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Islamic Affairs - Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs V2 AIndeed, there is a good reason every day, to thank Allah from all your heart, to praise him, to say Alhamdulillah, for everything He does for His devoted servants and followers of Islam, for all the help He provides in daily affairs of any Muslim, always showing the Straight Path of truth, teaching desirable simplicity in life, always providing good advices, how to cope with any situation without fear, doubts and endless thinking, like that poor, miserable kaffirs, infidels, non-believers, who are lost and wandering, and also suffering, until they will finally submit to the Lord, finding peace, freedom, truth, protection, morality, purity, and destiny, being liberated from the oppression of their own mind, hypertrophied and overestimulated in the Western world, to keep the sheep distracted, never able to relax, and to see the truth.

The Czech Islam Divisions Apostasy Muslim Islamic Ummah community Allah sympathy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsBut sometimes, even a good, devoted servant of Allah, living for the purpose given by Him, can have certain unpleasant doubts in his or her heart: particularly, when the internal “dirty laundry” of the Ummah, the Czech Islamic community, comes to the apparent light of ruthless truth (see The Czech Islam: Divisions and Apostasy).

Indeed, Islam is perfect, but people are not: and the results are the most questionable sometimes. For example, the question of female Islam in the Western lands, as females, not ruled and inspired by a strong man, are weak, and prone to many malicious influences, easily getting obsessed with becoming “mothers of all”, and claiming boldly and falsely, that they are speaking for all Muslims, if the weak male fools give them too much power, while various rats, like Gülenists, can project their malicious intentions through easily accessible females.

In the end, the European Islamic community is apparently infested with female apostates, worshipping dogs, practising and tolerating non-Islamic behavior openly, and even attending to Christian masses, because that is their “modern” and “moderate” vision of the religion of peace: instead of remembering all that Muslim victims of NATO airstrikes and endless military incursions, “exporting democracy and human rights by dropping bombs”, and oppressed Palestinian people at Gaza Strip, they rather go and embrace infidels. Or does someone support them in this apostasy, for whatever reason?

But the reality is completely different, than a fool would think: these women are the most effective weapon of Islam, as they are exactly, what the foolish infidel world wants them to be, begging them for Compassion and Mercy, to “make deals” of peace and mutual sustainable relationships.

Unlike the male Soldiers of Allah, who claimed, that no compromises can be made, and Islam should be asserted in its pure form, this new upcoming generation of perfect Islamic soldiers uses classic strategies of war, like deception (called Taqiya in Islam), and deliberate softness, to calm the infidels, who trust them, who succumb to a very false feeling, that these Islamic commandos of modern epoch impersonate no serious harm for the decadent, corrupted Western society, as they can be apparently easily bought and persuaded not to be the sharp swords of Islam, but rather small dogs, cute puppies, able to be controlled by the oppressors fully.

But like always, the infidels are the most wrong, and they will lose. They don’t realize, that sometimes, if you have this feeling, that your dream is true, it only means the bitter end of your false hopes, as Allah always finds a way, how to promote His righteous interests in the world, and indeed, Allah is the best of deceivers, as the Qur’an states.

Women of Islam H3 - Alan Svejk VIP Military AffairsSo He sent them… to spread His message, to widen the influence of Islam everywhere, using women as soldiers of a new, modern, unstoppable Army, which needs no advanced weaponry, and still crushes its enemies with ease, serving as a proper soft counterweight of ruthless male terrorists from the Islamic State.

There are rumors, that this new “divide and conquer” female strategy was made in Saudi Arabia, a part of their “Superior Woman” programme, how to promote Islam in the world. But this time, they put their wahhabism aside wisely, and instead of oil money, they are sending these cute, smiling, kind harbingers, who present themselves like modern Madonnas, touching (the unclean) dogs without fear, confessing to keep only some rules of Islam, as they are “not fanatics”.

And this is exactly, what the infidel fools want to hear, to give these women various rewards and access into the highest ranks of their corrupted society, so Islam can win everywhere, and completely peacefully, playing the kaffir game, defeating the fools with their own weapons, and endless dumbness.

