Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Executed Operations. Paramilitary Special Forces Czech Black PSYOPS INFOOPS Classified Covert Secret Clandestine National Security Ministry Defence Army Asset

Although most of the Unit‘s PSY operations and INFOOPS are strictly classified until 2084 and no exceptions are possible, there are several publicly known special operations the Unit successfully performed. Details of these PSYOPS were released to worldwide public with simple purpose: to show the world, how good, innovative and efficient is our country in the branch of PSYOPS, INFOOPS, MEDIAOPS and SPECOPS, generally Unconventional Warfare, and to confirm its leading position worldwide.

A) Operation “AZTEC GOLD”

In 1945, when the war was ending and general chaos emerged, many valuables disappeared, were stolen or hidden somewhere. The most painful for our state was losing the original insignia of famous Charles University (1348), and our academic intellectuals never completely recovered from this loss.

In that time, also the small town Stechovice became very famous, because at least one secret stash of documents was hidden there, picked up by U.S. Army special intelligence unit in 1946. The documents (“Archive”) were returned by the Americans eventually, but the doubts remained, whether they were complete and original. And there were also strong rumors about much bigger “Treasure”, hidden in the ground, so many adventurers and even state security services started searching and digging.

In the following years and decades, both the Archive and Treasure of Stechovice generated much commotion, discussions, speculations and public unrest. It was decided by the higher places eventually, to end these rumors once for all, simply by deploying the unseen PSY measures to find the truth, find all lost assets if possible, but also to take advantage of that 1946 “misunderstanding” with our American friends.

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS was tasked with these demanding goals, and the Unit found the unique ways how to take advantage of the situation. The result was “Operation AZTEC GOLD”, an ultimate INFOOP, where the Military pariticipated directly, providing support and security cover. (A mere year later, several Islamic State operatives allegedly tried to uncover old buried German blueprints, located allegedly near Stechovice, in their malicious effort to construct their own ICBM, Inter Continental ballistic missile, and to obtain fission material, which should be allegedly buried at the site as well.)

B) How to get “Avenger 2”

Avenger 2 AA DEW - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsAfter almost 70 years, it was the right time to remind the Americans of their past sins. They were politely asked with returning the “lost” documents, but also with repaying the interest in the form of shipping the last and most advanced generation of that famous DEW (Directed Energy Weapon) “Avenger 2”, hi-tech and highly classified AA (anti-aircraft) laser weapon system, so the Unit’s arsenal can obtain another ultimate toy.

The first generation, in wide NATO combat service today, is the combined system of Stinger AA rockets and powerful laser, mounted on a HMMWV vehicle in two independent parts and capable of hitting and knocking out any air target in the range of 5 kms (3.5 miles). But the new, improved version (2014), brings another unique advantages for the effective anti-aircraft warfare, particularly anti-UAV warfare, and our proud Military, always searching for the best possible weaponry for the high tasks of state defence, really desired to have this fascinating piece of equipment.

Svejk Army Elite by Alan Svejk 2But the Americans were hesitant to share the new Avenger with their NATO allies, presenting various reasons, excuses and delays. After unsuccessful diplomatic negotiations, it was decided to deploy special PSYOPS measures to finally get that “toy”, and the Unit, the only state asset capable of achieving a special goal like this, gladly accepted this challenge. There are wide public rumors that there is a book about Special Unit C102 operations, called Svejk 2: The Army Elite by Alan Svejk (Czech language). This special armament was mentioned also in the article about Chinese interests. There was also a new, improved version: Avenger 3 PSY-DEW, a part of PSY Weapons for Peace development programme, plus related Pandur II 8×8 PSY-AA, now in NATO service.

Note: one of the vehicles carries the name of the Unit’s member who contributed to obtaining this ultimately advanced piece of weaponry the most.


Alleged special PSY abilities of fortune-tellers like Anie also attract many security services around the world. It seems very tempting, to use this PSY powers to predict the future, so the critical decisions of the higher state interests can be made. As there was rumors about a very unique fortune-teller, the Unit’s Operative F82 was tasked with simple task: to find the truth and to persuade the asset to cooperate with the Military. A declassified document about planning of the “Operation TRIAL OF FAITH” was released recently.


For any Military, in order to maintain its readiness for the most crucial tasks of the state for the upcoming years and decades, to establish a good relations with the Millennials seems the most reasonable thing for the future. The Unit accomplished this special task by sending their allegedly best operative into the town of Brunn (Brno), where the local startup scene is massively developed, and by persuading one of the local high Millennial figures to cooperate with the Military. An artistic, fictional depiction of this operation is here: Svejk Goes To Millennials.

