She’s The One

One young woman can change our world, and her destiny. When the famous fashion brand “Woman´s Destiny” started, they used this line: “Discover your true Self.” But who is Denisa, actually? Is she on the good side, or on the bad side? Will she protect us? Or will she disappoint us, will she betray us? So many stories will be written about her in the upcoming decades, after “Operation Naked Truth” will be commenced…

She´s The One by Alan SvejkIt was barely six o´clock in the morning, and a Prague suburbs, a restricted gated area for the houses of VIPs only, was still quiet. The sunrise on the horizon indicated, that this will be another beautiful day of June 2014, and summer was so close, with all related joy and pleasures…

The local people lived their successful lives here, isolated from their surroundings, but they were fighting their own battles too. For recognition, respect, popularity, love, family, happiness, keeping their way of life… anything you can imagine.

A woman came out from one of that big, representative houses, built according to the latest construction trends. This mansion was impressive, and costly… but its female inhabitant looked quite usually, in her jeans and a t-shirt. She carried a cup of coffee, and several newspapers and magazines.

She sat down in a sofa, placed near a large swimming pool. That blue water inside always calmed her. She liked to sit here, just watching the small waves, and she felt like by the sea. Like if everything was over already, and she could finally enjoy a neverending, so deserved holiday, to be able to forget all events in the past few months and years. To live with clear mind, not weighed down by troubles and responsibility, only enjoying the sun, the sea, the present time, every breath, every minute of her life…

It was simply too much pressure on her. Although she delegated most of her common tasks as an Executive Director to her trustworthy subordinates lately, she still had the full responsibility for the biggest, most courageous plan in human history. It was so immensely bold and complex, that a simple human mind couldn´t understand it. But she personally had to, to make the right choices, to avoid all mistakes, to prevent all failures. So many wolves were around, so hungry, so ruthless… they wanted, what she and their Corporation had. And they wouldn´t stop to do anything, just to touch what she was hiding. Because it was a treasure of unlimited, priceless value…

But now, she tried to forget it all. She just let the rising sun to warm her, and she felt that warmth even through the luxurious sunglasses on her face. It was so pleasant and relaxing…

The coffee got cold slowly, and the newspapers were still not opened. The woman seemed to be falling asleep. But you could see a front page of a magazine, there was a full potrait of a shining woman and this distinctive title:

“Karolina Rubesova, Woman Of The Year!”

But Karolina had another concerns in that moment, than to read articles of exaltation about herself. Yes, they chose her as the most impressive woman of the whole country, an example of a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, but it meant nothing. For her, the business success was always just a means for achieving bigger, even ultimate goals.

It was so close… what one week means in human life? How much time we lost by our hesitation, passivity, illusions? Waiting for the things which never came? People, who could rescue us from our loneliness, but they never found us, and we remained in sadness and bitterness for so long? People, who were expected to return to us, to give us the love we needed… but they never came. They went to pursue their own dreams, and left us to cope with disappointment… and to start over, like Karolina and her small team did.

It began just two years ago, in the mountains… she promised them to be in theCzech Top 10 this year… but she will surpass this promise so noticeably!

In one week, their Corporation will be No. 1 worldwide. Can you imagine achievement like this? Can you imagine, how many other companies of the world they will have to beat? So large, with tens of thousands of highly educated, motivated and experienced employees, unlimited budgets… and they were just three of them! They had just 500.000 USD in the beginning… how could something so small like this change the human history so widely?

Only three people invented and orchestrated this upcoming operation. In the near future, every minute of their lives, every step they made, will be analyzed by thousands of experts, journalists, students. So many books and articles will be written about it. About three people, who had an ultimate idea… and they liked it. They pursued it… they did everything they had to, to make it real. And now? It was almost done. Only several days remained, and several details to finish.

She remembered their faces. Rudolf, Clara. So young, so open. They trusted her. They believed her vision. She pushed them forward, with all means. And other people too. Her husband, and all the key personnel of their company.

