Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Asian Warfare (ASW) Dept

While the world is distracted by endless fighting with Islamic State terrorists, and many political and social divisions are created, three Asian countries abstain from any armed conflicts, gathering devastating ordnance, getting stronger every day, and keeping unity of their national communities: it’s China (PRC, People’s Republic of China), Japan and DPRK (North Korea), described in the Asian Files.

There is only one adversary in the whole world, that Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an elite paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Army, really afraids of: it’s China.

For the purpose of countering Asian countries in case of a future conflict, the Czech Army SFC (=Special Forces Command) ordered the Unit to be divided into departments, one of them specialized solely at Asian Warfare, it means, studying Asian thinking, values, combat tactics, weaknesses, regarding both Conventional and Unconventional Warfare, including Economic Warfare, to counter China’s extremely high influence in the world economy, including restricting access to the raw precious materials.

The Czech tabloid media informed their readers, that the Unit warned the Ministry of Defence and NATO big shots openly, that a war against China is lost in advance, and fight with terrorism is only a small game for kids, in comparison with extremely mighty China as adversary. For example, the Chinese are the only one entity, able to counter otherwise unstoppable spread of Islam (see Tales from a Mosque).

USP-PSYOPS H - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsWhen asked openly, whether China could be standing behind creating endless divisions and armed conflicts at the Middle East, the Unit refused to comment. Rumored deployment of sinister USP-PSYOPS against Chinese youngsters by the Unit, to disrupt the cohesion of China, by targeting the weakest social group, most inclined to accept foreign influence, manipulation and advanced subliminal messages.

Alexandra Pianka Special Unit C102 PSYOPS Asian Warfare Fashion Supermodel Dubai UAE Emirates Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsCurrent top operative of the Unit, assigned to operations of special defense importance at the Chinese environment, is Asset A105, a German female fashion supermodel Alexandra Pianka, called “The Princess of Dubai”, an alleged VIP member of the Munich Illuminati lodge, originally working in the United Arab Emirates, recruited during Operation SKINNY PUPPY, and sent into Shanghai, China, to infiltrate the Chinese luxury fashion industry, and highest ranks of the Chinese Communist Party. Her conversion to Islam is questioned, and possible influence of Marketa Korinkova Maryam, a high profile convert, as well. See The Maryam Affair.

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Operational Departments
Estrogen Mafia Infidel Female Special Forces NATO Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs


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