E) Operation NAKED TRUTH

Operation Naked Truth The Illuminati Conspiracy in Business and Military Zuzana Kajnarova Corporation multinational - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsRead more about this allegedly “biggest PSYOP in human history”, with unforeseen and most serious consequences for the world, related to the development of The Device. You can also read about our most famous operative Denise D., who is now missing: her personal story can be found Operation Naked Truth by Alan Svejk (English).

F) Operation FALLEN KING

TLF 2 - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsA Czech hip-hop artist, code name “Excelsior” ruled the scene for too long, without any serious competition. As it was in the best interest of Military to infiltrate and to gain power in the music realm to influence the young generation, it was decided to execute Operation FALLEN KING, to bring a new hip-hop king to the Czech music audience, more desirable for asserting higher state interests. New branch of music, “military hip-hop” was established this way (later, the Islamic State terrorists tried a counter-move, using a stolen USP-PSYOPS platform, creating a hip-hop clandestine mobile application, called Ghetto Qur’an).

G) Operation HARBINGER

Under The Black Flag - Islamic State - March Against Europe by Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs BThe most controversial operation in Unit’s history was without any doubt Operation HARBINGER, connected with infamous Islamic State, the ultimate terrorist organization of human history, when a certain clique in the Czech high military structures, or a foreign weapon merchant or manufacturer, allegedly considered as desirable, to show and persuade the peaceful Czech citizens, unaffected by the terrorists directly, thus opposing the state defence efforts, that the threat of IS terrorists is real and imminent, to support military spending, defence budget and public support for the Czech domestic security forces, so the entity allegedly orchestrated, naturally using many front organizations and clandestine collaborators, a black flag operation – literally, called Operation HARD PROOF, where our Executive Action (EX) department allegedly participated, later described by journalistic assets as “Czech September 11”.

After an alleged terrorist assault on a Czech female media celebrity was executed (allegedly by members of Czech Special Forces in disguise, together with a hired car thieve) at Vonoklasy village near Prague, the Unit’s task was to maximize the psychological effect of the shocking event, so they prepared a precise Media Information Plan, both on strategic and tactical level, using their key media Asset A17, and related “Heavy Slander” tabloid magazine as a basic carrier of the message, supervising and influencing the whole media operation.

H) Operation FALL OF GODS

As the newly developed methods of Counter Special Forces tactics had to be tested in the field, a special secret deal was made with the Polish elite counter terrorist formation GROM, with results so effective and even devastating, that it caused even a full scale diplomatic conflict between Czech Republic and Poland, and deep concerns of NATO headquarters. The whole affair was described in a Special Issue of Heavy Slander tabloid magazine, called “The Secret War”, and it later resulted in The Silesian Affair


islamic-princess-maryam-marketa-korinkova-islam-muslim-allah-dubai-emirates-uae-dawah-destiny-sheikh-woman-fashion-model-czech-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAs the Unit planned to expand their operations abroad, but their financial budget was limited, they made a mutually advantageous deal with a foreign partner, the mighty and wealthy Israel, particularly with a front business organization of feared Mossad Intelligence service, who received complete details and procedures of Operation LATERNA and ENTITA (see below), and the complete personal file of a Czech top female fashion model, Marketa Korinkova, to use her as a key human asset to expand Israeli interests at the Middle East, infiltrating the ruling Al Maktoum family of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. But things got complicated, when Marketa converted to Islam, accepting a different master, and she started asserting her own agenda, including a key supermodel of the Emirates, Alexandra Pianka… the result, widely covered by the Czech and world mass media, was The Maryam Affair, where a top-tier member of the Unit’s FEMWAR (Female Warfare department), Nikola Dotkova, was participating directly, using advanced chemicals to influence the target.


Tales From A Mosque V - Alan Svejk VIP Military AffairsAs Islam in Europe is on the massive rise, there are many tempting opportunities for various entities, hungry for getting power and influence, to grasp wide advantages for their interests, including foreign state players. In the name of Czech national interests, the Unit entered the municipal politics in a large city of adjacent Austria, where the local Muslim community became a part of a big media game with vast consequences in social and political sense, when the first full-scale foreign issue of Heavy Slander magazine, containing critical information about local VIPs, reached the Austrian citizens. Read more details in Tales from a Mosque.

K) Operation LAST STAND

Islamic State Conquest of Prague terrorist czech assault ambush - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsAfter the treacherous terrorists from the Islamic State launched their swift and ruthless armed assault against the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, the Unit, as an integral part of 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion (Special Forces) was one of the few military formations, able to be deployed as a quick reaction force. Accepting the command to hold the Old Town Hall at all costs, the Unit fought until last man, and last bullet, as no side was taking prisoners, and even suicide bombers were deployed by the enemy. Read more details about Unit’s only publicly known combat deployment, with the result of two highest military decorations, awarded posthumously.


