Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Executive Action (EX)

For executing special, most sensitive tasks of highest national, security and military importance for the Czech State, where also the combat and executive skills are required, including readiness and willingness to eliminate human threats in the name of higher interest (=assassinate), the Unit has its Executive Action (EX) department established, but to preserve the total secrecy of the operations and operators, the EX has no core operatives and no commander intentionally: instead, the assets are acquired “ad hoc”, for particular operations, from the ranks of the regular Special Forces of the Czech Army (particularly 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion), Rapid Intervention Team of the Military Police, or EXFOR Paramilitary (privately owned counterpart of the U.S. CIA’s Special Activities Division, managed by The Wu Corporation).

Notice: Any offensive action of the EX department is subject of precise ECM (Extreme Control Measures) procedure, and approval from all predefined higher places, including Inner Circle (ICE) and Special Forces Command (SFC).

Only three operators of the EX department, operating mercilessly under sinister motto “Creating Good By Committing Bad”, are publicly known, or at least suspected by the Czech tabloid media:

Asset A62, female:
– today missing in action, as she knew too much secrets and details of the extremely wide Illuminati conspiracy in the Czech military and business ranks, including growing influence of military-industrial complex (MIC)
– one of the first members of the Unit, originally in FEMWAR department
– possible Special Forces or Intelligence background
– received special training for handling the most advanced military hardware of the present, including PSY weaponry, TDE (Time Displacement Equipment, The Device) and DEW (laser) weaponry
– she was exposed to The Device as the first person in history
– possibly participated in Chemical Warfare classified research, particularly in a joint Czech-Israeli-Chinese development project of ACS (Assault Chemical Substance), an artificially manufactured derivative of female sex pheromone, used by single female operatives, to force their social vicinity to submit (see PHE-X, later derived into PHE-XX, civilian use)
– acquired the key media asset for the Unit, Pavel Novotny, using bribery and decent extortion
– secured the key Political Warfare asset for the upcoming nationwide Parliamentary elections, a retired female fashion model and Czech tabloid media pseudo-celebrity V.B. from Brunn, with clear perspective to become not only a Parliamentary deputy, with important voice at the critical Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons, to approve or overlook all that highly sensitive operations of the Unit, but also the Minister of Defence in the future, cordially inclined to the Military interests
– was employed at Imprivata health care corporation, to steal their special Human Resources knowledge, together with advanced HR procedures of various sects and cults, to find a suitable way of infiltration the highest ranks of The Wu Corporation

Unknown designation, male:
– today a highly positioned executive of “Wu”, an immensely powerful Chinese multinational corporation, with the close ties to the highest ranks of the Chinese Communist party.
– deployed in Iraq around 2004 in the rank of corporal, as a regular infantryman, specialized as machine gunner. Survived as the only member of a Czech detainee transport during Operation Phantom Fury of the U:S. Marines (near Fallujah), saved an American female medic, after the armored column was ambushed, using local Iraqi assets (see Military Islam)
– deployed to infiltrate the Hasselblatt family from Czech Luxury fashion industry, chosen to get local Chinese tentacles of influence under control of the Czech security forces. Used measure: impregnating Anne Hasselblattova deliberately, with the assumption, that her mother, Suzanne, will want to use the situation to her favor when she will find out his promising position in the Chinese business structures (Operation UNCLEAN SEED)
– he has stolen (or “stolen”) the construction plans for “Avenger 2”, the highly classified U.S. anti-aircraft tactical vehicle, using laser weaponry, and delivered them to the Chinese via Hong-Kong, so his reputation in The Wu Corporation could rise (thus, it’s suspected, that the plans were handled to the Chinese deliberately, by the Czech Military, to promote their Intelligence asset in the Chinese ranks)
– suspected from participation in Operation HARD PROOF, a false flag terrorist operation, apparently of the Islamic State, where a Czech female VIP, Monika Maresova, was apparently kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam in live broadcast, to deepen the public fear and denial of ISIS, and in practice, to support extension of mílitary budgets, limiting civic rights and deploying more mass surveillance against the citizens by the state security structures, as “proper reaction to the undeniable terrorist threat, to protect your safety”. A person was assassinated deliberately during the action, to create “proper evidence” for the people and the media, moreover, rumors surfaced, that the mentioned female VIP could participate in the charade voluntarily, to gain more fame, publicity and jobs from powerful Saudi Arabia, through Hasselblatt family fashion brand, called Woman’s Destiny
– helped another asset of the Unit, a German supermodel Alexandra Pianka, to rise in the Chinese ranks as well

Unknown designation, female, citizen name Marketa Vselichova
Marketa Vselichova Kurdish Kurd Syria crusader Islamic State V - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs– rumored to receive advanced Special Forces training from the Czech Military, directed at preparing various assassins for domestic and foreign deployment, including females, at the sinister SpecOps military base near the Islamic Czech city Teplice (former Nazi Werwolf training camp, until 1945)
– extremely high psychological resistance to PSTD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and other negative consequences of combat deployment, but she is not able to work in a combat team, as she her personality is highly volatile, even unstable and excessively violent sometimes, so she always hunts the enemies as a lone hunter, depending on herself only, operating in the urban combat environment without support or cover
syrian-shark-m82-sniper-rifle-antimaterial-signature-special-forces-syria-islamic-state-marketa-vselichova-czech-executive-action-counter-terrorism-s-exp-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairs– rumored to achieve more than 100 confirmed sniper kills of the Islamic State terrorists at Northern Syria and Iraq, achieved by using a signature high-caliber M-82 anti-material sniper rifle (12.7 mm) with HE explosive bullets, causing devastating body wounds, to terrorize the scared enemy yet more, named “The Syrian Shark”. The weapon is allegedly exhibited at the mentioned Special Forces base today, in a rumored underground Facility.
Islamic State Conquest of Prague terrorist czech assault ambush - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs– rumored to be the primary reason of unexpected, overwhelming armed assault of the Islamic State against the Czech capital, Prague, as a revenge of her wide combat achievements of Syria.
– rumored to be sent by the Czech military command as their asset into the Kurdish-Turkish conflict, to secure, stabilize and promote the Czech national interests in the extremely volatile region, influencing the future of the whole world.

Read about one of the few publicly suspected actions of the EX dept, a false flag Operation HARD PROOF (to use Islamic State terrorist threat as cat’s pawn for Czech national interests, like inflating the defence budget, further miltiarization of the Police, and deploying more mass surveillance):

Under The Black Flag
Under The Black Flag - Islamic State - Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs DH

Special Unit C102: Operational Departments
Estrogen Mafia Infidel Female Special Forces NATO Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

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