Special Munitions: Icy Projectiles IDP (no identification)

All dreams about perfect murder or assassination (or in Orwellian newspeak, extrajudical killing), where the weapon can’t be identified by investigating police forces, so a Special Forces operator can escape after a successful mission safely and full plausible deniability can be retained, are now fulfilled!

Icy projectiles simply melt after use, as they are only a frozen water! What more can be said? Buy now, don’t get caught, like a fool!

Use of product has five stages: first, creating projectiles in the transport box (depicted), using a common freezer, while nanites alter the ice structure for higher resistance to warmth. Second, transporting the bullets to destination (they can last inside the box up to 24 hours). Third, insertion into a specially manufactured magazine, up to 90 minutes before use. Fourth, chambering a round (3 minutes before use). Fifth… you guess!

Wu Corporation – Special Munitions


Alan Svejk