She was tired. But she couldn´t stop now. All will be decided soon. Many fates will be changed, and the world will be changed too, forever. Did she have a right for something like this? She just wanted to leave her mark… to be remembered far after her demise. It was foolish, childish, egoistic… unwise… careless… irresponsible, reckless… but also bold, courageous.

If the world would know, what they are up to, millions of pages of opinions, suggestions, warnings and recommendations would be written, but no decision would be ever made, in a matter so complicated, like this. So Karolina decided to save all that scholars and politicians and citizens the effort… she will decide the matter for them. They should trust her instinct, anyway…

She knew, that in the end, the world will make advantage of anything that happens, like it always did. The humanity will progress. Maybe her name will be even forgotten in the end… who cares.

Let´s just finish, what we started, Karolina thought.

She remembered to read something, so she reached out for one of the newspapers. But there was not some fresh news about economy or politics. The newspaper was almost one month old. But it had very distinctive title on the front page, with the most thick letter the printing works had.

But Karolina seemed to be very excited even with so old news.

Stechovice Treasure Found!

After almost seventy years of speculations, inquiries and investigations, conducted by thousands of government operatives and also private companies, the famous Stechovice Treasure from 1945, believed to be hidden somewhere southeast of Prague, was actually discovered and extracted in a secret military operation, near Lhota village, just ten kilometers from Stechovice.

The Ministry of Defence still denies to reveal, what was inside that 80 containers that were seen to be loaded into the military trucks, under heavy military protection, including Special Forces elements, armored vehicles and air cover. “The content of the containers is being analyzed, I have no other information for you right now. Be patient, please,” the spokesperson of the Ministry responded. But several well informed sources from inside the Military confirmed, that there were also some important documents found.

Although this military operation was executed with utmost secrecy, an information leak occured, and the journalistic team of “Heavy Slander” tabloid magazine arrived at the discovery site during the extraction. “Fortunately, the security was not compromised by this leak, so we transported the containers safely. There is a thorough internal investigation pending, and the culprit will be severely reprimanded. However, we counted with such possibility in advance, we knew, how tempting this matter would be, so we made the necesary steps to prevent any unlawful intervention. So I would like to assure the public, that we took care of this sensitive matter very responsibly and carefully. In other words, we kept mister chief reporter in safe distance from the containers. But he behaved decently, and we appreciate that,” the spokesperson explained with smile.

The Ministry of Defence also denies to reveal, how they found the exact site of the treasure. Allegedly, some special PSY methods were used, but no further details are known. But there is a rumor of a top secret military unit, which should be directly responsible for locating the site, by their ability to find and interrogate an unknown witness from 1945. This element should be a covert part of 102nd Special Forces Reconnaissance Batallion, specialized in so called PSYOPS, or Psychological Operations.

“These rumors are absolutely false,” the spokesperson denied such theories. “Our Army has only one offical PSYOPS unit, fully publicly known, and its task is not some silly search for alleged treasures. The way we found the site remains classified, however, until we will understand the full content of the discovery. But I can say, that there was a risk of foreign intervention, so we had to move quickly.”

The Czech political scene is very uneasy after this discovery. The opposition complains, that the Parliament was not informed about the extraction operation, and they want to publicly interrogate the Minister of Defence. “Such events can´t happen in the democratic society. There has to be a government control of any use of the Military as this,” the opposition deputy Cimbura said. “This was a cowboy action like in the Wild West, and that´s unacceptable.”

The scholars of National History Registry are eager to examine the discovery. “It´s like a fulfilled dream… we never expected this to happen. We hope, that the Army will share their findings with us. Maybe our textbooks will have to be rewritten…”

“I would say, they´ll have to be rewritten very significantly, and soon,” Karolina thought with wide smile on her lips. “But from other reasons, than you would imagine, Mr. Scholar…”

Suddenly, she heard steps on the path around the house. It was Rudolf, the Business Director of their Corporation, dressed in a business suit, who came to pick her up, to head for the office together. He had the keys from outer gate – he was very frequent guest here.

“I see that you are awoken already, that´s great,” he told to Karolina. “I was afraid that I´ll have to use the doorbell.”

