Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Missing Soldier

We would like to ask the public to help us to locate a missing soldier, a highly decorated member of our Unit, from the elite Executive Action department, who contributed ultimately to the national security and sovereignity of our state, most likely by paying the highest price: with her life.

Last presence: She was last seen just before the combat action near Lhota village (approx. 30 km west of Prague), where her military SPECOPS team (consisting of four members, two males, two females) was tasked with stopping armored assault of the enemy, who was dedicated to conquer the Lhota village, the last bridgehead on the left bank of the Vltava river, after the West front line of defense collapsed during so called “18 hours war”, which started one day after the announcement of The Device being fully operational by The Corporation.

Probable fate: deceased after an enemy airstrike, where the napalm was used, however, there is a certain popular (completely silly and non-scientific) theory about the unexpected consequences of her previous exposure to The Device.

Evidence: bodies of the rest of her team were found on the field, where the original anti-tank ambush was prepared, pierced with high-caliber bullets. However, several single 5.56mm spent cartridges, one empty STANAG magazine and one empty 40mm grenade shell were found close to the wood to south-west, pointing out to the possibility that she tried to relocate to a new combat position, after using all her C-4 explosive charges against approaching tanks of the enemy.

Witnesses: there were no other friendly units or civilians present at the site, who could provide any testimony. The enemy soldiers, present at the battlefield, who participated directly in combat with her SPECOPS unit, rejected any official testimony, even after repeated applications. However, several of them confirmed, unoficially, that at least one member of the SPECOPS unit allegedly survived the initial assault, and under the cover of smoke grenades, he (she) tried to run to the wood, and enemy air support was called to pursue him (or her) and eliminate him (her).

This lonely suriving soldier was last seen at the place, where vast burned space was found, hit with at least two napalm canisters. One of the witnesses, serving as gunner of an enemy armored carrier, mentioned, that he fired long burst of 20mm HE grenades against two SPECOPS soldiers, supporting each other (one of them was probably injured before), who were heading for the wood.

This key witness initially rejected to reveal, whether he hit the targets, or not. However, after being bribed generously (from our secret financial funds), he stated, under the condition of absolute anonymity, that one of the targets was hit and killed instantly, whereas the other survived, and continued to the wood, shooting at the pursing enemy soldiers several times from her (his) assault rifle.

Basic data:

Name: Denisa Dvorakova (name on dog-tags and uniform chest tag)

Status: MIA (missing in action). Notice: after 3 months of investigation the status will be changed to KIA-BNR (killed in action, body not recovered), so she can be nominated for the highest state military decoration, “The Order of the White Lion”, awarded posthumously

Appearance: dressed in standard military battledress, with green beret and black masking stripes on her face. Brown hair with yellow highlights. Green eyes. Height 169 cm. Age 25. Special mark: shoulder patch with “Special Forces” and “C102” words, and a chess figure of the Knight.

Original equipment: a M4 assault rifle with attached M203 40mm grenade launcher, serial No. 774X639, and 300 rounds of ammunition, stored in ten STANAG magazines, a Beretta service pistol with 4 clips, serial No. BN33740A, 1x M-72 LAW light anti-tank rocket, 3x C4 explosive charge with timer, standard-issue encrypted transmitter

Citizen, if you have any information about an occurrence of this missing soldier, please report it to the Military Counterintelligence headquarters in Prague. If your information will help to locate her, or at least her body remains, you will be paid a bonus of 50.000 USD, without any further questions asked. Thank you for your cooperation.

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