Special Munitions: Poisoned Projectile Ordnance (PPO). Bullet Projectile Cartridge Assault Ambush Warfare Combat Battle Covert Assassination Enemy Target Special Forces Military Operation Assassin

In some Special Forces clandestine military operations, hurting a high value enemy is not enough, as he (or she) needs to be removed certainly from the scene, not to jeopardize and damage national security and higher state interests any more.

To secure success even in high-level assassination attempts, where a failure is not an option, as too much is in stake, Wu Corporation offers original, highly poisonous mixtures for Special Forces use, either with immediate or postoponed effect, which can’t be cured by common antidotes, but only with a particular counter substance, provided as a part of the asssault package, with classified composition.

Thus, if an affected enemy provides critical information, he cooperates and/or the higher command reconsiders the fateful choice of his elimination, his life can still be saved.

The mixture can be used also autonomously, applied on bullets of any calibre, needles and knives, even spears and arrows, if you want to be really stylish… the options for effective use are limitless.

To be a modern assassin is a pleasure, with our highly exciting and satisfying products! Buy now, and get rid of that pest finally! Give your nation the freedom from oppressors, which you all deserve!

Wu Corporation – Special Munitions

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