Special Munitions: Modified Plastic Projectiles (Undetectable). Bullet Cartridge Projectile Invisible Undetectable Scanner Smuggle Airport Control Check Physical Travel Police Technology Invisible

Everybody wants those cuties, not only elite Special Forces units, because these bullets are simply sweet! And you can even travel with them, without being bothered by that airport controls, because even the most advanced scanners can’t find these fully plastic cartridges, but retaining over 90% of effectivity of metal ones!

Made from hardened polycarbonate and enhanced with nanites, this beauty is completely shapeless and invisible for any electronic eye! Test it, and if it will fail, we will give you money back without discussion!

And they are so sexy, transparent, so before our photographer arranged their package for artistic shooting, someone stole most of them… because no one can simply resist them! Can you???

Wu Corporation offers also plastic magazines, tactical equipment, and even firearms, like stylish Walther PPK… all invisible for those Orwellian fools and their bothering surveillance. So, if you want something really sexy and glamorous… visit our Dubai or Teplice offices, to have a chat! Coffee for free, we promise!

Wu Corporation – Special Munitions

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