Katerina Rihova: Sexy Blonde VIP Equestrian Horse Rider Czech Corporate Aristocrat Royal Lawyer Baroness Noble International Business Fashion Model Elite Special Forces Czech Army Paramilitary

All Czech male fools want to get this ultimate blonde dove, and to enjoy her immense wealth, her royal chateau, her aristocratic title of Baroness… simply a top VIP infidel slut!

Top Equestrian
Top lawyer with a doctorate
Good friends with Iveta Klimesova

Aristocrat, Blue Blood, Baroness title
Extremely beautiful blonde sexy cute educated bitch
A member of one of the most noble Czech families
Top Fashion ModelCzechoslovak Models agency

Rumored lover: Prince Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Bahrain, also a top equestrian and royal aristrocratic elite of the Middle East

Worked for Microsoft/SAAB – defence industry, military-industrial complex
Breast improvement from GHC Clinic Prague

Good friend with Petra Minarova
(who sticks to her as a proper VIP parasite)
Pleasant voice of soft power

International Recognition
Top Corporate Career
Foxhound owner
Extremely Wealthy
VIP Socialite
Also darker hair suits her well

Ambitious Politician
Dual Czech-Austrian citizenship
Run for office of mayor of Salzburg, Austria

Miliary career:

Special Forces – Czech Army
Special Unit C102: PSYOPS

Political Warfare department

Persuaded to join the Czech Army by deploying USP-PSYOPS measures

Sent into Austria with support of higher places of Czech Ministry of Defence under Katerina Motovska to counter rise of Chinese and Islam there
(After 8 years, still in the mayor’s office, promoted to Captain)

Estrogen Mafia: Infidel Bitches Want To Rule The World

Fashion Models Elite: We Live For Fame

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