“How could I miss this famous day?” Karolina joked. “It´s great to have you here, Rudolf! I really need you beside me today, and you know that. Clara should arrive soon. We have to do some final adjustments. It will be three of us again, like in the old times! And we will decide the fate of human kind,” she said with exaggeratedly serious voice. “No… let´s simply have some fun!” she corrected herself.

“I am glad, that you are so cheerful… today,” he replied.

“Today… tomorrow… yesterday… no, just the present moment counts! And I want to enjoy the last steps of our long journey, you know. That last few steps to the absolute top… when only the heaven and stars will be above us, so we will have nowhere higher to go,” Karolina stated. “I don´t plan to become an astronaut, to pursue the stars. I know, when it´s enough…”

“OK… so, let me tell you the latest developments. We sealed the Facility, as planned, so no one will get outside, until our big announcement. So the final improvements of the Device will be made without any possibility of a leak. We are blocking all comms, using advanced electronic countermeasures.

But the Ministry of Defence hesitate to sign the contract. They say, that they want more control in the operation. I told them, that no concessions can be made on our side, that we aren´t negotiating, as you instructed me. But they seem reluctant suddenly. Should I push them more?”

“No, not necessary,” Karolina said with decisiveness. “They just want to take advantage of us, they are testing us. But we won´t dodge. So ignore them, they will come back to us soon. I really don´t care about their hesitation, problems and internal arguments. They can´t stop us now – it´s too late. They can either acquire some perks and benefits, or to lose all their power. But they won´t allow it, they can´t. We will let them to think everything through, in peace. Leave them be.”

“Fine. And I forgot to tell you yesterday – she is coming.”

She is coming…” Karolina inhaled deeply, with so much relief. “I knew, that they´ll give her to us! As you see, we don´t have to sign any contract! If they are sendingher, they are submitting to us… Perfect! Come here, so I can kiss you!”

They embraced, and Karolina put her hands on Rudolf´s shoulders. She looked into his eyes. “I wouldn´t make all this without you, Rudolf, never! I would be nobody without you. I am no queen here – it´s you who always inspired me, who mirrored my ideas, who pushed me to the place, where I am today!”

“I am enjoying every moment together,” Rudolf said with little detachment. He knew her. He knew, what will follow. But he loved her, and he understood, that this is the way she motivates people to hold together, during the most crucial moments, when even the hardest stones are popping.

“Once all this ends, I will kick my husband out of our house, and I will kick your fashion model girlfriend of your bedroom! We are such a good team – how much I am thinking about trying to change our relationship! I am a little bit scared of such change… but also attracted! I never felt anything similiar to anybody… so deep unity between us… one day, we will be a great pair together, Rudolf! You will be the only person ever, who conquered me, to whom I fully submitted, who had my soul on his palm, so vulnerable, so full of desire of an absolute love, final love, the only love of my life, do you understand? I picked you, from all men on this planet!

Give me just one more week, please! Stay beside me for several days yet! I want to know, that you are at my side all the time. You are, I know that… and I know, that you will give one more week to our common matter, and to me.”

“I will be there always, Karolina. I dedicated my life to you. And I will never leave, unless you will tell me to go,” Rudolf was honest.

“Great! You know, what I need from you today – to break her. I want her, she is the last person we need for this operation. She´s the one! I know, I feel, that she is one of us, but she just comes from the other side. Can you imagine, how deep we will be connected, I mean, we, and her? And if we will join forces, we will be invincible!

I am telling you, Rudolf – if we will force her to submit to us, you can consider the last stage of the operation successful, and you can enjoy a long deserved coffee! Just bring her to me, and I will do the rest! I want her, and I will get her.”

“Don´t forget, Karolina – she is from Military Counterintelligence. Very experienced, very capable. But I take it as a challenge. I want to meet her, I want to start already! I will play the best game of my life on her!” Rudolf expressed.

“I know well, what she is capable of. I read all the articles about alleged discovery ofStechovice Treasure every day, instead of my goodnight tales! It was her, who manufactured this whole charade! She did this – we do that. Do you see that deep connection between us?