The original intention was to send a team of operatives into the virtually re-created past, using The Device, an ultimate technological invention with alleged time displacement capabilities, to find out the identity of the culprit of a Nazi war crime in May 1945 in Prague, when a high-ranked officer from “Wiking” SS division ordered execution of more than 50 Czech citizens, allegedly suspected from participation in the Prague Uprising as combatants. But after the assault of an unknown military force against The Facility, where The Device was built, only one operative from Executive Action (EX) department was sent into the past, but physically, either by mistake, or sabotage. After this event, someone tried to cover all the tracks of the conspiracy, so the particular operative is missing with all secrets, although the Military command offers high reward for reporting any substantial clue of her remnants, or fate. See Operation Naked Truth: The Illuminati Conspiracy.

M) Operation PROM QUEEN

After almost twenty years, since the fashion model Daniela Kyrova disappeared without a trace in Prague, near the Charles Bridge, the Military used The Device to find her fate, allegedly after insisting of her lover, an influential business executive today. In the end, the Czech Police announced, that the case was solved and put ad acta, as “no crime happened”, but the real intentions and motivations of the affected parties are unknown, and participation of Illuminati is suspected.

N) Operation DARK SUN

special-unit-c102-psyops-wmd-nuclear-arsenal-czech-military-offensive-capability-national-security-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAfter the old Nazi Germany blueprints for constructing a nuclear weapon were found by Islamic State operatives near the town of Stechovice, together with a project of an advanced ballistic missile and sufficient suply of enriched uranium, the Czech Military decided to seize the dangerous package, and to use the documentation to build their own WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction), to raise the overall offensive capabilities of the Czech military arsenal. The Operation DARK SUN had two stages: first, to execute a raid in Northern Syria, to get the documents out of the hands of terrorists, where the Unit’s Executive Action (EX) department participated. Second part, was to launch the construction itself, at a secret SpecOps military base near Teplice, under “Project 258” designation, where a massive underground bunker was built, to hide all the research of Special Weapons, including TDE (Time Displacement Equipment). This part of operation was fully supervised by the WMD department of the Unit. The result: “The Dark Sun”, the nuclear weapon of the Czech Army, getting media fame, and even certain cult following.


Alexandra Pianka Special Unit C102 PSYOPS Asian Warfare Fashion Supermodel Dubai UAE Emirates Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsInfiltration of the highest ranks of the Chinese Communist Party, using Asset A105, a German fashion supermodel Alexandra Pianka, suspected to have Illuminati links (Munich lodge). In cooperation with local asset, multinational Wu Corporation, and their fashion brand, Woman’s Destiny (backed by Saudi Arabia), expanding on the vast Chinese market (particularly at Shanghai). There are rumors, that the same asset was used to get close to the Supreme Leader of North Korea (DPRK), Kim Jong Un, as the asset literally enchanted this alleged dictator with immense power and lack of mercy, and he asked for a private meeting with her, during his secret visit of China. Whether assault chemicals were used against him, is not known, but it’s hard to imagine, that NATO would let such chance to influence their archenemy and alleged threat to the free world to slip just like that.


Although Israel became the principal geopoliticial ally of the Czech Republic, after the United States lost the futile wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, creating Islamic State in the process, and the former Western empire crumbled, it was still necessary, to create certain effective insurance policy towards Israel, so the omnipresent, wealthy, powerful and pragmatic Jewish State won’t disrupt the construction of the Czech nuclear arsenal, and upcoming TDE (Time Displacement Equipment). As the Czech operatives in Israel found, the central communication system of Israeli government had certain weakness, located in a TELCO hub in Haifa: a perfect opportunity, how to influence the highest ranks of Israeli society, using the secret cyber PSY weapon: USP-PSYOPS, including subliminal messages, altered visual content, and much more.


letter-for-kim-jong-un-north-korea-dprk-nuclear-weaponry-missile-icbm-armament-wmd-supreme-leader-conspiracy-czech-military-special-forces-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsTo make a secret deal with North Korea, particularly with its Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un, to deliver the key components for Czech nuclear weapon, also to prevent nuclear strike against Czech Republic in the future, and to use the DPRK as a cat’s pawn of Czech national interests in Asia, particularly towards China. Used asset: A55, Alexandra Pianka, Asian Warfare department, who used her immense charm and assault chemicals to persuade the Korean leader to submit. Alleged sender of controversial thanking letter to Kim Jong-un: The Inner Circle.


