Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Mission

Tasks of the Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an elite paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Army, acting mostly in the civilian environment, are:

1) To gain wide public support for military assignments by means of advanced PSYOPS methods (A-PSYOPS)

To inform the public about military activites and mission, so the citizens can better decide to support and respect the institution of Military, is one of the principal state tasks. Even in 21st century, the Military has the high importance, as the world allegedly becomes economically, politically and socially unstable, threatened by the Islamic State. The citizens therefore have the right, but also the duty, to perceive the activities of the Military as substantial for the existence of the state, so the sovereignity is kept for years to come, regardless what happens in the world.

PSYOPS methods are necessary, because the information flow today is overwhelming and any individual has only limited ability to absorb all the media messages. In ruthless competition of all private subjects, the state must emphasize its values in any media communication, so its messages are heard, including using such controversial measure, as USP-PSYOPS and “alternative use” of the free press.

2) To assert Higher Public Interests

Although the modern state firmly protects the freedoms and rights of every individual in the society, there are still some cases, where the interest of the whole society is supreme to anything else.

For example, to have a sufficient Defense budget is the fundamental necessity for any state, so the independence and continuity of the state is secured. But if the citizens, under the hard influence of free media, deny this necessity, the state has the duty to promote this need by any legal means necessary.

Or, has the state the right, or even duty, to influence the sustainable development of the society, or let everything run completely freely? The answer is clear, regardless of country.

3) To promote the importance of feminine element in the modern military power (REVOKED by special order from May 2015. See notes)

The new ideas for making benefits of the presence of women in the modern military force: gaining respect of the public, getting better recruits, offering a desirable place in the society, serving as an inspiration, an example of the way of living. Women are the future of any Military, and we are proud to present this change to the wide public, and to inspire the Military officials with these ideas.

A woman is the ultimate tool of warfare since the beginning of human kind. Remember: “If everything fails, send a woman.”

4) (Classified)

The exact content of this task is to be revealed to the Unit in a case of possible national emergency, by Special Order 852K/201X. This order was issued during ISIS conquest of Prague, where the Unit participated in a combat action (Operation Last Stand).


Alan Svejk