Single mothers: Strong allies of The Corporation

Yesterday evening, during large press conference, which took place in the State Opera historical building in Prague, with massive attention of press and public, The Corporation announced their new and unique CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) nationwide programme for single mothers with small children, which seem to change the future of social welfare services completely.

“We fully realize the most difficult life challenges these mothers face every day, although these women bring future for this nation. Many of us are selfish, just consuming the world, avoiding responsibility: they are not. They live in constant effort and attention for their kids. One day, these kids will become citizens. And they will influence and change our country. We want them to be happy and satisfied, so they’ll avoid drugs, crime, bad ways in life, and they’ll accept the mission to improve our society further, so it will become sustainable for all upcoming, future generations,” the Executive Manager of The Corporation said during introduction speech, and the big applause followed.

“From this moment, your children are not only your concern, but ours too. Under your supervision and consultancy, we will provide everything both you and they will ever need. We will support you, so you can be successful in your life mission you have chosen so bravely. We want to share our success with you, because you are so important for the society and the world. All business success means nothing in comparison with only one minute, which you spend caring for your descendants. Let me express the deepest respect and sympathy for you, ladies! Our mutual future will be bright!” she finished her speech and following applause literally torn the historical building down.

The Corporation was allegedly approached by single mothers, who asked them to help with difficult negotiations with the Ministry of Finance, which steadily limited the scope of social welfare for single parents lately. However, The Corporation refused such demand, although politely, because they have strict policy of staying out of political matters, at least officially: there are many rumors about The Device being used by the Parliament deputies for their VIP entertainment.

But in the end, to their big surprise, the mothers went home from this meeting more than satisfied: The Corporation offered them to accept the bond themselves, but not only financially. They offered their human, intellectual and social capital as well, with immense value: don’t forget, that The Corporation, which made an immense fortune manufacturing The Device, is No.1 company worldwide. Without any doubt, the chosen families are blessed, and their future can be really successful.

Two thousand endangered and disadvantaged families were chosen, although The Corporation refused to reveal, or even indicate, which key features for the selection was used. However, it should be reminded, that The Corporation is a business company, and she perceives all expenses as investments, which should return multiplied one day. So probably they want to secure many future employees with high talents and personal qualities, and also with strong bond to The Corporation, since the young age.

It was announced, that the chosen families are split into two groups: one thousand of them will be supported by The Corporation directly, which will provide finance, housing, education, consultations and all necessary assets and support “as long as the family will need”. Estimated expenditures are 2.000 USD for one family a month, so overall expense of the whole programme for the company makes 2 million USD a month. But The Corporation can afford it quite easily: money are just a number for them.

Before explaining the conditions of the second group of thousand selected families, the Executive Manager of The Corporation resumed her speech, and she introduced a widely expected book, which caused many journalistic articles and public commotion long before publishing. Many people even doubted whether this book really exists, or it’s just a rumor of unknown origin: but now, it was fully confirmed, that this special book is real, and it means the complete paradigm shift in perceiving single mothers in the society.

“I hope, that this book will become a firm part of home library of any modern gentleman,” the presenter commented. “We need more educated, balanced males, who understand their mission in the society the right way. So guys, open your mind for change. See something in different light. And you will like it, I guarantee you!” she smiled to the audience.

The book is called expressively “102 Reasons To Love a Single Mother” and it widely explains advantages of having such relationship from many quite unexpected and even controversial angles of view, including advantages of accepting and raising her descendant, or even descendants, in possible later stages of relationship.

“This book is written for you, guys. It’s not a boring theory, scientific work or some cheap advising, how you should live, from some drunk preacher. You will make a choice yourself, and I am absolutely sure, that your choice will be the right one. Just read it and one day, you can make something good not only for yourself, but also for someone else. You can experience yourself, how sweet is the feeling of sharing, of being open to everything, without judgement, without the burden of your own ego,” the Executive Manager concluded her speech.

Experts are not united in their opinion about the book. Some say, that it’s pure propaganda and hype, other appreciate this substantial change in perceiving single mothers in the society. But generally, the book is accepted as useful and even necessary, as the number of incomplete families in the society is rising steadily, and the state is not able to help, leaving all problems in the hands of affected people. But it just changed.

The book wasn’t introduced by chance. The reason is, that another thousand families will be taken care of The Corporation’s employees directly: 92% of the benefactors are males, 8% are females. These men and women will become mentors, sponsors and maybe a loving parents one day.

“Our employees decided to make this serious step voluntarily. They know, that since the contract between them and the family is made, there is no way back in emotional sense. Of course, it could happen, that somebody wouldn’t be able to support the family financially one day – we will take care of it, be assured, the flow of the assets will be maintained. But their new place in the family shouldn’t be empty, ever: and that is the main responsibility, which our people accept by their choice. It’s not about the money, it’s about love we all need, including these great women and children. And you have to stay there for them, forever.”

Now it’s more clear, why the book was so important here. The Corporation indirectly encourages its employees to take care of their “new families” in more broad ways, as it could be ever expected.

“You will find yourself, that this families are great people, who will return you everything you gave them ten times multiplied. This is no love charity and mercy. It’s about right choices in life, to find fulfillment and joy, to give your love to somebody and getting it back,” the Executive Manager concluded her speech and invited all present men and women to dance, as the orchestra started to play.

The public generally accepts this project as beneficial for the society, but particularly Minister of Finance couldn’t hide his feelings of humiliation, and even anger. He called for a late night press conference immediately, where he strongly criticized this new CSR project of The Corporation.

“It’s nothing else than infiltrating our society, and you allow them to do it, yet you clap to it! Soon, the state won’t be governed by the elected deputies, as our Constitution says, but by some questionable corporate people without any proper education, who will conduct their questionable social experiments on endangered citizens,” the Minister declared swiftly.

However, another members of the Government don’t share this opinion. The Minister’s party colleagues publicly announced, that they consider his action too emotional, rash, and “executed without any consultancy of the Party’s higher authorities”. There are rumors, that the Minister of Finance will be recalled soon, as he “disrupted optimal public presentation of The Party”.

The Corporation made no comment to this affair. The first families are moving into their new homes since today. Their names remain temporarily confidential, until they will “adjust to the new conditions of life”. Then, their stories will be published, because “they want to have their life shared with others, to inspire, to show people, that every challenging situation on your life can be successfully solved and happiness is just one step away from you. Meet new people, surround yourself with positivity, and miracles will happen.”

Alan Svejk