But she can never win, and do you know, why? Because two are always more, than one! We are two, we are two basic essences combined, male and female, but she is only one, she is only the half! She has no chance! We will just play with her, like two cats with a mouse!

She comes for her defeat, Rudolf! And I think, that she knows, that she is entering the battle, which is lost in advance. She is a woman! We know such things, with our sixth sense, you know…

Moreover, she knows, what we are capable of. We stole eighteen of their highly trained military assets, right in front of their eyes, to show them our possibilities – and they are sending her as a last resort, but only for the papers, for good conscience! They know for long time, that they can´t control us. It´s in their best interest to cooperate with us – they can still believe, that they will infiltrate us through time, and they will gain control. We will let them to live in this illusion! It just keeps them distracted, exactly where we want them. They will never realize, how tiny influence they have on us.”

“When you talk like this, Karolina, I think of Niccolo Machiavelli. He would like you, really!” Rudolf laughed.

“He would be really surprised, what became of women at the present times,” Karolina agreed with pride, but also joy. She wasn´t a person, who would take her too seriously. “Let´s do this one last time, Rudolf, and let´s have fun, like never before! I must admit, that I will miss this… you know… what we do, when we are able to persuade people to join our side!”

“Hey, you still have to persuade several billions of people, my dear! So you will enjoy this yet!” he replied. “Oh, Clara is here! Finally!”

“Hello, people!” she greeted them, entering the grounds. “I see that you are celebrating already!”

“We just promised to have fun today, that´s all,” Karolina explained.

“I don´t want to ruin your fun, but I just looked at the company accunts, and it seems, that we have very big hole in our pockets. Do you know, that we have just one last million USD available? We can´t pay the wages of employees this month…”

“It doesn´t matter, Clara. In one week, you can rewrite the balance of our accounts with any number you will want. The money lost any significance to us. And I reserved three million USD for special purposes, if we would need to motivatesomebody to stay silent for one more week. So everything is under control.”

Several months ago, they had more than 150 millions USD on their accounts – and it was all gone. They invested it into their final and last operation, which will be known as “Operation Naked Truth”, the biggest PSYOP in human history… but if they will succeed, they will move to a fantasized realm, where all amounts are just numbers, as Karolina said.

“OK, I am glad that you know about this. So I can continue with news. About that mathematic model of risks you asked me to do…” Clara hesitated.

“Say it, Clara! Say it now. No need to be careful.”

“Well, I should repeat, that I had no hard data to use, because nothing similiar to this was ever realized, naturally, so I had to improvise widely… this prediction is absolutely unconfirmed and it lacks any relevance. I am even ashamed to say any exact number. It´s no mathematics, it´s pure fortune-telling, I am afraid.”

“The number, Clara!”

“OK, you wanted that… the conservative estimation is… 87% of probability of an armed assault against the Facility in the first 24 hours after the announcement.”

“That´s not our problem – the Military will be responsible for the security of the Facility since the announcement. They have to count with such case, and to prepare a suitable defense of the site. And if we will lose the Facility, after the announcement, it will mean nothing. It will be too late to change anything. We can sacrifice it easily.”

“Sorry, Karolina… but I am the main Risk Analyst of the company, so I have to ask this simple question: do you really plan to write off all our money and assets, just like that? Do you understand, that we will have nothing remaining in that case? Absolutely nothing.”

“We have to count with any options. Losing the facility is highly possible, yes, but from the broader view, it´s not significant. On the contrary, it could bring us many unique advantages. We would be the damaged side, and somebody shouldcompensate us generously… to build another Facility and another Device, for example. You know, what I mean.”

“It´s too risky, I am telling you,” Clara insisted. “This is even a pure hazard. We can get check-mated easily in such conditions. We can become a history. We can lose everything here. Why to risk so much? It´s fine to be bold, but this is too far from any rational thinking. This is my opinion, and you know, that I had to tell you.”

