Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Political Warfare Dept

When the Unit was established, still with only the limited financial budget and many enemies between Czech Army generals, it had two principal tasks: to get powerful assets in the media, and politics, in order to assert their other operatives, and overall interests both home and abroad.

But rather to just buy a politician, it’s the most wise move also to create him, or her, “from the scratch”, provide them the proper training, micromanage and control them, like puppets, and in several years, when supported widely, pushed forward intensively and backed properly, they can touch the stars of state structures of power and influence, bringing plenty of money back, and most importantly, securing control at the key places, related to Military Affairs.

There are two such critical places in the Czech Republic: first, the national Parliament, particularly Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons (also The Device and PSY Weaponry fall into the competence of this entity), and the chair of Minister of Defence.

The bold planners of the Unit’s Operation LATERNA chose this exact way: to use a retired female fashion model, 34 years old, to get her into the Parliament at first, to push her into the Defence Commission at the same time, and immediately then, to “help her” to the Defence Minister’s chair, with clear perspective, that she will be cordially inclined to the special Military interests, extending the Unit’s black funds generously, and “closing eyes”, when informed about very controversial moves of the Unit, of course in the sacred name of the higher national interest.

Tales from a Mosque 19 islam muslim allah austria austrian salzburg ummah 2 - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsHowever, one of the most controversial operations of Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, regarding Political Warfare, was Operation ALPINE INTEREST, influencing of the distribution of the political power in a large Austrian city, where the original mayor was forced to resignate, using ruthless, unprecedented tabloid media campaign, and as a result, the local Islamic community got the upper hand (see Tales from a Mosque).

The goal was clear: to expand the Unit’s operations abroad, in order to extend the influence of the Czech state on the European affairs, to widen the black financial resources, allowing yet larget and bolder projects, including Middle East (Operation SKINNY PUPPY, with cooperation with the Israeli Intelligence agency for executive action, Mossad).

Katerina Rihova Microsoft blonde horse rider business executive VIP V - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs ORThe participation of the Unit’s key operative, Katerina Rihova, a Czech VIP socialite and successful, highly positioned manager in Microsoft corporation with parameters of a fashion model, designated Asset A78, codename BLACK HORSE, is questioned. However, her unlimited access to the VIP social spheres of Europe, including royalty and aristocracy, could be a key element for the success of the clandestine operation, as the local aristocrat, Count Von Laubringen, and his daughter, Countess Theresa Von Laubringen, rumored to have converted to Islam, had to be influenced too, as an important part of local social structures.

Also, a staged theft of a highly classified NATO document was orchestrated, suggesting the only effective tactics, to counter the Islamic influence: using Chinese, as cat’s pawns (see Asian Warfare).

Rumored use of a specialized measure of Chemical Warfare, an artificial female pheromone, called PHE-X (version V3).

PHE-X Artificial Female Pheromone Chemical Warfare substance business military operations influence persuasion - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs


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