These women are making so vast sacrifices, hiding the real depth of their faith deliberately, to calm the infidels, who want to stop and destroy Islam. But now, the kaffir fools think, that they achieved their malicious goal, to change Islam to something soft and safe, not threatening the corrupted West in all senses. Of course, that the kaffirs disdain these “new female Muslims” secretly, thinking of them as weak… but this is exactly, what they are supposed to think.

“War is deception”, the famous Chinese military leader Sun-Tzu said. And indeed, there is a war of ideologies and religions out there, in the streets: but Islam will win, as Allah stands with His infinite might behind His believers and servants, and He knows, why certain apparent concessions from the faith have to be made, in order to achieve the higher interests. But if your heart is true, then you can play this false game of “half-Islam”, making friends with non-believers, although it’s not permissible in Islam, pretending, that Islam is soft and harmless: like a puppy.

marketa-korinkova-maryam-islam-convert-czech-prague-europe-fashion-model-dubai-united-arab-emirates-uae-sheikh-al-maktoum-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIndeed, the world deeply underestimated the successful Czech fashion model, and later a high-profile female convert to Islam in the United Arab Emirates, Marketa Korinkova, later known as Maryam, The Islamic Princess and Mother of All Czech Muslims. Although in the UAE, she is known as the most firm, dedicated and devoted believer, as the Imam of the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi can confirm with the permission of Allah, back home, in the Czech Republic, she is perceived as someone completely different, and what is the most important, tolerated by the deeply anti-Islamic public, who thinks something like “poor girl, the nasty Muslims brainwashed her, stole her soul, but she is still one of us, we need to help her, she is not bad, like them”.

The world never realized, that exactly this deliberate strategy of apparent weakness brought Marketa Maryam to the stars in all possible senses, both in UAE and CZ. The real range of her support by both Special Forces of the Czech Army, and Israeli Intelligence agency for executive action abroad, Mossad, is disputed, but this woman became one of the most successful Czech women in history, becoming a firm part of the world that even the glamorous fashion and tabloid magazines don’t dare to dream about, and executing Da’wah, the Islamic missionary activity, like no one before her, hitting thousands, right into their hearts, bringing them liberation, peace, freedom and destiny.

Maryam Affair Marketa Korinkova UAE Emirates fashion model czech Islam Muslim Allah convert - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsThe security and Intelligence experts are not unanimous, whether she fooled the Czech and Israeli masterminds of the Operation SKINNY PUPPY, or they wanted her to infiltrate the highest ranks of the Emirates society, particularly ruling Al Maktoum family, using such ingenious strategy of apparent weakness. But the history doesn’t care, where the truth lies, and what means had to be used: the most important is, that Marketa Maryam Korinkova has set a new quality of Islamic women of the Western origin, who can blend into the infidel society just perfectly, seeming as moderate and mild, fully negotiable, not a risk, but in reality, their hearts are burning with love to Allah, their sole master and Creator, and they are simply using their special female skills, to bring final victory of Islam.

marketa-maryam-korinkova-sex-lies-emirates-special-issue-slander-gossip-magazine-islam-muslim-convert-uae-dubai-emirates-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThe following media interview, published originally in the Czech statewide television, and later reissued by Heavy Slander, the key Czech tabloid magazine, was made with Marketa Maryam Korinkova, who not only has the proper media education at the elite University, but she also lives in the Emirates, an Islamic country of the Middle East, wearing hijab and abaya proudly, learning Arabic, carrying a praying rug with her all the time, reading the Qur’an in original Arabic version every day, celebrating all the Islamic holidays and festives proudly, avoiding all the extramarital sexual encounters, keeping chastity with devotion, watching her physical treasures only for her future husband… but for the infidel fools, she plays the apostate game just perfectly.

She is so persuasive, that when you listen to her, you would never say, that she is indeed a Muslim, and a PR professional with high intelligence. Like if she would convert just yesterday, so she had no time to accept the basic thought concept of the Islamic faith – full submission to the will of Allah, which results in peace – even after several years of life at the Middle East.

