Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Armament/Weaponry

For fulfilling its demanding paramilitary combat tasks, particularly in the Middle Eastern region, where the future of the world is shaped nowadays and the Islamic State has to be defeated, the Unit uses unique weaponry.

After “Avenger 2”, highly classified hi-tech laser anti-aircraft weapon system was obtained from the U.S., designated for protection of the most valuable pieces of state treasure, the next asset in the Unit’s arsenal was a prototype of “Avenger 3 PSY-DEW”, developed in a classified joint military-industrial complex project of NATO and The Corporation.

PSY Weapons for Peace - Military, Security, Special Operations, Counterinsurgency, Middle East, defeating Islamic State terrorists - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsThis ultimate “toy” allows us to influence the minds and bodies of enemy pilots, forcing them to run away from the battle, or even to turn against their original benefactors, keeping the rules of sustainable warfare. A related development, fully portable, directed at executing special operations in the rear of the enemy by covert human assets, is called Assault Device, a part of PSY Weapons for Peace development programme.

Pandur II 8x8 PSY-AA - NATO tactical support special vehicle - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsIn November 2015, the Unit received an improved version of Pandur II armored personnel carrier by Steyr, enhanced with long-range PSY armament for effective ground and anti-air warfare in urban environments, designated as “Pandur II 8×8 PSY-AA”. This tactical support vehicle in NATO service now provides a paradigm shift for executing special military operations against Islamic State terrorists in Syria, Iraq and Libya.

USP-PSYOPS H - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsThe latest addition to Unit’s cyber warfare, economic warfare and political warfare arsenal is USP-PSYOPS, “Universal Social Platform for Targeted Psychological Influencing of Masses, Groups and Individuals”, a new generation of extremely advanced, but fully sustainable weaponry, used in the virtual battlespace to protect higher interests and national security, including containing the Chinese threat.

PHE-X Artificial Female Pheromone Chemical Warfare substance business military operations influence persuasion - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsThe Unit received first shipments of a highly classified next-gen chemical substance, developed for the specialized use in the Unconventional Warfare branch, particularly for FEMWAR, promoting of their female assets in all possible environments, called PHE-X, based on an artificially created female sex pheromones. More details on the Unit’s Chemical Warfare department page (civilian version, PHE-XX, allegedly available too).

syrian-shark-m82-sniper-rifle-antimaterial-signature-special-forces-syria-islamic-state-marketa-vselichova-czech-executive-action-counter-terrorism-s-exp-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsA signature M82 antimaterial sniper rifle, called “The Syrian Shark”, used by Czech Special Forces “Executive Action” (EX) assassin Marketa Vselichova with over 100 confirmed kills of Islamic State terrorists, is exhibited in the restricted SPECOPS main base near Teplice, called “The Facility” (publicly inaccessible, because of classified CHEMWAR research, conducted at the site).

the-dark-sun-nuclear-retaliation-weapon-of-the-czech-military-icbm-missile-rocket-silo-teplice-specops-base-secret-2-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsMany concerns arised recently, whether the Unit, and its WMD department, participates in development of a nuclear weapon, and a ballistic missile with long effective range, to reach North Korea, using the old Nazi Germany blueprints, discovered near the town of Stechovice. The reply is the same, as provided by the state of Israel to the issue: we won’t confirm, or deny, whether the Czech Military possesses nuclear armament, and a suitable carrier, and whether so called “Project 258”, a part of Operation DARK SUN, exists at a miltiary base near Teplice, or not.

t-72-surikata-tank-unmanned-decoy-explosive-depleted-uranium-infiltration-high-value-targets-psy-counter-guerilla-urban-warfare-terror-resistant-superior-armor-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairT-72 SURIKATA, a massive technological improvement of obsolete Russian T-72B tank, is the most advanced combat vehicle ever built. With unique ability to create unlimited number of persuasive virtual copies of itself, including thermal footprint, it convinces any terrified enemy, that whole armored army is rolling towards his positions, which brings immense advantages for eliminating the key commanding structures of the enemy, including high value targets, and general urban warfare, plus counter-guerilla operations.

anti-canine-k9-essences-equipment-ace-dog-military-police-security-special-forces-protection-poison-elimination-disabling-sniffing-ability-spice-spike-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAnti-Canine Essences (ACE), a portfolio of specialized products for countering military and police dogs (K9 units), provides SF operators an important ability to eliminate or disable dogs instantly, to protect the soldiers during manhunts, or to allow them to infiltrate enemy installations without being detected by guard dogs. Consists of a strong poison with immediate effect, special spikes to hurt or deliver assault substances into canine adversaries to eliminate them at long-range, and spices to eliminate canine sniffing ability.

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS
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