“I always appreciated your honesty, Clara! Stay that way. But now, relax! Enough of maths! This is under control too. Sit and relax the show!”

A roar of a helicopter could be heard nearby. After that small incident with the Policewhere Rudolf´s daughter and one motivated cop were involved, the top management was able to negotiate a special exception with the Ministry of Inferior, so they could travel by air, avoiding all traffic.

“Well, time to get dressed,” Karolina realized. “I will be with you soon. Anybody for a bath, in the meantime? Enjoy the water, folks!”

Her original name was Denisa Dvorakova, 25, but she came to the Corporation offices with a cover name, Zuzana V., with the cover legend as a shop assistant, who was, as her colleague Josef Svejk instructed her, “a little bit simple, a little bit disappointed after the painful parting with her beloved boyfriend, a little bit drinker to wash away all the bitterness, and completely moneyless”.

The government sent her here. They had to, because it was found, that the security of the Army and Military Counterintelligence internal databases was compromised, so the Corporation could know all their operatives and assets. Using this insider information, they were able to persuade sixteen highly trained male soldiers, many of them from Special Forces and experienced in combat, to join their side, again using very advanced PSYOPS and recruitment methods.

Later, the state tried to infiltrate the Corporation with Intelligence assets, but the results were catastrophic – as another men, also these two very experienced male operatives changed their sides without any doubts. In that moment, the high command realized, that they need to change strategy substantially, and they have to send a woman, who can become not another victim, but a culprit, so she can find a way, how to disrupt enemy operations.

And Denisa was the only one operative available – her personal file was not stored anywhere, as she was a fresh University graduate, who started her security career in that Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, which really existed, as the journalists suspected.

However, the Corporation knew about her too. Somebody from the inside talked, and in later years, there will be a very precise theory, who that was, and why this individual did it.

Anyway, the Corporation management was even looking forward to meet Denisa, as Karolina said in the morning before the interview. They were not scared of her, but on the contrary! They couldn´t wait to meet her in person! They wanted her for their big operation, and the state, knowing it or not, was sending Denisa to the deepest trap possible. Nobody left the Corporation premises unmarked, not influenced! Nobody could follow her or his private agenda for too long!

Was Denisa sold? Was she sacrificed? Was she a part of a secret deal between the Corporation and the state? No one will ever know for sure, and from the view of historians, it was not an important fact. This female operative simply entered spider´s web – whether she ever had a chance to succeed in her original mission, it´s the question for the writers of popular literature, where her person will be very frequent in later years, describing her in a wide palette of colors – from a simple victim of circumstances, to a very clever operative, who was successful in the end, and much more, than anyone could participate…

In any case, since that famous day in June 2014, the Corporation and Denisa met for the first time.

Zuzana sat by the reception of the Corporation, and about fifteen men and women in business dresses were waiting around too. They should be tested as one mass, using an “Assessment Centre” during the interview. The Corporation used very advanced recruitment methods – except the applicants, the same number of HR department employees was present during the action, to be able to watch everyone very closely.

You couldn´t hide anything this way – there was several testing rounds, and the employees exchanged the candidates they had in supervision – so in the end, every applicant should have fifteen independent evaluations, from fifteen different persons, men and women.

After the first set of tests, Karolina stepped in front of the crowd, and she introduced herself.

“Hello, friends! Thank you for coming here today! My name is Karolina Rubesova,” she said with clear firm voice. “I don´t use any titles, they are not important here. In our company, we have only one basic rule: to respect all your coworkers, as if they would be your bosses, or best friends. So there is complete equality. If anyone of you is a solo player, or anyone of you is hungry to make a big career for any price, you can leave immediately. There is no place for such persons in our offices.

On the other hand, we can highly appreciate special skills. We demand no education, no previous work experience. Young or old people, men or women, we don´t care, everybody has a chance. We care only about your capabilities. We welcome anybody in our midst, who can prove his or her potential to us.