And even as a submitted Muslim, she still retains her affected, irritating, provocative, heavy and thick Moravian accent in her speech (which was cleverly used during a beauty contest in Italy, which she won, deliberately representing the separatist Moravia, not the whole Czech Republic, to raise wide public attention back home, as this question is highly sensitive there: see A Star Is Born)

(The host, introduction): “She will most likely never show the physical qualities, which helped her to win in a worldwide beauty contest, again. A 27 years old Czech female fashion model, Marketa Maryam Korinkova, converted to Islam and veiled herself. She is single, she accepted an Arabic name (=meaning “Mother of Isa/Jesus”), and she lives in the Middle East, where she works as a marketing manager. What led a successful young woman to such substantial life decision?”

(MMK) “It was not like meeting somebody, and he would tell me, ‘Look, I think that you should convert to islam’. It came from the inner me, from some spiritual essence, which I can’t describe exactly and logically.

I knew for long time, that I will move out from my homeland, I always had the feeling that I would like to live rather somewhere else, so I had travelled a lot.”

(Voiceover) She moved to the Middle East, a marketing manager became from a fashion model. She had changed much more, than mere place of residence and job.

Just three years ago, she presented her body in a bikini swimsuit, today, as a Muslim, she veils her hair with a scarf, and she rejects the older videos, where her body is exposed, to be published (=clips with deliberately pixelated Maryam in swimsuit, lying on a sand with her friends, follow).

(MMK) “We all develop. Someone develops the way, that a decent person starts to undress somewhere, and someone goes the opposite way. I don’t think it’s something special.”

(A colleague from school, Martina Vacikova) “I remember her as one of the most beautiful girls of the grade, she had a lot of interests, like sports, fashion modeling, but she didn’t accept it as a career, rather a means to visit other places, to travel…”

(Jakub Vindis, actor, friend) “She is a happy person, sincere, and I think she was destroyed by the envious people here, who are not sincere.”

(Voiceover) A private trip brought her into the Middle East, into a rich Islamic country, United Arab Emirates, where she decided to live, find a job, and after a year, even to accept the local religion, Islam. The family and some friends were embarrassed because of her decision, but today, they understand it already.

(MMK) “I wasn’t raised towards any religion, or to be an atheist, so this question was completely open for me.”

(Jakub Vindis) “It surprised me, but not in a bad sense, she simply came back into the homeland, bright, shining, different person than I knew, and I said, what, are you a Muslim now?”

(Martina Vacikova) “I think, that she changed her personality a lot. at least in percepting the values she had before, and now. Before, she had a very ‘commercial’ perception of the world (=mindless consumerism of the Western society), as we all are led to it, as we live where we live, but she lives in a completely different culture now.”

(Voiceover) Islam attracts many Europeans, women are converting to it more often, than men. Some of them because of their husbands, for some of them, it’s an escape route from the world they can’t identify with.

(Petra Prochazkova, journalist) “According to my opinion, they surrendered to some kind of disillusion of our over-technological society, the world addicted to performance, which lacks spiritual and family life, and Islam can be a chance to be anchored in something else.”

(MMK) “A prayer five times a day, and it’s made very easy here, as a praying room, or a mosque, you can find anywhere. Then, we have the Ramadan month, when we fast from sunset till dusk.”

(Voiceover) In the country, where she lives, women are more free, than in the adjacent Saudi Arabia. They study universities, drive cars, visit restaurants and discotheques. But even here, only a man can ask for a divorce, without stating a reason, and children will go to the father’s care. But Maryam doesn’t agree with the opinion, that in Islam, a woman is subordinated to a man.

(MMK, laughing like a fool) “I am sorry, but I have to laugh, as it really doesn’t work in Islam this way. A woman is taken very seriously, highly respected, and in some local families, with roots directly in Islam, the father decides only for the impression of the outside world, but the mother pulls the secret fibres.”

(Voiceover) Even in quite liberal Islamic country of her residence, the faith is taken as a serious matter, and decision to accept Islam is a one-way trip. A convert who would reconsider his new way, would commit a serious sin.

(Petra Prochazkova) “Islam takes this step very strictly. It’s not like a decision to go for a holiday, and then to come back, because I don’t like it there, and to go somewhere else. It’s a very serious life decision.”

(Voiceover man) “Maryam claims, that she has this issue resolved. With new faith, she found a new home, she can leave it any time, but it won’t happen most likely.”

(MMK) “Never say never, but except family, and beautiful historical landmarks and nature, nothing attracts me into the homeland.”

