova, “The Islamic Princess”, in the United Arab Emirates)
– Also the Iranian Intelligence is somehow involved in the affair, and it makes Czech CounterIntelligence Service BIS and Czech Militarized Police (PCR) very uneasy
– Czech Militarized Police refused to intervene with force, after an executive order from higher places, probably ICE or NDC. Instruction: only supervision.
– Violent reaction of Aaron Gunsberger, the militia leader, can be expected
Heavy Slander gossip magazine promised a report about an incident at the Old Town streets

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