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Many concerned Czech citizens are asking the Ministry of Defence and Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons, what is the truth about rumored Extreme Control Measures (ECM), and special Rules of Engagement (Roe) of Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an alleged elite paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Army for executing special tasks, as the Czech tabloid media speculated wildly.

Firstly, according to the official statements of the Czech authorities, the Unit never existed. However, if it would exist in reality, most likely, it would possess many special rights, as it’s a key asset for promoting the highest interests of the Czech state, including national security.

ECM, or Extreme Control Measures, are the exact procedure, used in a state of serious emergency, jeopardizing the national security of the Czech State, so various threats need to be contained, even using extreme means (understand, physical elimination of such threats).

special-unit-c102-psyops-executive-action-ex-special-forces-czech-assassination-targeted-killing-military-assassin-army-islamic-state-terrorist-terrorism-syria-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairIt’s rumored, that for such delicate and highly controversial purposes, the Unit has so called Executive Action (EX) department established, designated to execute such special, and highly sensitive actions against all possible pests, both home and abroad, internal and external. Like Israelis from Intelligence agency Mossad, no walls, boundaries or even national borders can stop the Unit’s operatives to fulfill their orders to the last dot, and they are even prepared to sacrifice their own lives for higher interests, as they clearly proved during Islamic State terrorist assault against Prague in August 2016.

However, if any human being is to be eliminated, such extreme step has to be authorized by higher places, and other, less-lethal means are used at first: protecting lives is the principal task of any Military or security forces. This is the reason, why the Czech Army invested vast amounts of money to update their combat arsenal, switching from obsolete and deadly projectile weapons and dangerous explosives towards fully sustainable PSY armament, which preserves human lives.

Usually, the threats of light importance are contained by using cyber means, particularly USP-PSYOPS, or Information Warfare (ruthless tabloid media campaign), or black financial funds are used to bribe an adversary, or a “dirty laundry” is used against him or her, supplied by vast Counterintelligence databases.

In more serious cases, a heavily armed Rapid Intervention team of the Military Police is called, and the pest is detained without court, allegedly to preserve national security, thus effectively eliminating the pest’s influence in the matter.

Internal threats (rogue operatives and collaborators, jeopardizing the pending operations) can be discarded at full commander’s discretion, it means immediately, and without any mercy. External threats, called then targets, need to be approved by exactly defined list of higher places, particularly by alleged Inner Circle (ICE) of the highest ranks of the Czech military community, the reason of the target’s removal has to be thoroughly explained, and objections against using less-lethal means presented.

The basic rule is, that such EX, executive action (undestand this newspeak, as arranging an accident, or even assassination/targeted killing) won’t be executed in time pressure, as it can’t be undone. So, all the defined higher places has to issue their (written) approval, or denial of the request, and the whole decision process prohibits any shortcuts, mere silent or vocal agreements.

Usually, it’s much more wise, to stage an inconspicuous accident, with desirable lethal consequences, than to deploy open methods of ruthless and intentional violence, leaving clear evidence of a deliberate physical action against the target and using advanced equipment, which could raise suspicion during the later investigation (firearms with suppressors, sniper rifles, special ammunition with enlarged devastating effect, combat knives, strangling wires, lethal injections and poisons).

Also an operative, assigned with such a demanding and risky mission, can be caught, killed in an action of target’s self-defence, or simply reports himself or herself to the authorities, to confess to her or his sins against valid law, as his or her conscience gets too powerful.

Traffic accidents are thus particularly favorite means of removing a target discreetly, easily, conveniently, silently and inconspicuously, as driving on the busy roads, full of trucks with asleep drivers and speeding fools with baseball caps, is quite a risky activity, and accidents happen all the time, even to politicians and VIPs (Alexander Dubcek, 1992). For this special purpose, it’s rumored, that the Unit has its own Assault Vehicle Driving (AVD) section established. So, be careful, whom you see in the rear mirror!

See details of an executive action, related to the Unit, where all the EX procedures are described: Operation HARBINGER, part of Operation HARD PROOF (a false flag attack of the Islamic State): Under the Black Flag
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Special Unit C102: PSYOPS: Control Measures
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