Indeed, something is missing in her speech, and something extremely important: the word “Allah”, presenting, that she is submitted to Him, that He is the one and only one, without partners, who decides all her steps and events, and she submits (=He has the full control of her, and her steps and deeds are rather His).

She claims to believe in Him, and still, she doesn’t say His name only once. That’s the perfect Taqiya… you would expect, that if Allah is at the first place of her values, always in her mind, so it will be projected into her speech inevitably. But it seems, that her values are different, close to infidels, at least on the surface.

Not speaking, that she should say “Inshallah”, when speaking about future achievements (=which can be achieved only with His permission), and “Mashallah”, when she expresses joy of some past achievement (for example, thanking Allah, that He took her to the Middle East, to find the faith: “It was the will of Allah”).

She sounds rather opportunistic, like if she would just play the Islamic game, to succeed in the highly competitive Middle East. She sounds like a common infidel woman, and if she would’t have that scarf on her head, no one would guess, that she is a Muslim. This is a perfect way, how to persuade the world, and thousands of her followers, that Islam is just something exotic, even sexy, and not harmful, not dangerous, like that terrorists from the Islamic State, shown in the Western mass media all the time, to damage the pure picture of Islam.

And there is much more of questionable thoughts, which Marketa presented deliberately, willing to play the apostate game, in higher interests of Islam. In another interview, a very extensive one, with a web gossip magazine, she said the most disturbing, even shocking statements, which need to be perceived as a pure deception. She used the word Allah only once, and not in relation towards herself, and never said the words “peace” or “submission” or “will” or “Insallah” or “Mashallah”, which are integral to her (alleged) faith.

The suspicion of the audience, that she is a fake convert, with only superficial knowledge of the faith, is more than strong. If you want to lie successfully, than you should know the subject deeply… but it seems, that an infidel always reveals himself or herself, because some knowledge can be found only inside the faith, not just by reading about it.

But even an apostate, and apparent enemy of Islam, can serve the faith very well, like Dominika Myslivcova, Eva Perkausova, and Michaela Homolkova confirm. And Allah is the best of deceivers.

Why did you leave your homeland? What bothered you here?

I don’t say, that something is expressively bothering me here, but the local mindset is not too close to my preference. I have many friends here, but I am irritated by the local mood. Everything is depressive here, and success is forgiven to nobody. People are searching for bad things on others. I will give you a simple example: you buy a new car, and until the second day, it’s completely scratched, because of envy. It happened in our family several times. The last case was several days ago. It was so deep, to the chassis.

How can she be irritated by infidels, and their endless problems? Isn’t she liberated by Islam? And why she describes that car issue in such extreme detail, like if she would be too dependent on a mass of steel, instead of Allah? For her, does some car mean more, than Allah, and her alleged faith?

Is there an Islamic country where you couldn’t live, because it would be a mess?

Saudi Arabia. That wouldn’t be possible for me. Some of their customs go directly against the Qur’an. Oppression of women. A woman can’t do this or that. But it’s only about their traditions, which have nothing to do with Islam.

How can she speak dirty about the country, where Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was born, lived and died for Islam? Where the only complete and perfected religion got its final form, being written into the Qur’an? Where it all started, fighting with many powerful enemies and obstacles, who wanted to crush Islam? Where she directs all her prayers, towards Kaaba, located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia? Even if they would do anything there… how can a Muslim speak about this sacred country badly?

And what is not allowed for women, for example?

They are not entitled to have the driving license, most of the local women must wear a niqab, it means, their face veiled. But it’s not the matter of Islam. A Muslim woman can’t enter a mosque, covered with niqab, anyway. And when she goes to the journey to Mecca, she is not allowed to wear it. It’s a big misconception, that people think, that Islam forces us to veil. It’s only about cultural matter.

She seems to speak completely out of her mind here. To live in Saudi Arabia, the blessed land of Islam, is an utmost gift for any Muslim, man or woman, and they are missing some driving licenses, complaining like old grandmas?
And why doesn’t she say, that she veils voluntarily, to keep proper distance between men and herself, to keep the desirable balance in the society, not misusing her female assets, granted by Allah, presenting her modesty, and status of full submission to Him, to get His ultimate protection against male (sexual) violence? Does she even know the (practical) purpose of veiling?