I just reviewed your results from the initial tests, and I am proud to announce you, that nobody completely failed. However, several of you showed only an average performance. Fortunately for you, there is still a chance, how to turn the situation to your advantage, and get a job. Do you know, how? Yes, some of you know, I see the wide smiles! You are here second or third time, so you know the process!

For the rest of you – these interviews are often so boring, do you agree? You spend there the whole day, and results are unclear… so what if we would offer you a possibilty, how to make a nice pocket money right today? We pay immediately, and our company cashier is well supplied with cash,” Karolina smiled secretively.

Several applicants, who were here previously already, they started to applaud, as the sign of recognition.

“So you like this idea, as I see! Me too! So listen – as you probably all know, our Corporation made a substanial part of the success by very precise and systematic business development. And what is the best way to develop your business? A recommendation!

So, if you will provide us with some interesting names, who could be beneficial to our company, we will pay you – and now listen well – fifty dollars in cash for any approved name! Yes, you heard correctly! One name – and if approved, you have fifty dollars, instantly!

Of course, that you have to explain, why could that particular individual be interesting for us, what special skills he or she has, and also, you have to know him or her personally, so you can provide some interesting information about him or her. And we will check the data you will give us.

But still, quite a good opportunity to make a fast buck, do you agree? Remember all your colleagues from previous works, college, schools, neighbourhood… anybody with some special skills or values! I think, that some of you will today leave our building with very nice pack of money! And what is the best news? The overall quality of names you will provide, it will rise the probability of getting a work contract!

Don´t worry, we won´t tell them, that you gave us a tip about them!” Karolina joked, to relax the atmosphere. “Any questions? If you need a laptop to research for persons, just tell us, and you will get it.”

Zuzana saw, that several of her competitors started writing already, and their pens just flew on their papers. But she was not so enthusiastic about “making a quick buck”.

Of course, that the Military Counterintelligence knew, how the interviews are conducted here. So they had to supply Denisa with approximately fifty names, but it had to be some real persons, because the Corporation could check all names in government databases, through their Police and Intelligence assets, who could provide much more, than a simple OSINT (Open Source Information) from Internet search, accessible to anybody.

It was very ingenious countermeasure, to prevent infiltration attempts. This way, the Corporation could map the social relations of any applicant precisely, and they asked very precise questions, so you couldn´t write down a stranger. No – you really had to know that persons!

To succeed in the interview, the state security forces risked, that they will bring their covert assets to the adversary… on a silver plate!

“Let´s have a look, Zuzana, what you have written so far!” Rudolf said with the voice, full of honey. It was another rule of the Corporation – during the interview, one employee was assigned directly to any participant, providing “support”, “good advices” and “consultancy”. Well, in practice, you had an eagle on your shoulder, vigilant, forcible and intrusive, who didn´t allow you a single minute of free time! You were under constant pressure, to start doing mistakes, to get out of your carefully prepared role. This way, they could test you perfectly, and they could prevent many infiltration attempts.

When Denisa found, that highly positioned Rudolf is assigned to her, her uneasy feelings just grew. It was really hard to be here, and to sustain all their systematic and elaborated pressure. She came here feeling integrity, but longer she was here, she felt weaker and weaker. And she started to have a most disturbing feeling, that she will fail today!

But she still fought, as a lion!

“Hmmm, you wrote four fashion models, that´s very good!” Rudolf praised her cordially. “We have special bonus for models, 250 dollars for each! You are doing really great! Keep writing! You just earned… moment… 1600 USD! I will let Karolina know, to prepare the money!”

Oh no… not her! Not her! Denisa thought.

“Karolina, please come here! Let me introduce you Zuzana. She showed very good performance during testing, and look, how interesting names she wrote!”

“Nice to meet you, Zuzana! We welcome assets like you!” Karolina offered her hand to shake, and she added the most pleasant and innocent smile Denisa has ever seen!

They looked into the eyes of each other for the first time – and they both pretended effectively, that they didn´t know each other, from Surveillance photos, for example! But they were both highly perceptive women – and they could read in the eyes of each other!

A disturbing thought crossed Denisa´s mind… this is not a charade! This is, in fact, the real interview! They will defeat and break her first… and then, they will use her for something really… serious!

