Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Memory of Our Heroes

It seemed, that 21st August 2016 will be a common day, when you can enjoy all the pleasure of summer time and holidays.

But this fateful day, without any warning, the treacherous terrorists from the Islamic State launched a full scale armed assault against the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, misusing the fact, that many military personnel was enjoying their deserved vacations, and they were not present nearby to their combat stations, to be deployed as a force of quick reaction.

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, a part of 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion (Special Forces) was one of the few Czech military formations, able to be sent against the attackers immediately, and creating improvised defensive lines, together with fragmented elements of the Czech Militarized Police, but lacking any armored support, the Unit clearly presented to the world, that they will fight until the last man, and last bullet, deserving wide public appreciation.

Taking the final position at the Old Town Hall building at the Old Town Square of Prague, the Unit, far outnumbered and outgunned by the treacherous terrorist enemy, who was armed with rocket launchers, fast-firing cannons and explosives, including suicide bombers, this elite formation of the Czech Army indeed showed their utmost determination not to allow the terrorist attackers to grasp the symbol of Czech national history.

Václav Havel, Senát, vyznamenáníThe exact amout of casualties both inflicted and suffered by the Unit remains a classified military information, however, after the bloody combat action, called Operation LAST STAND, where no prisoners were taken by both sides and the whole square was reported to be full of rubble, spent cartridges, destroyed vehicles and lifeless bodies, two pieces of the Order of the White Lion, the highest Czech state medal, were delivered to the members of the Unit posthumously, and after proving their combat value, the Unit received a new battle flag (standart) from the hands of the Czech president, issued only to military formations, who participated in combat directly.

The fateful order of the high military command, that the Old Town Hall has to be kept at all costs, was questioned by the tabloid media later, but not from tactical, rather symbolic reasons: in May 1945, during the final phase of the “Prague Uprising” against Nazi Germany, the German tank destroyers caused vast fire of the building, using incendiary ammunition, and large part of the building had to be demolished.

Now, it was a risk, that the history will be repeated, and one of the symbols of the Czech state will burn again, as a result of a heavy firefight, and the tourism industry will be damaged heavily, causing massive economic losses to the country, even after the terrorists will be eradicated, after immediate counterattack of combined Czech and NATO quick reaction forces.

However, we are soldiers, and it’s not our task to question the orders of our superiors, only to follow them to the last dot, being judged only later.

The defence was successful, until one of the machine gunners, covering the entrance, was forced to exchange the magazine of his weapon, allowing one of the lurking ISIS sappers (=combat engineers), with explosive belt strapped around his body, to slip through the entrance, and a large blast followed, leaving the ancient Town Hall, and the famous astronomical clock, in ruins.

“We will rebuild the Old Town hall,” the Prague mayor said from her underground bunker, where she went to hide cowardly, when the ambush begin. “The terrorists will never win! But I appeal to the citizens, avoid bloodshed, and wait at your homes, until our brave security forces will regain the control of the city again.”

“Have a look, infidels, what this war with the caliphate is bringing you, directly to your homes: only ruins, and death,” Martin Konvicka, the leader of the terrorist assault group and allegedly a deputy of the caliph himself, stated, when he was examining the site after the battle. “It’s time to reconsider your negative stance towards the Islamic State, as we will never stop with our righteous fight, until your fat corrupted politicians will acknowledge the caliphate as a sovereign state.”

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