How well can you eat, when wearing a niqab?
Not so good. It makes problems. Many of those women pull out the niqab from her face, when they want to eat in peace.

Whoever saw a woman in niqab, is a witness, that she simply removes it temporarily, and eats, even in front of other people, and not only at the Middle East. Not speaking about the gloves, which some of them are wearing in addition.

Don’t you think, that Europeans, who convert, take Islam more seriously, than born Muslims?

I also know many people, who converted, and they are really deep into the religion. I should improve myself, to compare to them. I keep the rules, which I consider as principal, but I am not a fanatic. If you have a look at me, you notice, that part of my hair is exposed. There are Muslim women, who would never allow that. But I think, it’s too much. When I go to a mosque, I arrange my scarf properly. I think, that nothing should be taken too seriously. It’s about conscience of everybody. If some Muslim drinks wine, I don’t agree with it, but I won’t condemn him, because of that. It’s only between him and Allah.

Although she shows some limited repentance here, admitting, that her relation to Islamic duties is cold, her claims are really shocking here. To keep the simple, beneficial rules of Islam is fanatism? To be a Muslim means not only to recite the Shahadah, wear a scarf, and choose the rules you like, which are easy for you to keep, ignoring others conveniently. There is only one Islam, and you either keep the rules, or not. Fortunately, Allah is known as Ever accepting Repentance, but what she says, it’s pure apostasy.
If some Muslim drinks wine, and she doesn’t condemn him, warning him of the sin… then she is yet worse, than the culprit, who made an animal from him voluntarily, moving away from Allah deliberately.

Do you visit a mosque regularly?

Not completely. We women have things much easier. If I explain it completely simply, then, we get points before Allah, when we pray. And there is a difference, when a man prays home, or at mosque. For visiting a mosque, he gains more points, let’s say. But for women, to have it easier, we have the full amount of points, if we pray at home, or anywhere else.

Yes, women are like this, calculating and counting all the time. But in Islam, with Allah? How can you translate the favors and love of Allah into some rewards, and foolish points, like some accountant infidel, gathering grain like a chipmunk?
It’s not about points, it’s about going voluntarily, where you belong, where you want to be, to be with the brothers or sisters in Islam, not to be isolated, because in Islam, you are a part of the Ummah, and only them you should have as friends, regardless of skin color, wealth. They are your people, not the infidels.
“Points”… that’s terrible! She can be glad and grateful, that Allah does something for her, at the first place! By “making”, “earning” points, you can hardly buy His favor… but loving Him, worshipping Him from all of your heart, without wishing to get something back, it’s something.

Do you pray on the street?

In the country, where I live, it’s the most easy, because there are mosques everywhere. If I am in a shopping mall, for example, and I hear, that instead of music, calling to prayer is transmitted, then I stop shopping, I go to pray into a mosque nearby, which is in the shopping mall, and then I resume shopping.

Like a machine, who must pray… in reality, the Islamic prayer is the most enjoyable activity, both in physical and spiritual sense.
Why doesn’t she say “Adhan” instead of “Calling to prayer”, like if an infidel would be describing it? For any Muslim, and  even many infidels, to hear adhan, it’s the best and most beautiful sound of the world.
And why doesn’t she remember the times of the daily prayers, watching the clock naturally, to do all the prayers in time, to fulfill her duties, knowing the upcoming prayer, yet before Adhan is announced? It seems, that she definitely doesn’t make the obligatory prayers, although she is not alone, who breaks this duty, let’s be honest.
She stops shopping, makes a prayer, and resumes shopping, like if nothing would happen… but the purpose of the prayer is to disconnect from the worldly affairs, to reconnect with Allah, to repent sins, to wash them from you, by doing wudu/ghusl, the ablution. But she? As soon as she finishes with the prayer, she continues consuming mindlessly, like infidels!
Moreover, whoever was in a mosque once, regarding a congregational prayer, it’s never so fast. It needs time, and additional rakats (=praying cycles) are presented to Allah before, and after the common prayer, and also du’a (=wishing prayers) are made. And there can be no rush, if you are speaking to Allah, because He is the only one, who Always Listens. But this woman has apparently no spare time for Him, or her sisters, who would like to greet her and chat with her after the prayer, a common custom in mosques… but she is is a hurry, she needs to continue shopping, to buy all that infidel merchandise, to be happy. Blah.