Research, development and manufacturing of ACS (Assault Chemical Substances, see PHE-X), based on female sex pheromones, and used by female operatives. Produced by Wu Corporation, under the Unit’s CHEMWAR department supervision.

S) Operation WHITE COAT

imprivata-impr-health-care-medical-corporation-conspiracy-chinese-china-world-illuminati-technology-nextgen-us-multinational-it-system-human-augmentation-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsTo infiltrate the Imprivata health care corporation, allegedly owned by the Chinese (through multinational Wu Corporation), to steal their advanced Human Resources procedures, and use the trustworthy medical personnel for many clandestine tasks, concerning persons of interest, who visited Imprivata hospitals for common medical interventions and checks, and they were influenced by many ways (incl. assault chemicals), to act in the higher interests of the Czech state (incl. covert Special Forces operatives, prepared for deployment).


charles-aznavour-nikola-dotkova-lenka-filipova-special-forces-fashion-model-secret-covert-clandestine-intelligence-operation-czech-army-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsTo retrieve critical information, related to Czech national security and interest, regarding Lenka Filipova, originating from an elite Czech family with wide Intelligence connections, including KGB, StB, and CIA, from French singer Charles Aznavour, her former lover, using Asset A55 (Nikola Dotkova) and assault chemicals.


lenka-filipova-lenny-czech-singer-female-woman-romance-song-cia-kgb-stb-bis-mossad-jewish-israel-intelligence-clandestine-operative-elite-feminine-family-czech-prague-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-affairsTo activate alleged Islamic programming by American CIA inside reputated young Czech female singer Lenka Lenny Filipova, a daughter of Lenka Filipova, famous Czech singer, who was conceived artificially in Ethopia, using classified Imprivata procedure for improving and brainwashing human assets, together with mind control, and to steal this unique asset with high social influence and Intelligence value from the Americans.


Infiltration of the influential Hasselblatt family, acting in Luxury Fashion industry (Woman’s Destiny fashion brand), for various purposes of national interests, and gaining desirable control over Wu Corporation‘s Czech business activities. Executed by: EX department. Execution: impregnating Anne Hasselblattova, using sperm sample of unknown donor, and using the child as cause of many events.


fashion-models-conspiracy-illuminati-mind-control-military-special-forces-sexual-abuse-propaganda-illegal-test-vip-girl-feminity-deflowering-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsTo test alleged Illuminati mind control procedures, using a foreign female asset, and also infiltrating mainstream music recording industry, to disseminate MC propaganda, and study the achieved effects on young female population. Highly controversial means were used, several departments participating, using wide material and organizational support of a private contractor. This op is rumored to be the purest example of military-industrial complex in Czech environment, and slow takeover of security activities by private sector (outsourcing of defence).

Test subject 002: Zuzana Jandova


THIS IS IT, FOOLS! The moment, which made all of us proud… seducing Israeli A-class Hollywood actress and fashion model Gal Gadot! There will be MANY medals and promotions!
Gal Gadot Actress Fashion Model Miss Israel Israeli Jew Jewish Jewess Hollywood Military Special Forces Conspiracy Seduction Affair Czech Army - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs


silesia-affair-czech-poland-polish-territory-conflict-muslim-islam-islamic-allah-invasion-military-region-silesian-ostrava-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThose treacherous, aggressive Poles (northern neighbour) humiliated the Czech land by launching three military invasions in just fifty years (1920, 1938, 1968). Such insolence can’t be tolerated, this can’t be allowed again… if you don’t mind to get your hands a little bit dirty with Islamic extremists… but you don’t, because you are from Special Forces, and your tarot card is Princess of Swords!


Very precise, multi-stage PSYOP, which gained the fame and publicity worldwide. The three key components were:

1) Operation MONUMENT – to obtain a high creative and managerial media asset to promote next assets, particularly a highly positioned journalist with high public influence and extensively developed personal brand (later marked as Asset A17, from “Heavy Slander”, a Czech key tabloid magazine, supporting Operation HARBINGER and many others).

2) Operation LATERNA – to secure directly controlled political assets into upcoming years and elections (a retired fashion model starts the political career, with the support of the Unit). Note: Monika Maresova and Martina Gavriely, two Czech pseudo-celebrities, were allegedly considered for this operation too, together with 100 other Czech female media assets.

3) Operation ENTITA – to bring very fast and high-quality, maybe even ultimate public, social and media asset, fully beneficial for the purposes of popularization of the military power (a young fashion model enters the military service to become the new ambassador of civilian-military relationships)

More details in Operation Naked Truth
Operation Naked Truth The Illuminati Conspiracy in Business and Military Zuzana Kajnarova Corporation multinational - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs.

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