Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Operational Departments

For executing critically important tasks of highest state interest both home and abroad, using the means of Unconventional Warfare, the Unit was, following an executive order of the Czech Ministry of Defence and Special Forces Command (SFC), in relation to the current (2016) reorganization of the Czech Special Forces, divided into following departments:

Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR)
using advanced PSY methods to influence the designated masses, social groups, or single individuals
Information Warfare (INFOWAR)
to alter the information flow on media, social, political level, to change stances of the enemy
Political Warfare (POLWAR)
to influence the political environment anywhere in the world, including forced resignations/installations of politicans
Economic Warfare (ECOWAR)
deploying ways to disrupt the economy of adversiaries, including access to the raw materials
Female Warfare (FEMWAR)
achieving various tasks in different environments, using female assets, particularly fashion models and VIPs, including seducing honey traps
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
supervision, construction, maintenance and operation of the Czech nuclear weaponry, called The Dark Sun (ballistic missile + warhead + launch silo)
Chemical Warfare (CHEMWAR)
use of specialized chemicals to promote female assets of the Unit in the social, political and business environment
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Sectarian Warfare (SECWAR)
wide research of human resources procedures, methods of infiltration into the society, and executive action against religious sects and New Age cults, like Gülenists (The Community), Osho, Illuminati
Special Unit C102 PSYOPS - Sectarian Warfare Dept SECWAR religious sects sect Illuminati Gülenists OSHO Jehova Witnesses Islamic State Czech Army - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs
Islamic Warfare (SLAM)
for specialized tasks in the Islamic environment, including countering and defeating the Islamic State
Asian Warfare (ASIAN)
getting upper hand for countering unusual Asian methods and procedures of warfare, including DPRK (North Korea), China and Japan
Special Unit C102 PSYOPS Asian Warfare - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs
Cyber Warfare (CYA)
asserting the Czech military interests in the virtual battlespace, protecting national security and disabling enemy cyber assets (USP-PSYOPS)
Assault Insects Warfare (INS)
deploying specialized insects for combat tasks, including offensive operations (delivery of explosives or PHE-X)
Family Incest Warfare (FIN)
misusing parents against children, and vice versa, for higher interests
Medical Interventions (MID)
executing forbidden medical interventions on operatives and persons of interest, including human augmentation, in cooperation with Imprivata
Counter Special Forces (CSF)
as many military and police forces deploy their specialized SWAT units today, development of proper strategy to counter them is desirable
Mass Media Warfare (MED)
specialized use of mass media, particularly tabloid and gossip sources, to influence the audience by spreading advanced rumors
Subversive Lawfare (LAWAR)
for promoting various interests by using law means, including disrupting of the cohesion of foreign states and single communities
Russian Warfare (RAM)
designated for analyzing, copying and countering Russian “Active Measures” advanced strategy to influence world affairs
Mind Control (MIC)
(de)activating, reprogramming and stealing enemy MIC assets, including advanced screening of potential double agents, infiltrating Czech security community
Counter Guerilla, Insurgency and Terrorism Warfare (CGIT)
general strategies for suppressing modern anti-state resistance movements
Counter-UAV Warfare (AUAV)
deploying specialized means of destroying/capturing/misusing enemy unmanned aerial assets (UAV), including highly miniaturized versions, manufactured using nanotechnology
Special Warfare Group (SPECWAR)
Space Warfare, Unmanned Kill Vehicles, Sabotage, Demolitions, Guerilla Warfare, Arctic Warfare, Mountain/Alpine Warfare, Rocket Ambushes, Deception Warfare, Aerial Ops (Paradrops), Underwater Ops
Active Measures Group (AMG)
arson, infiltration of activist groups, forgery, counterfeiting, influence operations, creating front organizations, organizing conferences to lure human assets and corrupt/bribe/extort/brainwash them
Assault Vehicle Driving (AVD)
For creating inconspicuous and advantageous road “accidents”, if an inconvenient human asset needs to be removed out from the way of Czech national security and higher interests, and common assassination would be risky, difficult to execute, or simply unsuitable in particular case
Technical Support Lab (TEC)
counterfeiting and forging of documents, transmissions, data packages, foreign uniforms and arsenal. Providing special equipment for operatives: incendiary sticks, lockpicking tools, miniaturized stashes, concealable weaponry, encrypted communications, assault vehicles, primers, anti-canine equipment (ACE), altered ammunition (dum-dum, poisoned, white phosphorus – ignitable, HES – High Explosive Sniper, depleted uranium artillery shells – DUAS, Plastic – undetectable, Icy – leaves no traces of assassination and disallows identification)
Social Engineering (ENSOC)
influence the direction of development of Western civilization, creating substantial ideas to improve human kind, to get ultimate power in the society, reaching highest places, hitting the whole nation, to win in the game for power and influence
Music Propaganda (MUG)
misusing music for Propaganda purposes, countering and using Illuminati influence in mass entertainment, incl. subliminal messages and mind control
499th Armored Assault Group
to provide armored support for Unit’s possible combat operations, and to test special armored vehicles of NextGen type for Czech Army, like T-72 SURIKATA and Pandur II PSY-AA
Czech Militarized Police (PCR)
outsourcing commandos (in police disguise) for special needs of state security, particularly when some delicate, sensitive operations need to be executed, where use of special procedures and equipment is necessary, including violence against political/state opponents, and Plausible Deniability is desirable for Ministry of Interior
Executive Action (EX)
to execute the most sensitive and delicate tasks of Czech national interests, both home and abroad, including physical elimination of human threats (=assassinations), this highly secretive department is outsourced either by regular Special Forces elements of 102nd Reconaissance Batallion, EXFOR, or Rapid Intervention Team of Military Police, to allow full plausible deniability of the Unit’s covert operations and to protect Unit’s clandestine operatives

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS
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