Shiraz: The Princess of Lebanon

Although the world attention is directed at different regions of Middle East today, one local country has to be reminded, because it provides very special contribution to global culture and music. The famous female singer Shiraz (Pamela Saade, *1983), former Miss Lebanon 2008 contestant, uses a very distinctive promotion, and no wonder, that she gains a lot of attention.

Shiraz - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsHer branding strategy is very advanced. Using a black panther as her personal logo, she represents herself as a modern Lebanese woman, who is able to achieve a success on global scale, including wealth, but still retaining her pride of her nationality and country of origin, including public support of Lebanese Military (Lebanese Armed Forces, LAF).

Although Shiraz seems moderately improved by plastic surgeons (particularly lips and chest), visual side of her work is mostly about dreaming and romantic feelings, which suits her very special voice, warm, pleasant and peaceful. In her music, she combines classic Middle Eastern sound with soft modern rhythm, with marvellous results.

Shiraz 3 - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsHer key song, “Layalik”, released in 2010, forces any listener to love Shiraz, who seems like a personified love and warm feelings towards life. And vibrant colors of the music video, beautiful interior, plus a cute little panther running around in a glamorous room, make this song an impressive art, opening all hearts, Arabic or foreign.

Her home country, Lebanon, uses her person and fame for building a new, great image of Beirut, which started a modern era after long civil war (1975-1990), but today it seems moving towards a bright future. Once called another Switzerland, Shiraz shows Lebanese citizens and the world, that Lebanon has much to offer in the region, not only culturally, but also as an important local stabilizing factor.

No current assymetric conflict can be won by military force anymore – but using culture as a special method of soft warfare, it could bring peace to the Middle East. Shiraz seem to be willing to do something more for her country – this could be her opportunity to become somebody, not only a local star and celebrity, but to set an example, which could help Lebanon to rise and grow, even in these unstable times.

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