In that moment, she knew, that she should run away immediately! They are two – she is just one, single person! They have an enormous advantage! By staying here and losing, she allows them to influence her, to come to their side! A big wave of heat bathed Denisa´s body.

But there was no time to think! She still had to play her role!

“It´s so great to be here, Karolina! I heard so many good things about this company… that you never leave anyone behind, you understand human needs, you help people in need… you appreciate good work, and everybody feels pampered with you, regardless if he or she is rich or poor, educated or not… it´s so great approach you have! Yeah, it was always my dream to work here!” Denisa claimed.

“You are quite close to it, Zuzana! Just keep writing! We are really happy that you visited us. A capable woman like you has all doors open here!”

“Hey, I just remember… I know that chief reporter of Heavy Slander tabloid magazine… could I write him too?”

“Journalists are for five hundred dollars each, Zuzana! Fill him in! You have really good contacts!” Rudolf encouraged the girl.

In that moment, Karolina felt so deep affection to the poor girl… she did what she could, but with any move, she just tightened the sticky firm nets around her own body, and Karolina with Rudolf, a perfectly coordinated and experienced team, just enjoyed the show, just pushing the girl a little bit to the edge of the abyss.

When Zuzana wrote all names, she thought, that they´ll give her some time to recover, to relax. No! On the contrary! They ran into her, literally, like two vultures, and started with regular interrogation!

“When did you meet the chief reporter for the first time? Where? Why? How did you get connected? What do you think of him? When did you see him the last time?”

And Denisa couldn´t leave, or stop! It was another rule – you stop, you get thrown out!

She knew, that she will lose. No operative could sustain a precise interrogation like this! Her mask will collapse, and soon… Denisa realized, how deeply they all underrated the Corporation! How could they be so wrong? All that analysts in the Military Counterintelligence? What did they do? Or did they send her here, as a sacrifice… or… as a gift?

Denisa was looking directly into Karolina´s eyes, searching for answers. But eyes of the woman were like made from the glass. She never dodged with her eyes. You were the person who dodged with them first.

Not only was Denisa defeated in that moment – she realized, that she is expected to submit. She is not forced, or coerced – it just has to happen that way, naturally. That they all will part their ways as new friends today. That there is no adversity between them.


Because they were all… so similar to each other. When those three people sit together, it was not a fight, a conflict, or a clash.

It was just three minds connected together. Maybe even happy, if together. Like if you were under some spell, when Karolina and Rudolf were with you. What was the principle of their magic, anyway? How they persuaded so many persons to join their side, and to be their faithful servants, including fully trained security assets?

Denisa couldn´t understand, how it worked, what the secret was. She just felt an unusual warmth, acceptance, even love from them. And it was so… exhilarating! Now, she wished that this moment, this interview will never end, so their mutual bond won´t be disturbed!

It was like a dream, and you don´t want to wake up… until it´s too late!

They had now, what they wanted… and she was the final asset for their bold goals. It seems, that nothing could stop the irrevocable chain of events from that moment. She was the last line of our defence… or was she a deliberate gift to the enemy? To appease him? To flatter him? To distract him? To insert a Trojan horse into his camp? Who could tell?

The world still had to wait for one week, to recognize, what substantial change the Corporation prepared for us all. But there was still much work to do, to finish the preparations in time, so the great final show, planned for next Saturday evening, can be really spectacular, unforgettable for upcoming centuries… and all worldwide viewers will enjoy it, feeling, that this is the beginning of better times for human kind, in the mark of neverending hope!

Let´s meet our protagonists in a deep, silent wood, about fifty kilometers from Prague… where the next chapter will start!

“They decided to change our world, our future… without our approval. But all went wrong, and one single woman will decide our past… and her destiny.”

Note: all depicted persons, subjects, organizations and military operations are fictional. This is an excerpt of my upcoming book about Female Leadership in Corporate and Military Affairs, called “Women Elite”.

Download as PDF: She’s The One by Alan Svejk

Alan Svejk