Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Gender Warfare

From the beginning of its existence in 2014, the Special Unit C102: PSYOPS had one of its principal tasks, to study the possibilities and advantages of deploying female assets not only against males, and vice versa, but also to use females for achieving public support for the Military (see Operation LATERNA, Operation ENTITA).

After receiving much knowledge in this special field, the Unit was ordered to create an effective strategy for Gender Psychological Warfare, using weaknesses of individual genders. Thus, the Unit became the only asset of the Czech Military, capable of fulfilling such special, demanding and unique tasks.

However, there are public rumors, that certain part of Unit’s documentation was leaked to the terrorists of Islamic State, allegedly by a member of Special Parliamentary Comission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons, whose family was allegedly either extorted by IS female operatives, or he was seduced by a female mistress, who compromised his personal computer after the love act. Anyway, news of using these strategies by IS followed soon, as the terrorists allegedly created their own Gender Warfare Unit,

Heavy Slander, a key Czech tabloid magazine, brought a speculation to its readers later, that the information could be given to the terrorists also deliberately, to test these strategies and tactics in the hands of enemy, to create an effective counter-strategy, so the position and influence of the Czech Military in NATO can rise.

More details: FEMWAR (Female Warfare)

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