Wu Corporation: Security Services

EXFOR Paramilitary – armed interventions, counterpart of Special Activities Division (CIA) – allegedly defence against possible invasion of extraterrestials, but in practice, covert active measures, overthrowing governments, PSYOPS, sabotage, black operations, political assassinations
VIP Protection Unit – to gather full deep access to VIPs
Business Intelligence – Gathering evidence/dirty laundry on competitors
Cyber Operations: defensive (to provide alleged cyber protection, but to infiltrate business structures of clients in practice, by taking control of their defensive cyber measures), offensive (relaliation offered to damage business competition of clients, by stealing data and misusing them/using them for Influence Operations
Influence Operations – military
Artificial Intelligence – for defence purposes, to take control of defensive arsenal of states, to disable their defence in case of war with China, ally or entity of Chinese interest, particularly North Korea
Counter-Terrorist Social Operations: against Islamic State social operations, incl. protection of VIPs and top tennis players, extorted by IS, for deepening social influence of Wu. Rumor: Creating supply to get demand

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