Do you keep the duty to pray five times a day?

I try, but sometimes I miss.

How can she openly admit to infidels, that she breaks the faith? Why doesn’t she say, that all the missed prayers are substituted as soon as possible, so the order is preserved, because worshipping Allah is the utmost and absolute priority, before anything and anybody else, including your family, job, money and other worldly affairs?
And what does she mean by mere “trying”? If you are a Muslim, you do just anything, what is obligatory by your faith. It’s as natural, as breathing for the infidels. Of course, only, if you are a believer.

And in the homeland?

It’s more complicated here. Imagine, that I would take a praying carpet, and I would start praying here, in the restaurant. What would happen? It would be a controversy. I try, when I am at home. But Islam has many logical simplifications. So, when you travel, you can limit the prayers to three. You pray in the morning, then you have the whole day for the second prayer, and in the evening, you pray at home again.

Allah doesn’t care about your excuses, and definitely not about your fear of infidels, what they would think about you, if you would start worshipping Allah in front of them. If you are a believer, the world simply disappears, if it comes to your sacred Islamic duties… and infidels are the last, who should influence your love and worshipping of Allah, and your steps and actions, because you should bow only in front of Allah, not them.
She always tries to find some excuses, and reasons, why she can’t worship Allah. A proper apostate indeed.

What is your opinion about the Islamic State?

We Muslims are very unhappy because of it. The name they chose, it says, that Islam is bad, and the terrorism belongs to Islam. That’s why I like the Daesh designation more, where is no Islam word in the name.

Like always, woman speaks for all the Muslims boldly, even without any authorization, like in 8/2016, when a few Czech Muslims claimed, that they speak for all of them, while going to embrace Christian infidels, praying with them in their church, even making an alleged protective chain over their temple, effectively becoming apostates. Do they pray for the endless Muslim victims of NATO airstrikes in Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Israeli endless violent incursions against Palestinians, keeping them in Gaza Strip, like in some cage?
The problem is not terrorism: problem is infidel thinking. Allah knows the best, what is right: so worship Him, and let Him sort all things out, don’t fill up your mind with worldly problems, because there always were, are and will be wars, for power, territory, resources, religion, and you can’t stop them, anyway.
The proper approach to terrorism is simply to ignore it, and continue worshipping Allah in peace. But infidels want you to speak endlessly, to babble, like them, to condemn this and that, to became a part of their foolish game. They created ISIS terrorists at the first place (=the leading ISIS ranks met in the American prisons in Iraq during the U.S. occupation of the country, which was followed after unlawful invasion, because of alleged WMDs, which were never found), and the terrorists serve to their (U.S.) goals, plus to goals of many other parties. So, playing this nasty game with the infidels, is just foolish, non-Islamic.
The infidels try to manipulate you often, so you will make a fool from you, and this Islamic State, and suicide bombers issue, are very favorite topics of these provocateurs. If you react to it, you are a fool. Why should you answer to all their dumb questions? Why should you talk to them too much, why should you be too friendly and kind towards them? They are not your brothers and sisters, and the distance should be kept from them at all times.
The proper reply here would be, that all religions can be, and are misused, not only Islam. Even the Jews have their violent ultraorthodox extremists, and Christians too (Mark Chapman murdered John Lennon in 1980, because the former Beatles singer said that unfortunate statement, that “Beatles are now more famous, than Jesus”).
And using that designation Daesh… it’s just cheap. If the terrorists use an “Islamic” word in their name, it doesn’t mean, that they represent the whole Islam. And only a fool would be irritated just by a name: every believer is responsible for his or her deeds only, and this should be a primary concern. Not, that some group uses the “Islamic” word in their name, whereas they can be a front organization of infidels.
Indeed, it can’t be denied, that the ISIS is somehow connected to Islam: but for any Muslim, only Allah is really important, and everything other is just the worldly noise.

Of course, that they are not Muslims. How can anyone kill anyone and to think, that he will go to the heaven? It’s total nonsense. It’s only about power and money. They are simply a working corporation.

