Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Counter Special Forces

As the modern European police forces become more and more militarized after Brussels 2015 terrorist attacks, creating more and more Rapid Intervention Teams (SWAT) instead of classic patrol policemen, and as the modern world armies switch more and more from classic infantry to Special Forces and Paramilitaries, there is a potential combat need to counter these special and elite units, both in the battlefield and in the rear, using Psychological Warfare means, to disrupt their morale and determination to fight.

As the Special Unit C102: PSYOPS is the only asset of the Czech Military, capable of such special and extremely demanging tasks, it was assigned to search for effective ways, how to use the unique features of these elite combat groups to their disadvantage, and prefereably defeat.

After a classified deal was made with Polish GROM, an elite formation of the Polish Military, these measures were tested on this friendly NATO unit with results so devastating, that Polish government, unaware of this secret mutual operation running, sent an official protest to their Czech counterparts, causing wide media attention.

But as it was in interest of both sides to liquidate this unpleasant public affair quickly and silently, unauthorized use of The Device was marked as a culprit instead, and both sides announced, that it was only a misunderstanding.

There are rumors, that this Counter Special Forces strategy (abbreviated as CSF) is a part of overall NATO military strategy to prepare for a potential military clash with China in the future. As the Chinese are known to copy Western strategies, the number of Chinese and North Korean Special Forces is rising tremendously, and the concerned NATO simply searches for an appropriate counter move.

No closer details were released to the public yet, but Heavy Slander, a key Czech tabloid magazine, published a Special Issue about this strange affair, called The Secret War, where alleged CSF strategy should be discovered, analyzed and discussed, even after the strict warning of the authorities, that such move could directly jeopardize Czech national security, and the Chief Reporter, allegedly the Unit’s clandestine asset, could be seriously reprimanded for leaking such critical state secrets.

The domestic Czech Counterintelligence service (BIS) warned members od the Special Parliamentary Comission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons, that this effort could be backed by the Chinese themselves, to reveal this new kind of military strategy and PSYOPS, which could be used against them one day, but no proof was presented, excluding prolonged suspicion of one of the Comission’s members to be affiliated with the Chinese, even launching a police investigation against him, whether he could commit the crime of high treason.


Alan Svejk