Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Author

Alan Svejk

Consultant in VIP Affairs | Marketing | Public Relations | Branding | Copywriting | Author of “Women Elite”


♛ Building your VIP brand, advanced Marketing Communication
…. “16 years of experience in Social Marketing and Advertising.”
♛ AAA+ Copywriter, Storytelling, Media Information Operations
…. “Let persuading words speak to your benefit and success.”
♛ Best PSYOPS (Psychological Operations) Asset worldwide
…. “Even the Americans came to learn, or to have some drinks.”
♛ Social Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Public Affairs
…. “Give people, what they want and desire – they’ll prefer you.”
♛ Training Women Elite for Business, PR, Security and Military
…. “There is a way, how to release their vast hidden potential.”

♚ “Women Elite”: an intriguing tale of Female Leadership in
…. Corporate and Military Affairs (315 pages, English, finished)
♚ “Women Elite Training”: specialized career series for women
…. in Business, Public Relations, Security and Military (English)
♚ Author of the novel “Svejk 2: The Army Elite”, an unique work
…. about modern Military Affairs, Female Military Elite Inclusion

✔ CSR: Women Inclusion, professional HR counsultancy
✔ VIP Affairs, Celebrity, Fashion Models PR/promotions
✔ Unique presentation skills, effective public speaking
✔ Special PR projects, useful in business/media/politics
✔ Persuade and influence, using advanced PSY means
✔ Original concepts, creative strategies, “out of the box”
✔ Art of arousing emotions, attention of target groups
✔ Social trends, perception, preferences, interests
✔ Chinese culture, philosophy, military tactics, influence



Alan Svejk