Special Unit C102 – PSYOPS/PSYWAR

Long time ago, PSYOPS meant to drop some leaflets on the enemy’s position and using loudspeakers, persuading him to surrender.

But later it was found, that application of advanced PSYOPS methods (A-PSYOPS) can bring immense advantages in modern society too, so the PSYOPS branch started to develop intensively, when the critical necessity arose to defeat the terrorists from Islamic State.

The basic task is to persuade somebody to do something, not to do something, to think something, or not to think something. In practice, to influence the target group’s perception, opinion, stances and actions, using via wide range of means, including press, artificial political puppets, elite fashion models, specialized cyber measures and special weaponry.

The best thing is, that in combat, PSYOPS save the lives of both friendly and enemy soldiers and civilians, so it is also the most sustainable military branch ever existed. And with the present accent on sustainable development of society, no wonder, that the Unit thinks the modern way too.

PSYOPS are a part of so called Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR), and the Unit contributes to this special knowledge widely, for example, creating Gender Warfare, Female Warfare (FEMWAR)Counter Special Forces (CSF), Counter Terrorism (CT) and Asian Warfare strategies.

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