Shocking prophecy of card reader Anie creates wide panic, when she reveals her fear of Allah and muslims

In Czech republic, one of the most reputated fortune-tellers and tarot card readers is Anie (born as Jana Vorlickova), who allegedly possesses many ultimate psychic powers and abilities. She is not some old witch, but still quite a young and handsome woman in her 40’s, who dedicated her life for studying and mastering many unusual, even dangerous sciences and knowledges beyond our rational understanding and scientific explanation.

Her presentation has very high power and influence, and anybody who could hear her in person can confirm it. In her world, you have to be extremely strong, otherwise all that ancient knowledge and horrible fates of people you listen to daily will crush you.

Alhough many say, that she is just another con artist, many agree that she has substantial influence on many VIP persons, who come to her for counseling and fortune-telling, plus the wide public, who can watch her in her regular public presentations on TV. Indirectly, she can really influence many high-ranked persons in society.

Because of her unusual powers, she was regularly contacted by Czech Counterintelligence service, BIS, with effort to recruit her, to use her “special skills” for purposes of higher state interest. But she resisted.

Two days after terrorists attacks in Paris in November 2015, commited by the Islamic State operatives, she recorded this unusual video, that created wide public disturbance, even panic in Czech society, particularly between sensitive and emotional women like her.

The reason is, that fear can be felt very easily from certain part of the presentation. And that particular part of her prophecy is very shocking: many people then realized that fate of Europe is sealed, if even a strong person and leader like Anie is scared of all Muslims, Islam and particularly scared of Allah, and she can’t resist to warn Czech people that they came closer to breakdown of their world.

There is a public rumor, that Anie was approached by an Islamic State operative, who was specially trained to force her to submit to his own mental and male powers, to remind her without using words, only soft psychic persuasion, that as a woman, she is generally weaker, inferior and she will always be defeated and put into submission, as this is her female programming, if she is not protected by Allah. The man allegedly gave her two options: stealing her special skills from her, using unknown PSY procedure, or submission to Allah, and her serving to His cause.

Using this heavily advanced and efficient strategy, maybe stolen special PSY technology, called “Assault Device”, the Islamic State could send a strong message through the distressed, scared Anie, used as a medium. These events, when the IS is targeting VIP persons of Europe, are nothing new: but if even mentally strong Anie couldn’t resist their pressure, how can untrained politicians resist to such devastating mental powers of the enemies? Not speaking about common powers, related to Islam and Allah, that scared Anie so much, and she even admitted their strength in her speech.

Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh) seems more than a mere global security threat now – it’s our nightmare, that can enter our unconciousness, our dreams.

(English literal transcript follows)

Hello friends,

I am Anie, the card reader. I decided to shoot this first video clip of mine (…) to inform you and make you calm. You know that I work with causality, reasons for all what is happening to us, to our families, to our vicinity.

What is happening right now, is not a coincidence. Since May this year, I feel unrest, because of my vision. You know that I am an awoken, consicous person, unlike 90% of people, who are “sleeping”, not conscious. Since March this year, I inform publicly, on Facebook for example, that the situation is very serious, disturbing. In May, I published my fears on Facebook already, about current events in Europe, and I alarmed politicians and government, I even interpellated deputies of Parliament, to close the national borders.

In May already, I prophesied from my own tarot cards, that the situation will get worse, and biggest massacre is expecting us in November. Not only the massacre in Paris on 13th November, but also the fall of a Russian plane with more than 200 victims earlier this month.

I want to tell you, that in Czech republic, in upcoming half of year, there will be no terrorist attack, according to my predictions and visions. I also predict, that another terrorist attacks will come. Again, the target will be France, Great Britain and Belgium. Everybody of you, citizens of Czech republic, should return from these mentioned states, in your own interest. I also predicted, that in January 2016, national borders of Czech republic will be closed, and in May 2016 at the very latest, our state will leave the European Union. All this is predestined.

Notice, that I am the only fortune-teller, who publicly speaks about it, all the time. I am not afraid to speak publicly. I don’t want to spread some panic, on the contrary, I am a pragmatic card reader, who watches everything from wordly angle of view. but mostly from a spiritual angle of view, above the flow of time.

Many of you ask me, how can the Holy Father God allow this? I repeat it all the time: the God is not a religion, a church, a Bible. God gave us laws, God is the creator, who created us, that ancient power, and these laws say, that karma is the law of causes and consequences: how we seed, that way we reap.

As our ancestors experienced concentration camps, fear and occupation of our land by foreign powers, we have these fears stored in our DNA, as their children. That’s why the fear is proper in this situation.

I have to say that Europe is really in danger, it’s jeopardized seriously. And from the aspect of Kabala, and another non-scientific knowledges, I have to say, that 2015 year is the year of Devil and extreme fear, and the following year 2016 will be yet worse, for the whole world. People, groups and nations won’t be able to find a common speech. Everything will be in disintegration and breakdown, like the ancient Babel tower.

Everything that is happening to us is the intention of God and God’s plan. I want to say, that Muslims and terrorists have a head start, because they have determination, a powerful faith, Allah, a strong belief, and strong mentality.

We Europeans lived very consummeristic way of life, and we lost our Christian roots. We lost our faith in God. I should remind you that every religion is a thought prison and it’s necessary to act. Freedom of that people, who come to occupy our land from the south, ends at our national borders, so we should close the borders, and I say this not as a politician, but as a fortune-teller.

If we don’t close the borders until January 2016, there will be no help for us, our fate will be sealed. So I appeal to you, don’t rely on prayers only. The God can’t solve this situtation for us, it’s us who are the creators, we are the practitioners, we simply have to act.

I am begging everyone, to use their common sense. as there is a karma of individuals, of families, of cities, of nations, states, continents, and of the world. (…)

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