How can she be sure, who they are, or not? She hasn’t seen a single one, she only reads the corrupted Western media, and accepts it as a reliable source of information, shaping her opinion, like the infidel propaganda wants.
Indeed, those terrorists are a questionable part of the Islamic world, but it’s not a duty or right of any Muslim, to appraise or condemn them, to discuss them, to think about them. The only duty of a Muslim is to worship Allah, refraining from dividing things in the world into allegedly bad or allegedly good: only Allah knows the best, what is right, and what is wrong.
The Islamic State exists, and Devil exists also. Also violence and cancer exist. People are killing people, all religions are fighting against others without mercy. But it’s just losing time to condemn it all, to complain, to fear, to fight it, to think about it too much. Indeed, it’s the best approach to let Allah to sort things out.

You claim, that you found god, but it has many forms. Why didn’t you start to believe in Jesus for example, and instead of a Christian, you became a Muslim?

What I don’t understand, that in Christianity, someone steals from someone, and then, he can go to a church, to make a confession, pays a religious tribute, and everything is forgiven. He gets an absolution. This is what discourages me from Christianity. In Islam, it’s different. If you make a damage to someone, then the god can’t forgive you. The person you damaged has to forgive you. How can the god forgive you something, what you have done to someone else? This seems more logical to me.

How is it possible, that during the authorization of the article, she didn’t tell the journalist, that the God you worship, is always with a big “G”?
And why shouldn’t Allah forgive you? He is Ever Accepting Repentance, Ever Forgiving. Did the woman ever read 99 Beautiful Names of Allah, anyway? Does she even now something about her Lord, which she allegedly worships?
Will you be relying on some mortal fool, whom you allegedly damaged, instead of Allah? And it’s written in Qur’an, that it’s not you, who threw a stone, it’s Allah himself. Allah has control of you: what you do, it’s His will… if you are indeed His servant.
Moreover, what if it was a covert blessing for the man, or woman, that he or she learned, that the only thing, which is important, is Allah, not possessions, not physical things, who will disintegrate into ash, including human bodies? How can you judge the actions of Allah, who has control over the alleged thief, and He had His reasons, why He allowed it?
Again, like during that example with a scratched car, she presents, that she is deeply connected to the physical world, seeing only the objects, instead of Allah. Theft is worse for her, than lack of faith towards Allah.
But only Allah is important, and all sins can be forgiven, if you have enough faith, and you come to Allah, to present your Repentance and ask for Compassion and Mercy.
The woman apparently knows nothing about the basic concepts of the Islamic faith. She is not a believer.

You said, that you are looking for a partner for life. What if he would ask you, to move to Saudi Arabia, where the women have limited rights?

I wouldn’t agree with that. I wouldn’t want to live there. Saudi Arabia is an extreme. Many citizens of this Middle East country perceived them as something not normal. It’s unfortunate, that many people are thinking, that they (=Saudis) are representing Islam, but it’s not true. I wouldn’t move into such country.

And who represents Islam, then? Women like this, alleged “moderate” believers? Worshipping dogs, embracing infidels?
Again, whoever speaks only a single bad word about Saudi Arabia, the sacred land, where Islam was born in its perfected form, bringing welfare, freedom, peace and hapiness to billions, is an apostate.
Moreover, it’s Allah, who decides, where she will live, or not. Not herself. Again, she presents, that she is not fully submitted to the Will of Allah. She maybe wears hijab, but she is not a Muslim.

Have you ever thought, that in the future, you could fall in love with a non-Muslim?

That couldn’t happen. I don’t say, that I keep contact only with Muslims, because that wouldn’t be true. I have friends between Christians, Muslims, hinduists. Here, in this Middle East country, the religion is not an issue. I have friends through the whole religious range. But I don’t perceive a non-Muslim as a potential partner. I wouldn’t accept someone, who drinks. I will save problems in the future. You don’t want to have an alcoholic beside you.

