Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Chemical Warfare dept

Although the use of malicious chemical agents in modern warfare is banned by various, strictly enforced international treaties, including Geneva Conventions, the clandestine paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Army, Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, specialized in Unconventional Warfare and operating deliberately out of official Army structures, uses distinctive chemicals, to promote their female assets in the social, political and business environments, so they can acquire power and influence yet easier, supported by the Unit’s black financial funds and other support structures, including powerful tabloid media.

The particular next-gen substance, called ACS (Assault Chemical Substance), sold under the brand name PHE-X and developed by The Corporation in a joint Czech-Israeli project for the military and Intelligence use, is derived from the female sex pheromones, which are released inside the female body during so called ovulation phase of her menstrual cycle (release of the human egg into the body system to be impregnated), with the purpose of attracting opposite sex for mating, and making dominance of the particular female in the female environment, gaining a competitive advantage for successful mating and breeding.

The chemical is then applied either by drinking (if the asset is denied from knowing the use of substance and possible misusing by reverse engineering), or through application of an inconspicuous roll-on deodorant package into the armpits of an operative with high security clearance, for the immediate effectivity, when the substance is combined with human sweat, produced in the armpits (see more PHE-X Product Details at the manufacturer’s page).

Combat use of the substance brings tremendous advantages for the Unit’s female assets for any purposes, both home and abroad: it was tested in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (by a Czech fashion designer Tereza Sabackova, plus Nikola Dotkova, Female Warfare department, during Operation SKINNY PUPPY) and Austria (by Katerina Rihova, Political Warfare department, during Operation ALPINE INTEREST, see Tales from a Mosque).

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