Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Control Measures

The Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an elite paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Military for executing the most sensitive tasks of national security and asserting national interests, including executive action (=assassinations) and control of devastating nuclear armament, and therefore enjoying wide freedom of actions, operating under utmost secrecy, possessing even right to take human lives, is still submitted to the Czech state, and its citizens… at least on paper, and in all that bold sweet proclamations of treacherous politicians.

For preserving overall supervision and control over the particular actions and operations of the Unit and its operatives, except the superior Special Forces Command (SFC), the following Control Measures are established, and enforced:

1) The Inner Circle (ICE)
allegedly consisting of Minister of Defence and a closed clique of high-ranked military officers, including those from Special Forces Command (SFC), suspected with Illuminati and military-industrial complex connections (The Wu Corporation), this unofficial and only rumored structure can allegedly influence the Unit’s actions, but has rather advisory function.

2) Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons (PSY, Nuclear, Chemical, Cyber)
the most important control structure, rumored to be defunct and ineffective, with the chairman, Miroslav Kalousek, bribed by the Chinese

3) Extreme Control Measures (ECM)
mostly regarding clandestine operations of the EX (Executive Action) department of the Unit, and elimination of both internal and external threats, including assassinations, if no less-lethal measures can be deployed for limited effectivity, and Czech national security is directly jeopardized.

4) Rules of Engagement (RoE)
set of rules for the combat operations during times of national emergency, when the Unit acts openly, as an integral part of 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion (declared only once: during terrorist assault of Prague, the Czech capital, committed by the Islamic State in August 2016)

5) Plausible Deniability (PAD)
the Czech state, government, Ministry of Defence and the Czech Military, are entitled to, and will deny any connection with the Unit, operations or operatives, calling it “partisan action, without knowledge or approval of the Czech state, and those responsible will be severely reprimanded, for breaking the domestic and/or international law, including Geneva Conventions”.

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS
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