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It all began with some friendly, but hard rivalry between several PSYOPS units of NATO armies. One European PSYOPS unit, from Romanian Army, declared so daringly to be the number one, so a proper reaction had to come.

After a PSYOPS course in Fort Bragg (U.S.), where a few Army officers participated, a classified internal report was written, with some fresh ideas, how to gain the lost ground back, and become the best in the world, doing things differently, a new, unforeseen and unprecedented, innovative way.

It was decided to implement the new remedies immediately, but the official PSYOPS Army unit seemed unsuitable to achieve them, so Special Unit C102: PSYOPS was established. A shell business corporation in practice, the Unit began special PSY operations the way never seen before.

To deceive sniffing foreign Intelligence services, the designation of the Unit was deliberately chosen to resemble the designation of 102nd Special Forces Reconnaissance Battalion, only with “C” letter in the name, meaning “Civilian”, because the Unit operates mostly in the civilian environment, but it also has some additional combat tasks in a case of state emergency. Unit’s battledress shoulder patch can be seen in Insignia section.

The Unit’s motto was chosen the latin “Omnia Vincit Amor”, Love Conquers All. Whoever serves in the Unit, must have positive attitude to the public, people and citizens, respect their values and freedoms. The Unit perceives Persuasion as mutually beneficial business – both sides give and gain.

What is Our Mission?
Find out, why the Unit is sometimes called Estrogen Mafia
See Unit’s distinctive Insignia (honorary, peace, combat)
Read about our Honorary Patron
Learn more about Special Forces Command (SFC)
Get information about the Unit’s Main Base of Operations
Hear our Unofficial Anthem
See the Syrian Shark, a signature sniper rifle
Check out our Control Measures
Who can issue a Launch Order of our WMDs?
Enjoy some Military Poetry
Get to know Public Rumors about us
Pay respect to Memory of Our Heroes
Help with search for our Missing Soldier
The Unit also uses some special, highly classified Armament
… including a Nuclear Missile, called “The Dark Sun”
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NATO Unit Identification File

Special Unit C102: PSYOPSSpecial Unit C102 PSYOPS -Alan-Svejk (2)

2B, Paramilitary, Civilian Environment
Wartime: Under 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion (Special Forces)
 (with assigned 499th Special Armored Assault Task Force)

Psychological Operations / Psychological Warfare
Advanced Unconventional Warfare Measures
(Assymetric, Cyber, Economic, Irregular, Political, Female, Asian, Sectarian)
Counterrorism against Islamic State

Propaganda, Social Media, Copywriting
Media Information Operations (INFOOPS)
Highly Advanced Public Relations (PR)
Mastered Civil Affairs / Public Affairs
Human Intelligence Assets (HUMINT)
Covert Military / Security Activities (Callsign: Z7A)

1) To gain wide public support for military assignments
(using advanced PSYOPS methods and techniques)
 2) To promote the feminine element in the military power
 3) To promote Higher Public Interests home and abroad
 4) (Classified)

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