The Qur’an says clearly: don’t take infidels as friends, and she confesses to this bad deed. Isn’t there enough good Muslims, to become her friends? What is so great about infidels, that she needs to accept them as friends at the first place, submitting to their harmful, non-Islamic, corrupted and deviated influence? Or is she corrupted too, different from them only because of her hijab?
Although she states, that her partner has to be Muslim, drinking is not the only problem of infidels. Here, she should say, that she can’t marry an infidel, as it’s forbidden in Islam. A Muslim woman can marry only a Muslim man, but a Muslim man can marry a woman, belonging to the People of the Book. The reason is proper Islamic care of the children, and also to prevent the option, that an infidel will force a Muslim woman, who is generally weaker, to convert to his deviated faith, taking the children with her, into the infidel grasp.

When we touched the issue of our president, what do you think about his extreme stance to Islam?

I am not able to handle the news, because it always makes me angry, or it makes me sad. I can’t watch the misundestanding.

Again, how can the problems of infidels make her angry? It’s their decadent, corrupted system, it’s not Islam. A Muslim is always in peace, there is no reason to be angry, because of miserable infidel world, always full of problems, wars, divisions, conflicts and violence. Again, she presents, that she is connected to the infidel world, and its corrupted values, very deeply.

But people are afraid after the terrorist attacks in Paris. It’s not just about populism.

It happened. But it’s the matter of terrorists. I am afraid of them too. Although I am a Muslim, they would kill me anyway, even if I would be able to recite parts of the Qur’an in Arabic. It’s a dumb rule, because they never read the Qur’an anyway.

When women start to talk about terrorism, it becomes always funny. The IS terorists are targeting people without any religious discrimination, including Muslims. The described event happened only in Africa, where the Boko Haram, another Islamic terrorist organization, during an assault of a shopping mall, indeed tested people of reciting a particular surah of the Qur’an, to decide whom to let live, and whom not.
Anyway, how can she be scared of terrorists, of anybody, and death? If you are submitted to Allah, He is protecting you, and if you are to leave the world, it’s only the will of Allah, not some terrorist, or aggressor. or cells of cancer, or a disease, or an accident.
Again, she completely denies the basic principle of the faith. A Muslim has no reason to afraid anybody, and anything, except Allah, only infidel has such reasons: and she speaks like them, thinks like them. She is apparently one of them.
Again, how can she be sure, that the terrorists never read the Qur’an? Does she know them, or she only read the corrupted Western media and their propaganda, who want to damage Islam, by using these terrorists?
The IS terrorists are a very questionable phenomenon indeed, but she speaks as a pure infidel here. Again.

Let’s go back to your partner at the Middle East…

I have none right now. There was an acquaintance, but it ended rather bitterly.

She should say, that it was not the will of Allah, to be together with him… If she would be a Muslim, and she is not.

How is that?

The reason is, I am not searching for entertainment anymore, but for a partner for life. A husband.

Here, she should say, that she can find a suitable man only with the permission of Allah, not because of her own will, or luck. It’s Allah, who decides all affairs. Not her. But she knows nothing about Islam, so ommiting of this extremely important parts of speech of any Muslim, like Insallah, or Mashallah, could be expected.

Will you keep chastity before marriage?

I will try as best as I can. But I am just a human. I will try hard.

No, you are a Muslim at the first place, and a Muslim can be recognized by his firm word. This only reflect doubts about her faith, her values, and herself.

It seems, that she simply still needs to find her way to Allah, because she needs to be healed from some deep issues, acquired in her previous infidel life, which she can’t disconnect with. But Allah is the most powerful, and He will liberate her from her persisting infidel confinement (Inshallah). Allah has the intention with her, so the issue can be resolved, with His permission.

But the infidels will catch completely different message: She speaks like one of us, only praying, so what is the difference? We can accept her…

To conquer hearts and minds of the enemy, using Psychological Warfare means, is the key step to victory. In the end, the infidels will defeat themselves, just by using their corrupted, wrong, sick mind, which makes bad assumptions all the time.

She gave them, what she wanted, but her heart remained true. And this is the real face of modern Islamic women: smiling at infidels, embracing them, but cursing them in their heart.

Oh, Allah: thank you for them, as they are securing the sustainable future of Islam, and also the final victory, achieved softly and indirectly, teaching Muslims, how to counter the ever expanding, extremely powerful, silent and balanced Chinese, who are changing the world right now, with their indirect approach, getting all former strong players on their knees.

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